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Full name: Malicia Morrigan-Lillith Macawber

Nickname/Alias: Mal, “Demon Queen of St. Canard”

Occupation: Supervillain

Age: Early to mid-thirties

Species: Duck/Demon (“Duckubus”)

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Is there an orientation for being attracted to yourself? Because she's that too.

Melantha Macawber (née Moonbeam) (mother)
Malikai Macawber (father)
Morgana Macawber (cousin)
Pringles (cerberus familiar)

Pyrokinesis (main ability)
Enhanced strength (innate ability)
Magic/sorcery (learned)

Holy magic
Bullets/knives/other weapons
Negaduck's sexy voice

Malicia Macawber

Basic Info

Malicia Macawber is a Darkwing Duck OC. Her primary role is being a supervillain and to serve as a foil for Morgana Macawber.


Malicia is the cousin of Morgana Macawber and an exile of the Macawber family. Before she was born, her power-hungry father brokered a contract with Beelzebub, offering his first-born child in exchange for immortality. This pact led to Malicia being born a duckubus (a species of demon duck).

When Beelzebub came to collect the newborn Malicia, her mother offered to exchange places for Malicia's freedom. Beelzebub accepted the trade, and Malicia was left in the care of her father who treated her with disdain. Malicia was (and still is) unaware of the contract or the circumstances behind her mother's death.

During her formative years she and Morgana attended the Eldritch Academy of Enchantment together. They were close friends and both talented students, although Malicia gravitated more toward the study of souls and ancient magic. During their senior year Malicia became fixated on forbidden magic and began sneaking into the Library of Forbidden Spells.

Morgana was concerned by her cousin's growing obsession with the untold forces of evil and reluctantly reported her to the Dean, expecting Mal would be given a warning and perhaps detention. Instead, Malicia was expelled from the academy altogether and banned from the school grounds. When Morgana confessed her mistake, Malicia was furious and ended their friendship.

Not long afterward Malicia broke into the Forbidden Library once more and this time, Morgana confronted her. The exchange quickly turned violent but Morgana was able to subdue Mal and turn her over to the Elder Council. She was placed on trial and legally exiled from monster society and disowned by the Macawber family.

Roughly a decade later, Malicia appears in St.Canard, hungry for revenge.

Click here for the Extended Malicia biography, as narrated by Malicia. You have been warned.


Core Traits & Character Interaction

Malicia is a narcissist. She is interested in very little outside of herself and quickly forgets the names and backstories of everyone she meets because she sees it all as insignificant details. She enjoys the sound of her own voice and will talk endlessly about herself if any unsuspecting victim accidentally prompts her. She is also physically attracted to herself and takes her vanity to a rather disconcerting level.

Upon first meeting a character, Malicia is usually cordial and quite charismatic. She knows that false friendliness is the key to exposing others' vulnerabilities. However due to her tactless, impatient nature, she is unable to play nice for very long. Eventually she will backslide into her true personality, damaging whatever relationships she might have formed in that time.

Very few characters are able to tolerate the “real” Malicia and those who can usually possess questionable morals of their own.

Intimacy & Relationships

Mal, overall, is terrible at romance. She is allergic to the concept of commitment and the thought of being “tied down” to another person horrifies her. While she isn’t meant to be a particularly promiscuous character, she is a huge flirt who wants to “have her cake and eat it too”. This makes it near-impossible for her to maintain a monogamous relationship. She takes great pleasure in being a tease and having others pursue her.

She likes to think she is only interested in partners who will worship her and be at her beck and call. In reality, Mal will quickly grow bored of anyone who is too doting or submissive. Deep down, she prefers someone who isn't afraid to challenge her and always keeps her guessing. Her true infatuation is usually reserved for emotionally unavailable psychopaths (see: Negaduck and Tanya Spellbinder).

Voice & dialogue

Mal speaks in a haughty tone reflective of her condescending nature and rarely uses slang or shorthand words. Her voice most closely resembles Naga The Serpent from the Slayers dub. She has several small quirks, the most notable being that instead of using proper metaphors, she'll describe the metaphor itself (example: “You're as stiff as a very inappropriate metaphor”).



Malicia has two primary abilities. The first is pyrokinesis (the ability to control and create fire) which is consciously controlled and is part of her demon heritage. This power is fueled by her own metabolism and energy, therefore if she suffers starvation her ability to produce flames will dwindle. As a result she has a voracious appetite and will eat massive quantities of food in one sitting. She is able to withstand incredibly high temperatures, and her core body temperature is warmer than the average person. She is impervious to lava up to the point that she enjoys 'bathing' in volcanoes.


