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Full name: Agent Carol Torres

Carrie, Agent Mom
SHUSH Agent (Resource Manager)
Rough Collie
Caitlyn Mills (Mother. A singer, actress, and worrier.)
Jeff Torres (Father. Former Police Lieutenant in Shepherdstown, Montana. Now a nursing home resident and dementia patient.)
Laurel Mills (grandmother. Hand artisan. Lives in Virginia so she rarely sees her family.)
Shepherdstown Mafia in the Negaverse (comprised of eleven siblings Darkwing Verse Carol never had.)
Diana Torres (Aunt, doesn’t have much to do with the family in either verse)

Speed reading, memorization and memory retrieval, smell analyzing, compassion

Compassion, compromising her morals, injustice, tendency to speak her mind instead of hiding her opinion (gets her into enormous trouble with her superior Agent James Wolfe)

Additional lines
“Yes, Sir. I’ll get right on that.”

“With all due respect, Sir, I disagree!”

Agent Carol Torres

Basic Info

Formerly an archivist for SHUSH, Carol has moved up to Resource Management. She’s in charge of keeping each office stocked with forms, printing new forms, using the fax machine when faxing is safer or more stable than sending data over the internet, organizing case file forms, and keeping everything neat and easily retrieved. She’s added on to her duty data entry, typing or scanning files into the SHUSH database and cross-referencing files between agents on the same case to compose a summary based on each perspective. Because of her work in the archives, she’s memorized several cold cases and sometimes makes connections between old and new cases. She has access to the evidence locker but she rarely uses it. Most of her work comprises of picking up amd delivering case files or new forms to fellow agents.

In addition to SHUSH, other characters might see Carol at the nursing home, trying connect emotionally with her sick father, and cheer up her mother and other patrons and employees. Carol enjoys jogging, swimming, and practicing her combat skills on the SHUSH training course and singing in karaoke bars (which she is very good at. She could work as a professional singer but her heart is in her work with SHUSH.). She spends most of her weekends baking so that she can share a few cookies and meal bars with her parents and SHUSH colleagues.

Background (Darkwing verse)

Darkwingverse Carol is the single child of Jeff Torres, a police man, and Caitlyn Mills, a Broadway-style actress and church music leader. Jeff was tough on Carol, while Caitlyn made sure their daughter was surrounded with love and encouragment. Nothing could separate the three of them except death, and even with Jeff at Death's door from cancer and his memory fading from dementia, the trio is still very close and caring.

Carol never bought any yarn. All of the crochet and knitting supplies she has were from her grandmothers. She did not spend much time with her grandparents because her grandparents on her father’s side were old fashioned. They were disappointed that Carol was born a girl and could not “carry on the family name.” So they did not have much to do with her. They were nice enough. That grandmother sent Carol crocheted boxes, ornaments, Christmas stocking, and a quilt and jewelry box, and her grandfather set up a savings trust fund for Carol when she was born. But although they cared in their own way, they just never connected with her. The grandfather passed away when she was very young. The grandmother was senile when she passed away, not long after Carol’s dad was admitted to a nursing home. Carol got all of that grandmother’s crafting things, while everything else was sold.

Carol’s maternal grandmother lives on the opposite side of the country and rarely gets to see her, but she, too, has crafty things to share, which she mails to Carol for Christmas.

So whatever Carol makes, it’s with a combination of yarns or thread and fabric from her two grandmothers.

Carol was not very interested in cooking when she was young, but her parents kept encouraging her to try. She was very proud when she finally succeeded in baking a birthday cake for her father, and he was very happy for her. The impression stuck with her and she kept working on learning more about cooking and baking especially.

Now she makes desserts, snacks, meal bars, etc, to try to coax her mentally disabled father to eat. and shares the extras with his nursing home and her colleagues SHUSH. She tries almost every recipe she can find, hoping to find something that will spark Jeff Torres’ interest and appetite. Unfortunately, his dementia makes him unpredictable, and the things he likes one day may be pitched onto the floor the next day in a temper.

