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Malicia's Post-Rektcon Timeline

Following the events of Rektcon, Mal starts off the new timeline on a fresh slate with no memories of the previous timeline, including her connection to all other characters.

There is one caveat: NegaMorgana placed a curse on Malicia that was meant to carry over into the current timeline, the purpose of which would prevent her and Negaduck from repeating history (namely, falling in love with each other). Whether the spell was successful or not remains to be seen.

The immediate aftermath of Rektcon

In the previous timeline, Negaduck and Malicia first met when Negaduck hit her with his motorcycle, setting off a chain of events that binded their fates together in a vicious love-hate relationship.

After Malicia's untimely death at the hand of the only person she ever truly loved, she was sent back in time to the day they initially met. Except this time, Negaduck's motorycle missed her by mere inches. Because their paths did not cross it altered the entire timeline for both of them, creating a domino effect that has changed the fate of several other characters.

Arrival to St. Canard & Starting Business

Mal recently moved to St. Canard where, for the time being, she was a “neutral” character with no real criminal record.

After taking up residence in an abandoned warehouse, she started up a business selling 'Black Market Black Magic' items to Normals at ludicrously jacked prices, relying on the general populace's overall ignorance for all things supernatural.

Meeting Negaduck (take 2)

With their memories erased and time reversed, Negaduck and Malicia have no recollection of their long, torrid history together. Post-rektcon, their first encounter takes place in Gold Digger where Negaduck has set up a “cash for gold” booth at the mall, ready to scam any and all unsuspecting traders.

Malicia, who is unfamiliar with the criminal malcontent, drops by the booth to do business and Negaduck is more than eager to take advantage of her naivety. He is unaware that Malicia is pulling a scam of her own by selling him boulders that have been magically-camouflaged as gold.

After the demonness parts with his cash, the gold reverts to plain old rocks and Negaduck furiously seeks revenge. He catches up with Mal at the Old Haunt bar which leads to a violent confrontation and both attempting to choke each other unconscious. Their first meeting concludes when Negaduck is hit by a truck but also successfully parts with Malicia's hard-stolen cash.

Negaduck's Revenge

Because Negaduck has never been one to forgive or forget, he decides to further toy with Malicia by devising a very creative form of punishment in Sole Heeling. He steals every designer shoe in the city that fits her gargantuan-sized feet. The kicker being he only steals the right shoe of each pair (“so that there is only one left” because he is THAT into puns), thereby tormenting her as she is forced to stare forlornly at 'what could have been'. With the added insult of various salesclerks unintentionally insulting the size of her feet, Mal ends up burning down several shoe stores in a fit of rage, which puts her on the police radar.

In classic-Negaduck fashion, the maniacal mallard attaches one of the desired shoes to fishing line and carrot-on-a-string style lures her straight to the the St. Canard garbage dump where the missing shoes have been left out on the conveyor belt of a industrial garbage incinerator. He plans to taunt her by destroying them all but is interrupted by the police who are seeking out Mal. They wrongfully assume Negaduck and Malicia have teamed up together and open-fire on both felons.

Meeting Darkwing

Naturally not one to be upstaged by the St. Canard Police Department, Darkwing arrives on the scene to confront this mysterious serial shoe store arsonist. As Malicia tries to defend herself and insists she is the real victim, both are attacked by Negaduck who has somehow gained himself a tank. Malicia and Darkwing join forces and successfully fight him off, but Negaduck manages to escape by distracting Mal with a sparkly shoe… that she later discovers is the wrong size. Her long-standing feud with Negaduck is officially established.

Modeling Career

Scarlet Featherfan, a local businesswoman and head of the adult industry empire, seeks Mal out in Demonness Hunting. Scarlet offers Malicia a modelling gig at her agency, as she thinks the duckubus' “exotic” features would draw in high sales. Being the vain, attention-seeking diva that she is, Malicia is more than happy to oblige.

Pickle Factory Passion with Negaduck and Darkwing

Malicia once again falls victim to a Negaduck-related plot (and countless pickle-related puns) in Red Pickled Herrings. During yet another heated confrontation, Negaduck attempts to appeal to her base instincts by kissing her and using the distraction to saddle her with a stick of dynamite. He doesn't count on Mal's refusal to cease locking lips, and ultimately learns the literal definition of 'burning loins' when his own TNT explodes at crotch-level.