Her second ability is enhanced strength, which is an involuntary and innate part of being a supernatural creature. Like most super-strong beings, she can and does accidentally destroy everything around her if she isn't careful. Even though she can easily bench-press a truck, Mal will insist that she is a “delicate, graceful lady” despite all evidence to the contrary. She is, to put it bluntly, “thick headed” to the point where striking her over the head is more likely to damage the object being used as a blunt weapon (Negaduck has tested this theory many, many times). There is an upper-limit to her strength where she can bend metal when angry enough and punch through walls and concrete, but she would not be able to lift an entire building or any other object that is excessively large or heavy.


Her tertiary ability is magic, as she is descended from a long line of witches/sorcerers on both sides of her family. Because she was expelled from Eldritch Academy before finishing her education, there is a huge gap in her magical knowledge which requires the aid of spellbooks to perform any complicated spells. It is not unusual for her to lose control of more dangerous spells and Morgana is often the one who has to clean up Malicia's magical mistakes (which only serves to make Mal even more angry at her cousin for 'upstaging' her).

Demon traits

Malicia is a demon and therefore possesses several physical traits known to her species. The most obvious are the claws on her hands and feet which are rather intimidating and incredibly sharp. Her mouth is filled with sharp teeth, both her upper and lower canine teeth are fangs (and the upper fangs visibly protrude from her bill, which results in others mistaking her for a vampire).

She has a long prehensile tail which can wrap around objects, although she cannot use it to lift anything heavy. Her tail movements will reflect her current emotions. Anyone who familiarizes themselves with Mal's body language will know when she is lying or concealing information because her tail will twitch in a very specific manner. Her tail is incredibly sensitive at the base where the tailbone connects to the spine and touching it evokes a pleasurable sensation. Negaduck in particular will target this 'weak spot' when he is manipulating her.

She does not normally possess wings or horns, and she is unable to fly. When she is pregnant, the hormones will cause her to grow temporary horns, which she finds incredibly impractical and “ruins her hair”. The horns will recede post-labor.


Normal weaponry

While Mal is quite strong she is not invulnerable to common injuries like bullet wounds or getting stabbed. All weaponry can injure her, aside from anything that uses heat or fire to cause damage. Since this is the duckverse, cartoon physics dictate that she'll generally survive most major injuries in a comedic fashion (Negaduck once shot her point-blank in the chest and the bullet was quite literally absorbed by her massive boobs).


Probably the most obvious of her weaknesses. Water and fire naturally don't mix and Mal's abilities are no exception. The liberal usage of fire sprinklers/extinguishers, hoses, and even water balloons will put a damper on her flames (and even worse: ruin her perfect hair). The Liquidator is arguably the greatest threat to Malicia because not only is he impervious to her pyrokinesis, but her super-strength is rather useless as well. She can and does avoid the watery canine at all costs.

Holy/Light Magic

Because she is a demon she is weak against any form of magic that is considered “good”, especially if it comes from a Celestial source. The amount of damage is related to the intensity of the magic. More minor/religious sources present as allergies. Holy water will give her a painful, itchy rash. Standing inside a church will cause her to break out in hives. Salt normally does not have any effect unless it is specifically used in a light-magic spell.


Mal's ability to use fire is sustained by her own metabolism. As a result she has to eat regular calorie-dense meals because it serves as 'fuel' for her powers. If Malicia were to be locked up and starved, or fed very small low-nutrient meals (bread and water for example) then her ability to produce flames will gradually weaken.


Mal takes exceptional pride in her appearance and is especially fussy about her hair being touched or messed up. Tossing something sticky into her hair or getting it wet is a sure-fire way to temporarily distract her. She is also easily goaded by any insults regarding her appearance, and she is particularly sensitive about her age.

She has been known to stop mid-battle to inspect her reflection. Any environment that has a lot of mirrors or reflective surfaces will cause her to be easily distracted.

Emotions & Temper

Mal is extremely hot-headed and will throw temper tantrums that can quite literally bring down the building she is standing inside if she is not careful. When she is angry she becomes far more reckless and impulsive, and risks ruining her entire villainous plan as a result. Darkwing especially uses this to his advantage when the opportunity presents itself.


Whether she admits it or not, Mal has a soft spot for Negaduck. This does not mean he is safe from her wrath and in fact he has probably been strangled, singed, stomped, and many other painful words starting with the letter 's' far more than anyone else in the Duckverse. But Negaduck often gets away with far more compared to anyone else, and he is well-aware of this fact and uses it to his advantage. He will utilize every dirty tactic in the book in order to bend Mal to his will, although seduction is generally the simplest and most reliable method. He knows exactly how to push her buttons, both figurative and literal. If he's not careful however this can backfire on him very, very painfully. Mal's vulnerability for him will vary depending on her mood and whether he's already pushed his luck.

