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NegaMalicia Macawber

Full name: Malicia Melantha Macawber

Nickname/Alias: Negacia, Winglicia, Nalicia, NegaMal, “Please go away”

Occupation: Guardian Angel

Age: Appears as mid-thirties, technically ageless

Species: Angel

Gender: Female

Malikai Macawber (father)
Melantha Macawber (mother)
Morgana Macawber (cousin)

Advanced Healing (both others and herself)
Enhanced strength

Dumber than a Comet Guy convention
Very naive and far too trusting

Basic Info

NegaMal is a Darkwing Duck OC and the Negaverse counterpart to Malicia Macawber. She is an incidental character who appears whenever the plot calls for it.


The Negaverse Malicia is the cousin of (Nega)Morgana Macawber and like her counterpart she grew up in Transylvania among monster society. However this Malicia lived a much happier life, in which her father never sacrificed her in exchange for immortality. Instead, she was born a regular (by monster standards) non-demonic sorceress. She attended Eldritch Academy alongside Morgana, under the impression the two were friends. She was wrong. Morgana viewed her magically-gifted cousin as competition and sought to rid the world of Mal, permanently.

Shortly before their graduation from Eldritch Academy, Morgana staged an “accident” that successfully killed Malicia. The community grieved for her, and Morgana went on to achieve all of her magical career goals.

But the universe still had plans for Malicia, and upon arriving in the afterlife she eagerly discovered that she could help others by becoming a Guardian Angel. She joined the Celestial Academy where she successfully floundered through the program despite her immense air-headedness.

Unfortunately, Malicia was brimming with so much goodness that even the top angels in Heaven couldn't stand her annoying, sappy personality. They decided that in order to keep her distracted and out of their halos, they would assign her an impossible task: Converting the mortal world's psychotic ruler, a being named “Negaduck” over to the side of good.

Needless to say, the higher-ups knew what they were doing. When an angel is assigned a mission, they can only return to heaven once their task is complete.

Malicia would not be returning to heaven for a long, long time.

This was how Malicia found herself in St. Canard where she continually pursues Negaduck, trying to convince him to “see the light”. Upon seeing all the pain and misery he caused, she felt it was her moral duty to protect the innocent people of St. Canard. When she isn't slipping Do-good Tracts underneath Negaduck's door, you can find her volunteering at the local soup kitchen or helping the Friendly Four regain control of the apocalyptic city.

She will occasionally cross over to Darkwing's universe in order to help him when Negaduck is causing mayhem. She is also an honorary member of The Justice Ducks.


When Malicia was still alive, she was a rather modest and kind sorceress. She performed very well in school despite having arguably little intelligence whatsoever. This was due to the fact she was the most powerful witch of her generation and all magic seemed to automatically work in her favor, despite her inability to comprehend silent vowels in words and also thinking cats and dogs are the same animal.

As an angel she is brimming with excessive positivity that churns the stomachs of even the most moralistic people around her. She has no spatial awareness whatsoever so she has a tendency to get in everybody's way. She is capable of feeling angry and sad, but she seems to minimize these emotions. The authorities on high have a betting pool on when she'll snap.

Probably the most disturbing aspect of this kindly angel is her ability to regenerate her body when it is damaged. Which means that Negaduck can immolate, decapitate, assassinate, and annihilate as much he wants and she will always return in one piece. This has proven to be a never-ending source of frustration for him, especially since Malicia generally appears unfazed by torturous pain.

Also she bleeds glitter.

Duckverse History

When Malicia heard that NegaGosalyn had traveled to Darkwing's universe and was under the care of a masked mallard, she rushed to her aid, fearing Negaduck had once again claimed the child. It was only after bursting through the wall of the local children's hospital that she discovered Quiverwing Duck had adopted NegaGosalyn as his own daughter.

Presently she is coming to terms with the fact the NegaGosalyn will be living permanently in Darkwing's universe. She has decided to stick around for a bit to make sure Negaduck doesn't cause too much harm to the people of this world (spoiler alert: too late).



It is her celestial mission to guide Negaduck over to the side of good and she takes this job very seriously. She can and will appear at the most inopportune time to preach the values of do-goodery to him, much to his extreme disdain. Due to her immortality and ability to regenerate, he will sometimes use her as a perpetual pin-cushion to blow off steam. Over the years he has gotten more creative at finding ways to temporarily dispose of her. Attempt #574 involving a triple-enforced cement coffin deposited at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle has been the most successful thus far.


Malicia is perpetually terrified of her cousin. She has vague memories of her own death and will experience traumatic flashbacks when Morgana is near. Morgana is one of the few people who seems capable of causing her true pain.


Malicia plays a protective, motherly role to NegaGos. Of all the beings in the Negaverse, she feels Gos needs the most help and will do anything to put a smile on the little girl's face.

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing would also very much like to drop this annoying angel at the bottom of the sea. Instead he resides himself to biting his tongue and muttering under his breath. He will occasionally trick her into returning to the Negaverse, in order to maintain his sanity.

Malicia Macawber (Normalverse)

NegaMal feels no ill-will toward her counterpart whatsoever. Mal does not share this sentiment and will engage in the same violent tactics as Negaduck. Normalverse Mal takes particular issue with the fact they are similar in appearance, although she insists she wears the look better.

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