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Melody Demeanor

Full name: Melody Anne Demeanor

Nickname/Alias: The Colossal Swan (eventually)

Occupation: Bank teller at St. Canard Fifth National

Age: 22

Species: Swan

Gender: Female

Super annoying

Poor social skills

Basic Info

Melody is a Darkwing Duck OC on Duckverse. She is generally a 'good guy' character although her morals are occasionally questionable due to her… particular proclivities.


Melody's upbringing is not particularly noteworthy. She grew up in a small town with her upper-middle-class family. Her father is an attorney and her mother runs a non-profit organization. She is a middle child with one older sister, and a younger brother and sister.

The particular event that forever changed her life happened when she was eight years-old. Two criminals had finished robbing the town bank and jumped into their 'getaway' car, unaware they had mixed it up with an identical vehicle belonging to Melody's father. They had no clue that a young Melody was sleeping in the back seat and discovered her once they reached their hide-out.

The robbers decided to hold her for ransom, which did not last long as they were not the most intelligent crooks and left a rather easy trail for police to find them. Melody was rescued and returned home unharmed. However the thrill of being kidnapped stirred something within, and as she grew older she became more obsessed with kidnappers and being kidnapped.

Eventually her obsession transitioned from regular crooks to supervillains, as she quickly became enamored with all the news reports coming out of distant cities like St. Canard and Duckburg. As soon as she graduated school she found herself a job at St. Canard's Fifth National bank and relocated to the city to work as a teller.


Melody is an adrenaline junkie. Or, to be more specific, a getting-kidnapped-by-villains junkie. She has a very bizarre obsession with being held hostage by supervillains to the point where said supervillains are made incredibly uneasy by her eagerness. When a kidnapping does occur, she will come on too strongly, leaving most criminals baffled and suspicious of a trap.

Melody is relatively book-smart but she is an oblivious ditz who doesn't pick up on how others perceive her. She has a tendency to daydream and has very bizarre, unrealistic ideas of what being kidnapped actually means. She does not seem remotely concerned about getting seriously harmed or even killed if she encounters the wrong villain.

She is a bubbly extrovert who loves meeting new people and will socialize with just about anybody, no matter how bizarre they may be.

Duckverse History

Shortly after arriving in St. Canard to start her new job at the bank, Melody immediately gravitated toward the Bad Side of Town where the crime rate is known to be exceptionally high. It was her hope that loitering in the neighborhood would attract potential crooks but instead she encountered Quiverwing Duck.

Later she met bookstore owner Lilly Teal, a known chaos magnet who has encountered several big-name villains. Melody latched on to Lilly almost immediately hoping it would improve her odds of endangerment (although she genuinely enjoys Lilly's company as well).

Her first big kidnapping finally happened while on the job, but unfortunately the villainous Red Nova was not particularly interested in her talkative hostage.

Melody continues seeking out novel plans for throwing herself in harm's way and will no doubt drive everyone nuts in the process.


Lilly Teal

Lilly has immediately become Melody's favourite go-to person whenever she's in the mood for drama and danger. Lilly seems only mildly aware of this fact and has been very tolerant of being bombarded with never-ending questions about Lilly's previous encounters with the morally bankrupt.

Quiverwing Duck

Melody was not particularly pleased to discover there was another superhero in town who was responsible for a significant drop in crime rates. However her encounter with Quiverwing was relatively positive as he was very polite and helpful, if not concerned for her safety. That said, she would be terribly disappointed if he managed to foil a good kidnapping before it gets to the 'best part' (the definition of which is better left unasked).

Malicia Macawber

Melody encountered Malicia at a local club and was immediately enamored by the demonic diva. Malicia possesses all of the traits Melody fantasizes about in a good kidnapping: Powerful, imposing, cool super powers, and somewhat unpredictable. She lies awake at night and fantasizes about Mal squeezing her with those strong muscular toned arms. Mal has no real idea who this weird girl is, and for possibly the only time in her life feels uncomfortable being the recipient of this basking adoration (which begs the question of whether Melody may in fact have an unknown superpower because there really isn't any other possible explanation for this rare phenomenon).

Red Nova

She is forever grateful that Red Nova agreed to kidnap her, albeit done at Melody's insistence. Now she considers Nova to be an 'all-around pretty nice person' despite Nova's goal of burning the whole city to the ground.

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