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Full name: Rebarka Undertale Sterling

Nickname/Alias: Barky

Occupation: Gossip Journalist

Age: 27

Species: Dog/Pomeranian

Gender: Female

Ignatius Sterling (Father)
Miffy Sterling (Mother)

Gossip Hound

Table Scraps

Rebarka Sterling

Basic Info

Rebarka Sterling is a Darkwing Duck OC on Duckverse. She is a sensationalist journalist who specializes in libel and tabloid headlines. She might be the most hated woman in St. Canard.


Rebarka is an heiress to her father's multimillion dollar business dynasty although she has no desire to take over the company she has no issue spending it's money. She is the only child of upper crust socialites and has never had to lift a paw for anything. She's daddy's little pup and mommy's grrrrirl. To be blunt, she's spoiled rotten. Rebarka has always had a vivid imagination and a thriving gossip circle. She revels in drama and discourse and one day decided to take her natural talents to the public eye. She started an online blog called “Care of the Dog” that posted scandalous rumors and stories with little to no truth to them and it caught on like wildfire.

With the success of her blog she then transitioned to a printed publication and a website all her own to spread her unique spin on whomever she chose. No subject was too high or low and after her first two weeks of printing her father hired a team of lawyers to work effortlessly to stamp out any opposition to his darling daughter's pet project.

Most of her updates are made poolside, sipping on a Cosmo and sunbathing. She has recently decided to come down from on high to mingle with her fanbase, hoping to see some juicy story material up close and personal.


Rebarka is a typical spoiled selfish person… that being said she's also openly friendly. Always ready with a smile (and a notebook and pen) to greet whomever comes into her crosshairs. Granted she will probably misquote everything they say to her but she'll be very pleasant about it.

She has little to no empathy for the victims of her false reports and really thinks herself a genius in her own right. Rebarka is aware that she's not at all intimidating physically so she tends to buddy up with tougher people to act as a buffer between her and her “haters”.

Her favorite hobby is stirring up trouble because a life with out drama is just not worth living.

Duckverse History

Rebarka's introduction to the population of St. Canard has largely been through her publication “Care of the Dog” wherein she made up bizzare claims about anyone she could find.

She has recently branched out from behind her “desk” (read: Poolside with Cosmo) to meet one on one with some of the city's residents.


Malicia Macawber

Rebarka and Malicia are BFF's 4E. Or that's the plan anyway. The demoness is strong, vain, and as imaginative as Barky is when it comes to writing 'factual' stories about the people around them. Rebarka, although she is most certainly using Malicia in the hopes of having a sort of bodyguard, genuinely likes Malicia. She's outspoken and confident, much like herself. But if the witch crosses her? Perish the thought. But if the unspeakable did happen, the fiery felon would find herself right in the headlines with the rest of their victims.

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