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 +[{{ :​tutorial:​tutorialblankimage.png?​200|  ​
 +**Full name:** Elliot Hudson<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Nickname/​Alias:​** Agent Hudson, El, Carrots (Harmonizer only)<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Occupation:​** SHUSH pilot/​agent<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Age:** Early 20s<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Species:​** Duck<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Gender:** Male<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Family:** <​pagebreak>​
 +Unnamed Mother (deceased)<​pagebreak>​
 +Unnamed Father (estranged)<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Weaknesses:​** <​pagebreak>​
 +Include list of weaknesses<​pagebreak>​
 +Note that all characters should have a weakness of some sort!<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Additional lines** <​pagebreak>​
 +Copy-paste this to add additional lines of information<​pagebreak>​
 +Or delete these to remove information<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +====== Elliot Hudson ======
 +===== Basic Info =====
 +A brief introduction of your character. Who are they? What role do they play in the Duckverse?
 +===== Background =====
 +A more detailed backstory. Can include as little or as much information as you'd like.
 +===== Personality =====
 +Can discuss your character'​s personality. What makes them happy? Sad? Psychological profile?
 +===== Duckverse History =====
 +A brief history of what has happened with your character in the roleplay so far. 
 +Depending on how long you've been playing this character, the history could be incredibly brief or incredibly detailed.
 +For example, [[:​characters:​oc:​malicia#​duckverse_history|Malicia has an entire set of pages dedicated to her timeline]]. ​
 +If your history is excessively long, please create a separate page for key events. [[:​tutorial#​option_2create_a_page_from_scratch|Follow the create a page from scratch guidelines]] ​
 +and make sure the address is linked to your oc's profile. ​
 +[[:​characters:​oc:​malicia:​prerecktcon|Here is an example of an extended history]]. ​
 +Note the address is oc/​**malicia** /​prerektcon. Creating the page with your character'​s name beforehand ​
 +will ensure it is categorized properly.
 +===== Relationships =====
 +== Lexi Calendrina ==
 +Lexi is Elliot'​s closest friend in Calisota, and the only woman the commitment-phobic pilot would ever consider settling down with. Elliot cares about the witch deeply, and is highly protective of her.  However, due to insecurity stemming from past trauma, Elliot is reluctant to take things farther than friendship, despite his growing feelings. Because of this, they are currently stuck at "​more-than-friends-but-not-quite-a-couple."​
 +== Zachary Morgan ==
 +Currently residing in London, SHUSH UK agent and chopper pilot Zachary Morgan is Elliot'​s best friend. They are extremely close, and see each other as brothers. Zachary was the first friend Elliot had made working at SHUSH, and the friend he's had the longest. Elliot helps Zachary to come out of his shell, while Zachary acts as Elliot'​s voice of reason. (Not actively played on DV.)
 +== James Wolfe ==
 +SHUSH UK elite agent and Elliot'​s superior, who transferred to Central alongside him. James reminds Elliot of his father, which is most assuredly not a good thing. The two butt heads constantly, and James is often disciplining Elliot for one thing or another.
 +== J. Gander Hooter ==
 +Elliot sees SHUSH'​s director as a sort of grandfather-figure. Hooter was directly responsible for inspiring Elliot to turn his life around in a dark time.  Elliot deeply respects and cares for him, and will protect him with his life.
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