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Malicia Macawber

Pre-Rektcon History

The following events have been retconned from the current roleplay timeline. (See: Rektcon for more information).

This content discusses mature themes such as sex and violence

Under construction

Meeting Negaduck

The Baby Trap

First clutch of Demonlings

Kicking Out Negaduck

The Enforcers & Arrest

Returning to Transylvania & The Trial

The Dungeon Dimension

The Bean Me Up Saga

The Malpocalypse

Meeting Negaduck's Parents & Project Overlord

Dreamworld Dalliance with Darkwing Duck

Reclaiming Negaduck's soul

Romantic Affair with Harou

Attack in the Park & The Kidnapping of Lilly Teal's Children

Using the Tronsplitter

The Six Virus

Second Pregnancy

Negaduck's Death

Five Year Time Jump


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