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Full name: Alexandra Dragora Calandrina

Nickname/Alias: Lexi (Darkwing verse), Alexa (Negaverse)

Occupation: witch

Age: 20

Species: Duck

Gender: Female

Letitia Weyard (Aunt Titia, sister of Lexi’s mother)
Evilene Weyard Calandrina (Mother)
Azkadell Calandrina (Father)
Sergei Calandrina (Uncle, Azkadell’s brother)
Crina Calandrina (Sergei’s wife)
Streghella (Sergei’ and Crina’s daughter)
Petru West (Azadell’s uncle. Lexi’s great uncle)
Naracis (Petru’s wife)
Matilda West (Petru’s daughter, Lexi’s cousin)
Rosolio West (Petru’s son)
Aurel Calandrina (Azkadell’s grandfather)
Sabrina Calandrina (Azkadell’s grandmother)
Comin Calandrina (Aurel’s grandson. Azkadell’s cousin)
Mirela Calandrina (Comin’s wife)
Gabriel (Comin’s infant son)

Empathy, telepathy, teleportation. Can cast spells for offense, defense, and transfiguration

Insecurity, distractions, compassion, spells wear off after twenty four hours unless they have an external power source to act as an energy battery. Can not kill or reanimate the dead. Terrified of thunder and lightning

Additional lines
“A smile a day keeps the blues away!” “How do you say-“ “I’m sorry!”

Alexandra Calandrina

Basic Info

Created by Lupineleigh and LadyHexaKnight in 2012, Lexi is a magical transfer student living in Duckburg with her maternal aunt, Letitia Weyard, next door to Donald Duck’s Grandma Duck. She’s a magic practioner, learning how to heal, transfigure, craft medicial tonics, and discovering her limits and strengths. Adventurous and outgoing, she travels to St. Canard every weekend to visit with friends and hopefully make some new ones… And dodge FOWL’s notice.


Lexi was born in a Transylvanian castle to Evilene Weyard Calandrina and Azkadell Calandrina. Her paternal uncle, Sergei, and his family are currently living in the castle with her parents, helping them with their small menagerie of mythical beasts and assisting in keeping peace with the village of non-magical people living in the valley and woodland.

When she teleports (a learned ability), she appears and disappears in a poof of embers that makes an audible static-like crackle.  She was also born with telepathy, although she is limited by distance and must be within touching distance of the person she wishes to communicate with, or connected through a scrying spell. The only people and creatures she can communicate with over large distances are those she has a very strong magical bond with.  Stones with magical energy and spells stored in them can increase the range and strength of her power.  She can transform objects but she is still learning how to transform herself. She makes mistakes frequently.

Her greatest gift, and curse, was apparent at birth: she's an empath. Lexi easily senses the moods of the people near her, and can feel whatever they are currently feeling.  If someone is wounded, she shares the physical pain of the wound and has to distance herself from the victim in order to feel normal again.  She is learning how to block and control her empath power so that she can function like a normal person without feeling the constant pressure of sharing someone else's feelings. 

Despite her limitations, Lexi is an eternal optimist, and she lives to have fun. She enjoys exploring, trying new things, thrill rides (except for flying brooms. She falls off of those too easily for her taste), and she loves interacting with animals, both normal and magical. 

Her familiar is a large white shape shifting wolf named Flurry. Flurry lives in Swansylvania at the family castle shared by the Calandrinas and De Spells.  Flurry is supposed to guard the castle from intruders but when family members plan on teleporting to the states, Flurry sometimes sneaks into the teleportation aura to accompany them.  This is dangerous for her and for the ones casting the spell as the energy drain could cause the pair to arrive in the wrong location, but it does not deter the wolf from visiting her bedt friend.

Alternate Versions

Darkwarrior Future:

Lexi was summoned to her cousin Poe's side when the raven started to croak for the last time.  She helped her family transform him into a dragon to preserve his life until he could be changed back into a human, but the spell caused him to lose his memory and the dragon fought the family, injuring Lexi. She became ill and her family kept her isolated until she recovered months later.  When she realized she had not heard from Elliot in all that time, she returned to St. Canard…only to find SHUSH had been reduced to ashes and no agents were left.  She searched for Elliot but eventually gave up with a broken heart and returned to her family home, where she became a professor in Eldritch Academy.  She returned to St. Canard on the anniversary of the day she lost Elliot, and found him. She also heard what Darkwarrior had done to the city. She will agree to help the rebellion stage an attack on Darkwarrior's fortress and help rescue his prisoners while protecting her allies.