Darkwing arrives on the scene shortly after and helps Malicia escape the now burning-and-collapsing building. The two engage in a bit of heated flirtation which signals the beginning of a budding romance between vigilante and duckubus.

Blackmailed by Negaduck

Negaduck smooth-talks Malicia into helping him rob a jewelry store in Beware The Moist Dollar. She disguises herself in order to protect her identity from Darkwing, who inevitably shows up to stop the criminal duo. Negaduck accidentally reveals his long-term plan was to use her magic abilities for trans-dimensional transportation, until he realizes Mal's magical skills are severely lacking due to being a 'magic school dropout'. He then threatens to ruin Malicia's modelling career by revealing her criminal involvement in their recent robbery.

Partners in Crime with Benefits (...or not)

Mal responds to Negaduck's blackmail by attacking him, leading to a lot of strangling and rolling around. With zero surprise to anyone, their 'fight' very quickly turns physically intimate. What is surprising however, is the severe chest pain Malicia experiences in the middle of their passionate murder/lust romp (a side effect from Negaduck stabbing her in the heart in the previous timeline, which carried over thanks to NegaMorgana's curse). Mal puts a halt on all sexy-times and kicks him out. Negaduck does not take kindly to being dismissed and leaves in a rage. Mal proclaims this to be the first and last time she ever teams up with or touches Negaduck (spoiler alert: it totally isn't).

Alliance with Jacob Mallard

SHUSH Agent Jacob Mallard pays a visit to Mal in Soul Survivor to broker an alliance against Negaduck. Mal wants Negaduck's soul, and Jacob wants his brain in order to gain access to Negaduck's memories. The two devise a plan to get what they want which involves setting a trap for the psychopathic mallard.

Attempted theft of Negaduck's soul

Mal lures Negaduck to her so that she can trick him into signing over his soul. Negaduck signs the contract, and Mal joyfully reveals her deception as she drags him back to her warehouse so she can 'inspect the goods'. Jacob arrives to borrow Negaduck's body for his own plans, which Mal concedes to as part of their deal.

But Malicia overlooked one very important detail: He signed under the name 'Negaduck' and not his true birth name, thereby voiding the contract. When Negaduck is returned to her, she discovers this unfortunate set-back and realizes he still has full ownership of his soul. Negaduck escapes his bonds and decides to teach Malicia a “lesson” in who owns who.

Providing Faulty Weapons to Negaduck

In Hocus Negapocus Negaduck sneaks into Mal's warehouse to steal her magical weaponry. After the standard violent confrontation, Malicia offers Negaduck access to her weapons in exchange for him signal-boosting her business to St. Canard's criminal populace.

However due to the blossoming relationship between herself and Darkwing, Mal secretly enchants the weapons so they are useless against Darkwing. Negaduck gathers a small army of goons in Explosive Temper II and with the help of Mal's weaponry, goes on a rampage.

After his plan fails astronomically, Negs realizes there is something suspicious about the weaponry and confronts Malicia in Bust-ed. When she accidentally admits she is casually dating Darkwing this leads to a classic Negaduck form of “punishment” for the demonness.

Dating Darkwing

Darkwing encounters Malicia again in Heroes with Demons after he intervenes when several petty thieves attempt to mug Mal. After disposing of the crooks, he offers to walk her home and they hit it off, although Mal is cautious due to her on-again-off-again partnership with Negaduck. Despite this, she makes the first move and asks Darkwing out on a date.

Their first date takes place in Shadow of a Rout, when Darkwing foolishly takes her out for a romantic dinner at Morgana's restaurant, The Shadow Chateau. It's bad enough to bring a current date to your ex-girlfriend's place of business, it's even worse when the date is your ex-girlfriend's cousin and sworn enemy. The not-so-romantic evening ends disastrously after a violent food fight that further strengthens the attraction between Mal and Darkwing. Their relationship quickly turns intimate.

They go on another date in Turnabout Is Souffle which also ends quite poorly. Despite this, their relationship starts to get serious.

Ongoing Affair With Negaduck

Despite her growing feelings for Darkwing, Mal continues canoodling with Negaduck on-and-off, as she finds herself unable to resist his lecherous nature. She grapples with her feelings, believing that she truly does care for the caped hero, but cheats on him repeatedly through the entire span of their relationship.