Other characters can use her affection for the Casanova of Crime against her if they are creative enough. Mal is generally not prone to extreme jealousy or possessiveness over Negaduck because she is well-aware of his promiscuous nature. The only major exception is Morgana due to their arch-rivalry. Other characters may also find themselves in hot water, but usually it is more a matter of Mal feeling disrespected than any genuine concern over who Negaduck cavorts with in his spare time.


Mal's entire downfall was caused by the envious feelings she holds for Morgana and it continues to be the reason she ultimately fails at getting what she wants in life. Many of her prime motivations are based in finding ways to hurt her cousin by taking everything she holds dear (boyfriends, loved ones, sentimental objects, etc). The irony being that if she spent less energy on revenge plots and focused on her own personal happiness, she would achieve all her dreams.

Memorable Quotes

“I am not 'too big' to fit into anything, it's the world that is simply too small!”

- Malicia anytime a foolish retail worker informs her they have nothing in her gargantuan size.


- Malicia, after Negaduck refers to her feet as 'colossal clodhoppers', from Deaf Duck Postscript.

“I won't just send that blood-sucking bitch into the void, I'll make sure Morgana gets dragged in with her! Kill two birds with one stone and other such situation-appropriate idioms.”

- Malicia, in regard to Tanya Spellbinder, from High School Crushed.

“You're like a discount-sale rack of boxed wine, Negaduck. Incredibly enjoyable to consume in the moment, with great consequences the next morning.”

- The one time Malicia actually used a metaphor properly.

Duckverse History


Post-Rektcon (current timeline)

For a more detailed summary see Mal's Post-Rektcon timeline page.



While he would loathe the fact he's even listed in this section, it's undeniable that Negaduck tends to be the most prominent relationship for Malicia. They get on like an orphanage on fire (which might double as romantic ambience for these two). On her own, Malicia can be mean and insufferable, but when she is with Negaduck he brings out the absolute worst in her. They team up occasionally to commit crimes, and would actually qualify as a competent duo… if Negaduck wasn't so greedy and treacherous. Many of their evil plans fall apart even before Darkwing can stop them, because Negs and Mal are constantly sabotaging one another. Sometimes when all the planets align and they both manage to cooperate, they are a deadly force to be reckoned with.

While she would never admit it out loud, Mal is in love with Negaduck and deeply resents him for it. Nobody is quite sure if Negaduck feels the same, including Negaduck himself. What he does know is her feelings can be exploited for his own personal gain. However, he is not immune to Mal's beauty and has fallen captive more than once. They have an alternating power dynamic that shifts based on whoever holds all the cards. Negaduck is naturally the more dominant of the two, but Mal can and will (violently) remind him what happens if he severely disrespects or betrays her.

Their relationship is non-monogamous and for all intents and purposes both avoid any usage of words that would remotely imply anything otherwise exists between them. Even casually referring to them as boyfriend/girlfriend would evoke ire from both, and such terms may as well be curse words from their perspective.

Her own emotional instability combined with his psychopathy guarantees an incredibly toxic, volatile relationship. Both have attempted to murder each other on several occasions, and Negs was successful in doing so during Rektcon. Despite this, they always gravitate back to one another eventually.

In the current Duckverse RP timeline, Mal and Negaduck have lost all memories of their lengthy history together in the previous timeline. Now they occasionally team up to cause chaos, and have maintained a strictly-physical relationship (more commonly referred to as “Partners in Crime with Benefits”).

Morgana Macawber

Morgana and Mal are constantly at odds, due to Mal's insatiable thirst for revenge. Mal serves as an arch-rival who is always around to cause Morgana some level of strife and suffering. They share a similar temperament and intelligence, which was why they were close friends in their younger years. Mal is incredibly envious of Morgana due to the latter's overall success and the fact Morgana is loved and accepted by the Macawber family (which Mal will deny up to her last dying breath). Morgana is everything Mal is not, and she is forever tormented by this truth.

Mal's prime motivation often surrounds the many ways she can hurt Morgana. While her criminal career does not hinge entirely on Morgana's existence, she is guilty of funneling too much of her free energy into new schemes for making Morgana's life difficult. She is mostly regarded as a nuisance, but on occasion she will prove herself to be a serious threat.

In the current duckverse timeline, Mal agreed to join forces with Morgana (or rather, imposed herself upon Morgana) in order to defeat their mutual enemy, Tanya Spellbinder. This turned out to be a ruse and instead Mal savagely jammed a knife into Morgana's back, officially downgrading herself from 'kind of annoying' to 'total piece of traitorous garbage'. The ramifications of this betrayal remain to be seen.

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