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-[{{ :​tutorial:​tutorialblankimage.png?​200| ​ +[{{ ellie_ref.png?​200| ​
 **Full name:** Ellie Scapelli<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ **Full name:** Ellie Scapelli<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 **Nickname/​Alias:​** Red Nova <​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ **Nickname/​Alias:​** Red Nova <​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
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 ===== Basic Info ===== ===== Basic Info =====
-A brief introduction of your characterWho are they? What role do they play in the Duckverse?+Red Nova is a Darkwing Duck OC. She is a supervillain and her main objective is to destroy St. Canard.
 ===== Background ===== ===== Background =====
-A more detailed backstoryCan include ​as little ​or as much information as you'​d ​like.+Born as Ellie Scapelli, daughter of Tony '​Trigger'​ Scapelli, the oldest of a group of racketeers padding the seedy underbelly of StCanard, she was once a weapons specialist and arms dealer for the black market. 
 +Commissioned by Negaduck to create a massive super weapon to level the city with, she cracks under the pressure and presents him with a malfunctioning creation. Furious at the weapon backfiring and ruining his plans, Negaduck leaves her trapped in one of her warehouses, triggering every explosive she ever made to go off at once, blowing her sky high. 
 +Thought to be dead, Ellie wakes up months later- badly burnt, disfigured, and missing an arm- under the care of an unstable scientist by the name of Madam Anna Matronic. Having an affinity for canines, and having planned on fusing Ellie'​s body with her machines, she instead decides to assist Ellie in her quest for vengeance against Negaduck. 
 +Shedding her old identity and ties with the mafia all together, Ellie begins her new life as Red Nova, feeling a greater purpose, and begins making weapons again with personal modifications to allow her easy use. Concealing her identity behind a helmet, visor, ​or goggles, she takes to the skies with a jet pack to allow for easier maneuvering,​ shooting across the skyline at break neck speed. 
 +She becomes obsessed with explosions and astronomy, convinced that the trauma she went through gave her a new perspective on life. She intends to share it with St. Canard, reasoning that there is no way to save the city, it has to be burnt down to the ground, to start over again, ​like the rebirth of a star.
 ===== Personality ===== ===== Personality =====
-Can discuss your character's personality. ​What makes them happy? Sad? Psychological profile?+Ellie suffers from PTSD, as well as depression from her accident. The explosion has left her with disorientation in terms of memory, as well as a general inability to cope without resorting to reliving the blast over and over again, whether it'​s ​through creating explosions herself, or dreaming about them, which leads to an increase in insomnia. 
 +With anyone new, she initially possesses a very guarded demeanor, all business, unless the other party has an extremely patient and outgoing ​personality. ​She is fearful of getting close to people, as the hardships she has been through has taught her that people are traitorous, as well as liable to get hurt or killed, especially in her past line of work. Her reluctance may eventually give way to the right people, which will allow them to see remnants of her past traits, such as her wit. 
 ===== Duckverse History ===== ===== Duckverse History =====
-A brief history of what has happened with your character in the roleplay so far.  
-Depending on how long you've been playing this character, the history could be incredibly brief or incredibly detailed. 
-For example, [[:​characters:​oc:​malicia#​duckverse_history|Malicia ​has an entire set of pages dedicated ​to her timeline]].  +==== Primeverse ==== 
-If your history is excessively long, please create ​separate page for key events. [[:​tutorial#​option_2create_a_page_from_scratch|Follow the create ​page from scratch guidelines]] ​ + 
-and make sure the address ​is linked to your oc's profile +Red Nova has had various run ins with other supervillains around town. Notably ​an unintentional crime spree with Quackerjack,​ a more intentional crime spree with Megavolt, and a terribly annoying encounter with one who refers ​to himself as Quiverwing Duck
-[[:characters:​oc:​malicia:​prerecktcon|Here is an example of an extended history]].  + 
-Note the address is oc/​**malicia** /prerektconCreating ​the page with your character'​s ​name beforehand  +Her latest venture has taken her to remote pastel colored town with strangely unique mayor that is far from what it all seems. 
