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 Pre Rektcon ​ Pre Rektcon ​
-Tempest was a mule for gangleader, ​Ul+Tempest was a mule for gangleader, ​“Blindside” and Jab and Java Specks. She helped cover packages left for her after dark (by putting it in a statue or vase, or a picture frame) and delivering the package to its next handler. After she lost a delivery in Audubon Bay, she rented diving equipment and attempted to salvage it on her own, catching the attention of Darkwing Duck and Launchpad McQuack. They helped her salvage the lost statue and discovered a duffle bag full of stolen cash. Tempest answered Darkwing’s questions and revealed that she was a middleman for a smuggling operation and that she had been blackmailed by Jab and Java Specks. Darkwing let her accompany him home to protect her until he could track down and catch the leopard twins. Tempest used her sense of smell to track down part of the smuggling operation, leading to a restaurant the Cheese Gang frequented. Tempest helped Darkwing and Launchpad investigate and catch a few crooks. The rp is incomplete.  
 +Post Rektcon 
 +Sharonna McQuack, a fellow artist, witch, and actor asked Tempest if she could make her own art at Tempest’s shop and have it dried in the kiln. The two artists ended up chatting and meeting up again later to hang out for lunch. ​ Launchpad McQuack (unrelated to Sharonna) dropped in accidentally. ​ Still an ongoing rp. http://​​duckverse/​blog/​view/​97032/​art-we-having-fun-yet ​
 ===== Relationships ===== ===== Relationships =====
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