When Negaduck learns just how close Mal is getting to Darkwing, he demands that she use the relationship to her advantage. She is resistant at first, until Negaduck threatens to reveal her infidelity to Darkwing. He gives her a flash-drive and instructs her to plug it into Darkwing's supercomputer the next time she is “staying the night” at his place. Mal reluctantly agrees to the plan.

Planting the computer virus

After another disastrous date in Turnabout is Souffle, Darkwing brings Mal back to the tower. Mal lies and tells Darkwing she “found” the flash-drive that Negaduck gave her. Darkwing foolishly plugs it into his supercomputer and a virus infects his entire system. He is unaware because the virus is disguised as a game, but in reality reports false crimes all over the city to distract Darkwing while Negaduck robs the real locations.

Wolf in Dork's Clothing

Shortly after the virus is planted, Mal meets up with “Darkwing” again for another date in Speed Hating, unaware that it is actually Negaduck disguised as Darkwing so he can toy with her. Despite the fact he doesn't even try to hide his true nature (through much inappropriate touching and using his regular voice), Mal remains oblivious to a comical degree. So much so that she is confused as to why she finds 'Darkwing' more attractive than usual, which leads to her confessing she might love him. Negaduck is completely dumbfounded by Mal's utter cluelessness and in a fit of frustration reveals himself.

“How can you love him if you can't tell us apart!” - Negaduck, disguised as Darkwing.

Negaduck explains the purpose of the virus Mal helped him plant on Darkwing's supercomputer. He proposes another crime-spree, which Mal agrees to and they set their sights on the St. Canard Museum of History.

Possessed by Ancient Magic

Negaduck and Malicia once again team up to rob a museum in Insert [Mad Lib] Here. They attempt to steal several ancient magical artifacts, but are interrupted by Quiverwing Duck. Before the hero can intervene however, Negaduck is already on the receiving end of Mal's wrath after taunting her one too many times. To be more specific, Mal is trying to shove an ancient magical artifact up Negaduck's hind end.

Quiverwing proves to be a convenient distraction however, and while he and Negaduck tussle with each other, Mal grabs the rest of the loot and leaves them both behind.

Negaduck catches up to her later and, as is tradition, “punishes” Mal for humiliating and ditching him. In the midst of this punishment, he uses one of the ancient magical artifacts against her. Malicia is suddenly filled with an overwhelming, unforetold power that immediately corrupts her.

Alliance of the Wings

In A Byte Outta Crime, the virus planted on Darkwing's supercomputer eventually leads Darkwing and Quiverwing to Negaduck's location at Mal's warehouse. They arrive just in time for a magically-possessed Mal to subdue all three of them before she leaves to wreak havoc on the city.

Negaduck reluctantly agrees to help Quiverwing and Darkwing (i.e., Quiverwing blackmails him). Along with the help of Morgana, they set out to stop Mal's reign of terror in Pulling the power plug. After a combined effort, the ancient artifact is dislodged and Mal loses all its power.

Breaking Up With Darkwing

Darkwing finds out exactly how Malicia came to be possessed by an ancient magical artifact, which in turn reveals her ongoing lust-driven affair with Negaduck.

A heartbroken Darkwing confronts Mal who continuously digs herself a deeper grave by stubbornly refusing to apologize. The relationship ends bitterly and the two part ways very non-amicably.

Restored Memories & Soul Surrendered

Malicia's memories of the pre-rektcon timeline are fully restored after she finds the magical mojo bag NegaMorgana used during Rektcon. Furious at Negaduck for being the cause of her death she runs off to confront him.

She restores Negaduck's memories as well and then interrogates him. Much to her absolute shock, Negaduck admits that he is in love with her. They quickly reconcile and attempt to strengthen their relationship. This newfound happiness quite literally lasts a grand total of five minutes before Negaduck quickly grows paranoid. He once again questions why Mal did not come to his aid in the previous timeline when he was trapped in Oblivion. He grows even more irate when he finds out that Malicia has been dating Darkwing - a fact he would not have cared about in the current timeline, but his over-possessive nature has also been restored alongside his memories.

Negaduck quickly spirals, struggling to process the concept of having sincere feelings for her, as he is unable to reconcile the weakness and vulnerability it causes him. Malicia quickly realizes this and tries to smooth things over between them.

She knew that no matter what he was feeling, he would, in the end, always choose himself… even if it meant throwing away all of the potential they had together. He'd choose being alone over being weak.

Malicia uses this opportunity to try and lift the curse NegaMorgana placed on her. She is semi-successful, although the overall ramifications remain unknown.