-will ensure it is categorized properly.+ 
 +==== Softverse ==== 
 +The Softverse ​is the dimension of StCanard that [[http://​​duckverse/​profile/​thefanficfanpony|Quackerjack 2.0]] hails fromIn it exists an alternate version of Ellie in which her father has died, leaving her and her mother behind to run the mobThey flourish within ​the city and own strips of night clubs, casinos, and restaurants. One night club in particular by the name of The Stardust Club is their most successful, and is beloved for sentimental,​ nostalgic reasons by Ellie'​s ​mother; Natalie, as that is where she first met Ellie'​s father; Tony. 
 ===== Relationships ===== ===== Relationships =====
-Here you can list the various key relationships in your character'​s life. Feel free to include links  
-to particular roleplay scenes that might have been important. ​ 
-[[:​characters:​oc:​malicia#​relationships|See Mal's list of relationships as an example. ]] 
-== Character #1 ==+== Anna Matronic ​== 
 +[[characters:​canon:​annamatronic:​pharaoh|Madam Anna Matronic]] is the villainous scientist who assisted Ellie shortly after the ultimate confrontation with Negaduck that left her severely wounded. Originally having more devious plans for her, she ends up growing attached to her as she cares for her. She eventually asks Ellie to stay with her, rather than seek out Negaduck for vengeance. Ellie rejects her offer and it becomes apparent to Anna that Ellie was only using her for her inventions and to get back on her feet. Feeling betrayed and bitter over allowing her feelings to get the best of her, she parts ways with the canine and resumes her own self reliant villainy.  
 +== Quackerjack == 
 +[[http://​​duckverse/​profile/​thefanficfanpony|Quackerjack]],​ otherwise known as Quackerjack 2.0 or Just Quackerjack,​ is different from his prime St. Canard dimensional counterpart. He comes from his own dimension and has his own unique history. Red Nova encounters him in disguise, passing himself off as a mayor presiding over a town just outside of St. Canard. In this role, he has utilized some sort of supernatural powers over dolls, which enable him to control the townspeople,​ as well as have a degree of control over all who enter his town. He mistakes Red Nova as his "​dolly",​ with whom he wishes to be reunited with more than anything, and uses his acquired skills to temporarily change her form, by restoring her appearance to what it was before the incident with Negaduck. 
 +He becomes infatuated with her, at least in the idea of what she could //become// and he sets to work in an attempt to persuade her to stay there with him forever.  
 +== Negaduck == 
 +Negaduck is a heinous villain who may or may not hail from a dimension referred to as the Negaverse. While unclear on the whole sense of space-time fabrics of reality, one thing //is// clear- Negaduck is a nasty character and worth steering clear of.  
 +Though Ellie vowed eventual vengeance on the mallard, his forgetfulness of their encounter coupled with his consistently apathetic attitude leaves her feeling robbed of any real joy of the concept, along with serious consideration of her own memory and sanity. Eventually during an odd event in which [[characters:​canon:​negaduck:​nemzit|Negaduck]] stumbled upon her hideout offering a bouquet, seemingly under some kind of curse, Ellie grew angered and shot him in the backside. After tying him up and demanding his admittance in his hand at her attempted demise, he finally remembers. Gleeful, she then attempts to cut off his arm, to which she fails, and Negaduck breaks free.   
-The description of the relationship between your character and character #1. 
-== Character #2 ==+== Matteo "​Matty"​ Raven ==
-The description ​of the relationship ​of your character and character #2.+Matteo, otherwise known as Matty or //The Raven//, due to his recital ​of Edgar Allen Crow poems during his crimes, is one of Ellie'​s older associates during her criminal mob days. He assisted her in several plans to pin criminal acts on Taurus Bulba, of which they were successful with. They lost contact after Ellie'​s accident
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