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Malicia's Relationships (full list)

(Continued from Mal's wiki page)

Malikai Macawber

Mal's relationship with her abusive father may be the one and only time she was truly a victim of unfair circumstances. When Malikai offered up his firstborn child (i.e., Malicia) to Beelzebub, he had done so with the intention of gaining immortality for himself and his beloved wife, Melantha. He could not have predicted that Melantha would offer her spot to Malicia instead, which led to her untimely death. The fact his wife chose Malicia over him has forever cemented his disdain toward his own daughter.

During her childhood, Mal was largely ignored by her father and raised primarily by the servants and caretakers of their household. In the public eye Malikai doted over and bragged about his 'smart, talented' daughter, but behind closed doors he reminded her what a burden she truly was, and how little he cared for her existence.

Malikai was the leader of a horrific underground genocidal movement against Normals and while Mal was never aware of the full extent of his involvement, he instilled his bigoted beliefs in her upbringing. This is why Mal initially underestimates Darkwing and Negaduck and treats them as inferior during her early years in St. Canard.

Malicia lost contact with her father during her early teenage years when she was still enrolled at Eldritch. His suspicious activity had caught the attention of the Elder Council who eventually raided their home in an attempt to arrest anyone involved in his extremist movement. Malikai managed to escape and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Malicia feels absolutely no love or affection toward her father and always believed her life circumstances improved dramatically after his disappearance. He is also the reason she was born a demon. Should he ever return, he will be very, very unhappy to hear his daughter is not only living among Normals, but is intimately involved with one.

Melantha Macawber

Malicia knows nothing of her mother aside from second-hand stories she hears from those who knew Melantha when she was still alive. She does not even know what her mother looks like, because Malikai was quite thorough in erasing all traces of her existence from their household which included destroying all photographs and records.

While Melantha is “dead”, she technically took Mal's spot in the Underworld and currently resides there. She is unable to communicate with or see her daughter, although Beelzebub may occasionally grant her a glance through an enchanted mirror. Even after Malicia becomes a supervillain, her mother does not regret switching places as she is simply thankful her daughter is living a life of her own free will.

Darkwing Duck

Quite possibly the most unexpected relationship of all is her brief dalliance with Darkwing Duck which took place in the current RP timeline. The two met before Malicia had fallen into full-time villainy, and Darkwing had broken up with Morgana. He was quickly drawn to her sultry appearance and flirtatious nature. Malicia, as usual, lured him in with her fake charismatic charm and the two became an unofficial couple. Unfortunately, Malicia's idea of a “relationship” was very different from his, as she was also sleeping with Negaduck on the side. When Darkwing inevitably discovered her infidelity, the romance came to a crashing halt. They are now incredibly bitter toward one another, with Malicia taking constant jabs at his lackluster kissing ability (among several other abilities).


Pringles is Malicia's cerberus familiar and is intensely loyal to her. Pringles has been her companion since she was a small child, therefore he is privy to a lot of her more vulnerable moments. Malicia likes to spoil him but she can and will boss him around when she's in “supervillain” mode. Pringles is incredibly protective and he despises Negaduck in particular because he is a threat to Malicia's safety and well-being. He will obey Malicia's commands to leave Negaduck alone but isn't above gnawing on him just a bit when Mal isn't looking.

Quiverwing Duck

Further proof of Mal's fetish for masked mallards, Quiverwing has become a point of interest. This is mainly due to the fact that Quiverwing has accidentally misled her several times. The first, when he showed up at Malicia's house with a bottle of wine to "distract" her while Morgana snuck in the back to steal her scrying ball. Later, in an attempt to once again distract Malicia while she was on a magical rampage, he kissed her and then later performed a strip-tease. Naturally, Mal believes this to be an invitation to further R-rated activities. She is completely unaware that Quiverwing is in a committed relationship with her cousin, Ariana.

Ariana McCawber

Ariana is Morgana's younger sister, and by extension, Malicia's younger cousin. The two have had little contact since childhood, due to Ariana being shipped off to a fancy boarding school. In the present timeline they have briefly encountered one another when she tried to protect Mal during an altercation with Negaduck. Malicia has little patience for Ariana's sweet, timid nature but has yet to truly cause her harm, as they rarely cross paths. This will likely change once Mal finds out about her relationship with Quiverwing…

Jacob Mallard

Since the day SHUSH Agent Jacob Mallard showed up at her front door, looking to form an alliance, Malicia was somewhat wary of his intentions. He has proven to be a useful, loyal ally, but as usual Malicia grows impatient with playing nice. For now their relationship is fairly neutral, but Malicia will not hesitate to strike him down if he gets in her way.

Piper Lee (alias: Jade)

When the thief “Jade” sneaks into Mal's warehouse and is nearly turned into a chewtoy by Pringles, Jade offers some friendly security tips to Mal. Later, Mal hires her to smuggle illegal magical ingredients to and from the warehouse.

Malicia only knows her under her Jade alias, although she has met Piper on a few unrelated occasions. In typical Malicia fashion, she tends to forget Piper/Jade's name altogether and generally doesn't acknowledge her existence unless she needs a job done.

Lilly Teal

In the pre-rektcon timeline, Lilly had managed to burrow her way into Mal's heart and was probably one of the few true friends Malicia ever had… that is until Mal kidnapped and tried to murder her children. Fortunately for both of them, the reset timeline washed away those sins.