Like many doubles in the dark-themed, rundown version of Negaduck’s St. Canard, Alexandra’s doppelgänger, “Alexa”, is edgier, bolder, and darker than Lexi would ever dare to be. On the surface, Alexa appears to be a daredevil, bantering, flirting, sparring, and pushing her own limits for adrenaline, self defense, or occasional petty revenge. She does have a moral code, though, and like her alternate version, she is an empath. She will not kill, steal, or maim for revenge (but she might turn a blindeye toward violence if she thinks the perpetrator deserved it).

Alexa arrived at St. Canard around the same time as her double did in the other world, but Alexa fled to Calisota to escape from her abusive family and the bounty hunters they set on her tail. St. Canard’s polluted atmosphere, dark aura, and the presence of other magical beings, allowed her to take refuge from the bounty hunters. Eventually she will seek out the city’s ruler to see if she can set up an apothecary near town, with whatever goods he might demand from her. With the most feared leader as her ally, she hopes she can keep herself safe from both the locals and the hunters until she comes up with a better plan.

Doubloon Pirate Verse

Like Alexa from the Negaverse, Doubloonverse Alexa set out on her own to run a shop in a decent sized port town. Unlike her alternate, she had family support and encouragement, but the lively witch desired a greater challenge than menial labor as a farm maid or a wife. She set out on her own and built up an accord with the townspeople as a midwife, animal husbandry helper, a good planter, a beer brewer, and, most impressive of all, a healer. The young maiden only charged for resources, accepting other forms of payment such as food, plants, cloth, etc. when the families lacked silver to pay her with.

Unfortunately, a lone maiden living on the woods’ edge, brewing in a cauldron and coming up with cures most other (admittedly primeval) methods could not come close to, got the attention of some unsavory characters. A man wounded in a drunken brawl came to her for healing, and tried to cheat her out of her coinage by seducing her. She threw him out so he rallied the other townsmen, saying she stole his money and knifed him herself when he refused to be seduced by her, and got her arrested for witchcraft. Her trial was rigged and she was scheduled for execution. Although it has not occurred on Duckverse yet, the day of her execution will coincide with the day some pirates are in town to pick up supplies. And when that happens, Alexa may reveal what she is truly capable of.


Easily excited and startled, Lexi is a hyper sensitive person thanks to her empathy. She feels extreme all-over, warm, bubbly joy when she or others around her are happy, and she feels weighed down and sluggish when others are depressed. She can feel the pain another person experiences and she will do her best to avoid frightening, angering, or saddening others. She wears a tear-shaped black opal pendant that helps absorb and deflect the negative energy around her to help her feel “normal” enough to enjoy her own life without sharing the burdens of people around her. That freedom from constant emotional drains lets her naturally bubbly, happy, curious personality shine, but if she takes the pendant off, she is quickly overwhelmed. She’s eager to explore the big beautiful world around her and learn about people everywhere.

The alternate universe Alexas are also interested in exploring and learning about plants and animals, but they are more wary of strangers than Lexi is.

Duckverse History

It’s Magic

Lexi meets Agent Elliot Hudson and friendship blooms.

Spying spells

Lexi senses she’s being stalked and confronts her stalker. He (Agent William Connor) turns out to be a really nice guy!

Shy Of The Storm

Lexi tries to help SHUSH and elders from Eldritch Academy awaken Azathoth’s victims

Chasing The Nightlife (Harmonizer meets Lexi)

Harmonizer and Darkwing Duck both hear a wolf howling in St. Canard. Following the speedy canine leads to a conflict of interests and a new friendship.

Open House (Spoopy Skeleducks)

Sans and Papyrus invited Lexi, Ariana McCawber, Rebarka Sterling and anyone else to join them for a party. With…crawling spaghetti and Quackerjack and Black Arts Beagle as guests?

