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Full name: Amelia Hartshell

Nickname/Alias: Amy

Occupation: FOWL Eggwoman (dependent on rp timeline), SHUSH ally

Species: Duck

Gender: Female

Family member #1

None. Knows how to shoot guns and hula dance. That’s about it.

Hurt kids
Good drink mixers

Cute guys


Agent Amy Hartshell

Basic Info

A fleshed out version of the brunette FOWL Eggwoman seen filing Steelbeak’s nails in an episode of Darkwing Duck. In a Duckverse rp, she was persuaded by NegaGosalyn to help her escape and shut down a remote FOWL base. Amy hid the kid in the woods until Quiverwing Duck and Lexi Calandrina (FOWL’s then target) found them, defending NegaGosalyn until Quiverwing identitied himself, and agreeing to go with the hero, witch, and kid when they teleported to free more FOWL hostages. Amy surrendered to SHUSH Agent William Connor and went out on a date with him after the case.

NegaAmy Hartshell is a member of NegaFOWL, an organization devoted to combatting NegaSHUSH (in rps) and helping victims recover from city-wide destruction in St. Canard and other areas of the Negaverse. NegaAmy is a weapons and combat specialist and works with her partner, Agent Randal Lapin (OC) and Special Agent (and former double agent) NegaKevion Anca. NegaAmy debutted on Duckverse when she helped NegaMcDuck grandnephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck, settle in after Scrooge McDuck Prime fell into the Negaverse and was used by NegaFOWL to remove the triplets from their uncle Donald’s property.


Amy was a high school dropout, looking for something better in life than bagging groceries, when she first saw a FOWL robbery in progress. She spied on them out of curiosity and was discovered and presented to Chief Agent Steelbeak. (May be modified if rped later.) She needed cash and she’s always had a thirst for adventure so she agreed to join FOWL. She was taught how to defend herself and how to distract enemy agents and persuaded to use her physical appeal to break up tension amongst the Eggmen when fights broke out. She enjoyed playing darts and volleyball, and clubbing with her colleagues and lived in an apartment near Steelbeak’s.


Darkwing verse Amy is cautious, a little callous toward the poor and toward local law enforcement, and prefers to blend in with the crowd. She tends to have a sour outlook on life in general, but she gets by without complaint. Once drawn out of her shell, she’s sassy, witty, and appreciative of whatever niceties her companion is willing to share with her.

Negaverse Amy is outgoing, jovial, snarky, sassy, and confident in her skills and physique. She enjoys bantering with and teasing her partner Randal Lapin, and is quick on the draw when danger looms.

Duckverse History

Archived RPs

Dangerous Waters

Eggwoman Hartshell has second thoughts about working for FOWL when Agent Route traps a young witch (Alexandra Calandrina) and a child (NegaGosalyn) for a FOWL experiment. Dangerous Waters

Sailin Smiles

SHUSH Agent Connor takes Amy out on a classy date that gets crashed by the Liquidator. Sailing Smiles

Cleaning Up FOWL Leaks

Agent Route sends an assasin after his former employee to take revenge, but Esmerelda has other plans… Cleaning Up FOWL Leaks

Last Third Winter Night’s Dream

Cupid’s arrows miss their intended target, and many St Canardians have a bad bout of lovesickness. Including Amy’s former boss, FOWL Chief Agent Steelbeak.

Negaverse Version

A Negaverse Welcome

After Scrooge McDuck falls into the Negaverse, NegaGosalyn, the Friendly Four and Harmonizer, and FOWL try to help him stay out of trouble with the Muddlefoots and Negaversians of his family. NegaFOWL Agent Hartshell is one of the characters who helps NegaHuey, Dewey, and Louie unlock their memories of Della, and witnesses the wrath of NegaGladstone Gander. An Negaverse Welcome


Agent William Connor

Friend, mentor. Possible future romantic interest.

Quiverwing Duck

Thinks he’s a hotter and more professional hero than Darkwing. Amy knows he is NegaGosalyn’s guardian and that he can help her in matters of the law. Whether she knows his real identity or not has not been explored in an rp yet.

Chief Agent Steelbeak

Former boss. She did as she was told without question. She was not particularly fond of him. Still hears his voice in her nightmares.

NegaFOWL Agent Randal Lapin

Negaverse Amy’s best friend, right hand man, and sports competitor.

Agent George Route

Negaverse Agent Route is a close friend and compatriot. Darkwing verse Agent Route has had little interaction with Amy and used to see her as a disposable patsy or a resource to use to placate and manipulate FOWL’s Eggman. After Amy pulled a gun on him and helped Quiverwing Duck detain him (see “Dangerous Waters”, Route formed a grudge against her and hired an assasin to torture and kill her for betraying FOWL (see “Cleaning Up FOWL Leaks”).

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