In one last desperate attempt to reconcile with Negaduck, she quite literally bares her soul by giving it to him as a sign of her trust and love for him. In typical Negaduck-fashion he repays this token of true love by using her soul to steal her superpowers and memories.

But gaining all of her memories plunges him into an insane rage, because he is suddenly made aware of all the secrets she has been hiding from him, including several deep betrayals on her part. Negs violently turns on her and Malicia has no choice but to use the mojo bag again to wipe his memories.

You made me tolerate children - and they weren't even mine?!” - Negaduck discovers that he is not the father of some of Mal's children in the pre-rektcon time-line.

In the aftermath, Mal makes arrangements to hide the bag again properly, and then uses it to wipe her own memories. Once again, both have lost all recollection of the previous timeline and all memory of the events that had just unfolded.

The only caveat is that Negaduck still has ownership of her soul, but he is no longer aware of this fact… for now.

Descent into Villainy

Malicia is no longer interested in maintaining a gray-morality lifestyle, and decides to kickstart her full-time career as a supervillain. In Burning Over a New Leaf she sets her sights on Duckburg, assuming the museum will be a good target for a fledgling felon.

Unfortunately she was not at all prepared to meet Duckburg's hometown hero Gizmoduck. She severely underestimates him and is therefore caught off guard when he manages to fend off her super-powered attacks. In a final fit of frustration she takes her leave, but not before claiming one important sentimental item.

Tanya Spellbinder

Malicia's old classmate and first-ever crush drops by her warehouse one evening with a proposition. Tanya Spellbinder wants to destroy Morgana, and she needs Malicia's help to do it. Mal is more than happy to oblige but is also wary of a potential betrayal. She and Tanya form a magic-binding pact and in exchange, Tanya promises that Mal will remain unharmed. As an added bonus she offers up Negaduck - who is magically under Tanya's control - as a token reward.

Reluctant Alliance with Morgana

In order to complete her end of the bargain, Malicia pretends to join forces with Morgana so they can stop Tanya ("Complete Armony"). She must play the role of luring Morgana to a pre-destined spot where she will plunge an enchanted knife in Morgana's back to activate a powerful Eldritch spell.

She shows up at the hospital where Morgana is paying a visit to Quiverwing Duck and offers to assist them. Morgana accepts the offer, and they make arrangements to meet up later and formulate a plan for defeating Tanya.

“As I'm sure you're well aware.” Mal began. “Bitchbinder is back in town, and she's brought company. Arcane company. You think I want to deal with that? If I know you -which I do, because you're so pathetically predictable - you're cooking up some plan to stop her. Which is why, I'm here to.” She visibly cringed. “Offer my assistance, because you're clearly too incompetent to succeed on your own.”

“A truce.” Morgana confirmed.

“Ugh, don't call it that. This is merely an agreement between two mortal enemies to stop fighting for a certain time frame.”

“That is literally the definition of a truce, Malicia.”

Back-stabbing Betrayal (literally)

During High School Crushed the plan is set in motion and Mal successfully stabs Morgana in the back. The spell is activated and Mal officially crosses the threshold into “very bad person” territory.

Mal's "Reward"

As promised, Tanya hands over Negaduck by attaching him to an enchanted leash and collar, making him Mal's “pet”. Then proceeds to double-cross Mal by revealing she is now in possession of her soul - after removing it from Negaduck's ownership. Tanya once again places it in Negaduck's possession by also attaching Mal to a collar and lead. Leaving the two felons holding each other on a literal short leash.

Getting trapped in a timeless void with Tanya Spellbinder and Negaduck

From one double-cross to another, Negaduck steps in to reveal he stole a spellbook from Morgana as a 'back-up plan' to get rid of Tanya. He hands the spellbook over to a (now leashed) Mal so that she can use it to trap both Tanya and Morgana in the Eldritch realm.

Unfortunately, in his exact words, “why after everything was going just peachy, did Malicia have to ruin it by being goddamn Malicia”. The Eldritch Academy drop-out mispronounces the incantation. Both Negs and Mal are sucked into the dimensional void alongside Tanya (who has lost her remaining eye thanks to Negaduck and a grappling hook so she is now both blind and furious).

With only the three villains to keep each other company in a strange timeless netherworld, the fate of Mal remains unknown as she tries to claw her way back to St. Canard.

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