Dangerous Waters

Lexi is targeted by FOWL for a experiment and framed for murder. Lexi goes to Private Investigator Drake Mallard for assistance, befriending his daughter NegaGosalyn, before she is lured out into the open by FOWL Agent George Route. Chaos ensues.

The Wrong Side Of The Pool (possibly no longer canon)

Lexi meets a hero from another world while grieving over what happened in “Dangerous Waters.”

Wall Posts following “Dangerous Waters”
Where Were You When I Died Inside

Sequel to “Dangerous Waters,” Lexi needs to ask Elliot Hudson for a favor and broken hearts ensue.

Parry and Trust

Harmonizer meets Lexi’s family in Transylvania and sees a plethora of magical creatures, family trials, a feast, and a battle with a god.

At The Fancy Dress Ball

Papyrus and Sans take Lexi and Ariana to a charity ball

Make My Day Magical

Lexi takes Elliot to visit her family castle

Hatus Pocus

Lexi, Ariana, and Gemini become unwittingly by three witch sisters who are trying to bring themselves back to life.


Agent Elliot Hudson

Officially the first person Lexi met when she visited St. Canard, she saved the young SHUSH agent from a reckless driver and was invited to join him for dinner. The two enjoyed conversing so much, they kept agreeing to see each other for more and more activities. Elliot understands Lexi’s extreme emotions better than any other Normal she’s met, and that has formed a bond between them that nothing else can compare to.


Lexi’s second official St. Canard friend. Harmonizer found Lexi’s wolf familiar running through St. Canard, creating havoc and cornered and defended Flurry from Darkwing Duck. After Lexi located Flurry and Harmonizer, the two started chatting. Eventually Harmonizer mentioned a friend she wanted to help and she introduced Lexi to Reginald Bushroot, one of the Fearsome Five.

Reginald Bushroot

After Harmonizer introduced them, Lexi agreed to help Bushroot blend in with society by enchanting a small stone with a disguise spell. When activated by words, the spell makes him look like a normal person: his hair petals are cloaked with brown hair, his skin is cloaked with white feathers, and his lower half looks normal. He can still use his powers and feed on sunlight, but the spell must be refreshed every three hours to keep up appearances. Harmonizer was certain Bushroot would lose his villainous tendencies and reform now that he can enjoy going shopping and doing other normal activities like going to a movie or restaurant without being recognized and persecuted, but greed does funny things to a mutated mind. Bushroot would defend Lexi and Harmonizer with his life, but what they don’t know about won’t hurt them, right?

Sans and Papyrus Skeleducks

Distant cousins and childhood friends

Quiverwing Duck (aka Drake Mallard P.I.)

When Lexi was framed for murder, she was referred to Drake for help. After she was lured out into theopen and kidnapped along with NegaGosalyn, by FOWL, Quiverwing tracked them down and helped them escape.

Agent William Connor

Lexi’s second SHUSH friend. Connor was originally sent to spy on her after SHUSH detected her magic aura. After she confronted him, Connor came clean about his work and quickly befriended her. He talked her into getting a cell phone and took her on a few dates before he realized Elliot had a crush on her. He still stays in touch with Lexi.

Amelia Hartshell

A FOWL Eggwoman who was in charge of guarding NegaGosalyn while Lexi was being tortured by FOWL scientist, Dr. Harper, Amy decided she’d had more than she could stomach and agreed to help Gosalyn shut down the base so that Lexi would have a chance to escape. She further assisted in the rescue of two other hostages and stayed at the hospital while Lexi recovered from her ordeal.

NegaGosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

Aninstant friend and care-giver, NegaGosalyn had compassion on Lexi the moment the bedraggled witch came through Drake Mallard P.I.’s door. She followed Lexi to the cafe FOWL had lured her to and tried to help Lexi escape. She was crucial to changing the outcome of what happened in “Dangerous Waters” and Lexi sees her as a dear friend.

Agent George Route

The FOWL agent who plotted Lexi’s capture and the demise of a St. Canard politcian who hated witches and wizards, framimg Lexi for Dulltail’s murder. Route was shocked when Lexi tracked him down to free Dulltail’s son and wife. Quiverwing Duck broke his arm.

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