In the present timeline they are but distant acquaintances, and Mal regards this cheerful, hug-happy, chaos-magnet of a woman with sheer annoyance.

Scarlet Featherfan

When Scarlet seeks out Malicia to pose in her risque magazine “Chicks with Chainsaws”, Mal is quickly hooked by the promise of free designer shoes and clothing. Mal has done a few model shoots for Scarlet, but her interest has waned since she turned her focus to crime and supervillainy.

Rebarka Sterling

This immoral blog/tabloid writer is thirsty for gossip and Mal is more than happy to provide. Rebarka is presently one of Malicia's favourite people because this pooch knows exactly how to appeal to Mal's vanity (and Mal is more than happy to bask in her praise, no matter how shallow). The two have collaborated on several fine works including the infamous St. Canard Kiss List.

They have bonded over shared common interests which include: Spreading harmful rumors about every other person in the duckverse, writing click-bait “Top Ten” articles, and draining every restaurant dry via excessive cocktails. These two are BFFS 4 Ever.


Duckburg's hometown hero had the honor of being the first person to thwart Mal during her debut heist as an 'official villain'. Malicia severely underestimated Gizmoduck's competency by assuming that all 'Normals' were rather weak and powerless against magic. This changed very quickly somewhere between the point of oven mitts duct-taped over her hands and having her hair drenched by fire sprinklers. Finally fed up and horrified by the hero's genial personality, she threw in the towel and abandoned her attempted robbery. Gizmoduck was kind enough to hail her a cab and send her on her way with well wishes. Malicia will not underestimate him again. And also never set foot in Duckburg ever again.

Queen Beeyonce

Beeyonce is one of the greatest treasures in Mal's life… and is also a gold bedazzled paperweight, the only item she managed to steal during her first inaugural crime spree. Not only is Queen B fabulously shiny, but the paperweight serves as an important reminder to never underestimate her opponents. Mal would probably pull Beeyonce out of a burning wreckage before her own family. Actually, scratch that, she WOULD pull Beeyonce out first. You don't disrespect the Queen.

Tanya Spellbinder

Tanya Spellbinder is a former classmate of Mal and Morgana who terrorized and bullied both Macawber women during their formative school years. Despite the fact Tanya is an utter psychopath devoid of any warmth or kindness, she was Malicia's first infatuation (a foreshadowing for her other relationships later in life). To make matters worse, Tanya has only ever been interested in Morgana, which further fuels Malicia's envy toward her cousin. Tanya and Malicia share a few common goals, the greatest being their disdain for Morgana, as she was responsible for both of their expulsions from Eldritch Academy.

Tanya is one of the few beings on the planet who can make Mal feel inferior. This mainly stems from having known each other since childhood, and in many ways Tanya is symbolic of a time when Mal was once anxious and vulnerable. Tanya uses this to her advantage to manipulate Mal for her own personal revenge against Morgana.

In the present timeline, Tanya and Mal joined forces to lure Morgana to a pre-planned location where Mal would stab Morgana in the back with a knife to activate a powerful curse. Unsurprisingly, Tanya double-crossed Mal but both received their comeuppance when Morgana fought back. Both Mal and Tanya were pulled into a dimensional rift along with Negaduck, trapping them for an indeterminate amount of time.

Tanya is the sole reason why Malicia is prejudiced against vampires.

The Fearsome Five

Mal generally does not interact with the other members of the Fearsome Five, aside from Negaduck. When she does, it is usually one-on-one. She regards them as something from the 'Island of Misfit Toys', although this is partially due to Negaduck's influence since much of what she knows is second-hand through him (and therefore unreliable).


Of all the members, Bushroot is the one that Mal is most likely to target, not only because he is the most timid and spineless, but because being a plant-duck makes him the most flammable. Mal is quite literally a forest fire on two legs and this (justifiably) terrifies Bushroot. She uses this to her advantage to threaten and intimidate him into doing her bidding, which mostly involves giving her access to particular plants used in spell ingredients.

She has to tread carefully however, because Negaduck does not appreciate anyone other than himself bossing around his lackeys. This goes double for Mal. Can't have anyone thinking one of his lovers is sharing custody over his group of minions, now can we?

The Liquidator

Completely opposite to Bushroot, The Liquidator is the villain who is most powerful against Malicia and therefore poses one of the greatest threats. Mal makes a point of avoiding him, and if for some reason they do cross paths, she will subtly remind him of her intimate involvement with his boss. The Liquidator is not easily intimidated however, and if he is present when Mal is threatening Bushroot he will step in to level the playing field, forcing the demonness to retreat until she can catch the plant-duck alone.


Mal has no real opinion of Megavolt, aside from finding him to be rather bizarre. She does acknowledge that he is powerful and sits pretty high on the Public Enemy list, and he appears to be on good terms with other high-ranking villains. That said, she is hesitant about leaving her toaster alone in a room with him. Dude is weird.


Quackerjack's mercurial nature and childish demeanor is incredibly annoying to Mal. He is also the one member who is most likely to playfully tease her about her relationship with Negaduck by pointing out how much she LOoOoOves him, often accompanied with smoochy noises and the ever-traditional “Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G”. Though he may be wacky, Quackerjack isn't stupid and he always waits until Negaduck has vacated the premises before taunting her. He relies on the fact that Mal is too embarrassed to ever tattle to Negaduck about this immature behavior and so she is forced to take matters into her own hands. Which basically involves her chasing him around and lobbing fireballs while he cartwheels away, giggling hysterically.

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