Carol has not given up baking extras because cooking is a form of stress relief for her, and it’s a way for her reach out to others. When she first moved to St. Canard after quitting her job in the Shepherdstown Police Department, she was penniless while the bank worked on transferring her address information. Carol tried to get by with the supplies she’d brought from her previous address, but she was struggling to keep her concentration during her first days at SHUSH. While visiting the breakroom to warm up water for tea, she noticed some ramen soup in the cupboard. She asked Deborah Striem, the secretary, who the soup belonged to, and Deborah told her it was there for anyone to use, just in case. Carol was grateful to have a warm meal and promised herself she’d return the favor when she was able. Every day, while she waited for her paycheck, she found enough to scrounge in the cupboards at SHUSH to keep herself going and she was able to focus on her work (which at the time was organizing the data archives). After Carol got her finances in order, she promptly put a whole carton of ramen in the cupboard, and she started leaving cookies and meal replacement bars she had baked. Eventually other agents started to notice the fresh homemade goodies, causing some problems with employees and associates who expected to find food every time they went to work. Carol had to learn to stop obsessing about providing for everyone at SHUSH and accept that, if someone has a need, they will come to her and ask and she has the right to say no if her time or resources are stretched thin. She does not have to keep the cupboard full for all SHUSH employees.

Background (Alternate Universes)

Darkwarrior timeline or Alternate Universe

Carol is one of the few SHUSH agents still living a “normal life”. She is married to Ex SHUSH Agent Dimitri Von Dran (source page) and has traveled around the world with him. She has considered having a spell placed on her to allow her to have a child so that Dimitri will not be alone when she passes.

Darkwing Doubloon Alternate Universe

Carol Torres is a peasant working on her family farm, . She sells cloth she spins herself from her sheep, milk, wheat, jams and jellies, and she mends clothes for a price.


(*Warning:* Violence, child abuse, and other Mature topics included. Reader discretion advised.

The middle child out of multiple litters from various partners, Carol had neither the authority to speak up against her older siblings, nor the respect of her younger siblings. She was driven into slave labor, forced to cook and clean up after the household with the rest of her siblings. They all worked together to tend to the yard and house and cars. There wasn't anything the Mills Pack could not do, and the patrons of the pack, Dan and Lia, keep the finances in order. They took care of their mother when she came home from work at the bar, and they readily took in whatever kids she had, training them to become the newest mafia in the Negaverse.

NegaCarol would have tolerated it all, but the arguments and aggession that broke out when she failed in one of her duties were extremely stressful and painful. She tried running away when she was a teenager, and her family hunted her down, cornered her in an alley, beat her with chains, bound her, threw her in the trunk of the family car, and took her to the warehouse they kept their weapons and trade goods. Dan, Lia, and Jock interrogated her, asking her where she would go and what she would do without their help. They struck her several times, reducing her to a frightened whimpering pup. They left her alone in the warehouse overnight, chained to a dangling chair, and taunted her with food and drink the next morning. When they finally released her, Dan told Carol her misdemeanor would be forgiven if she took on more chores. Carol did as she was told.

Her brother Carl got in bed with her that night and comforted her, reassuring her all would be well again, and for a time things were good. Her siblings taught her how to shoot guns and arrows, and how to hot wire a car, and balance a checkbook. Then their mother had a new set of pups. Nobody wanted to care for collicky infants, so Carol suggested they take turns spending the night to care for the babies. Carol was told to hush up and go change diapers.

The stress grew over time, escalating when the twins were old enough to toddle around and get into trouble. Carol snuck out again to get a break from the verbal and emotional abuse as temoers ran high, and once again her siblings chased her and captured her. Her brother Dan strung a rope around Carol's neck, looped it over the tree in front of the house, and tied it to the back of the car, usung the car to lift Carol off her feet and hang her. They struck her and taunted her again before freeing her and sending her to her room to “think things over.”

Carl came in to comfort her, massaging her sore neck. But he did not stop there… He tried to take off her clothes to “examine her injuries.“ Carol refused him and said she just wanted to sleep. He let her sleep, but he awoke her the next morning by climbing on top of her. Carol fought back tooth and nail. The rest of their siblings came in just as Carol threw Carl into the wall, knocking him out. Her siblings were enraged and threw her down the stairs and dragged her out into the yard for public abuse. Lia threw their three year old sister out the second story window, telling Carol that if the girl survived, they'd ease off Carol's punishment for hurting Carl. If Sophie died, they would torture Carol further.

Little Sophie Mills lived but the pup incurred several broken bones. Carol was harnessed with the difficult task of caring for the hurt toddler while she herself recovered from her wounds. It was a long gruelling process but things calmed down for a while and the abuse seemed to be over.

But then their mother came home cussing and chain smoking. Carol asked her not to smoke in front of the pups. Caitlyn Mills struck her for “mouthing off”. Carol retreated to the yard with the pups, playing woth the, and hoping everything would calm down insode after her mom got drunk and dozed off… However Ben, the youngest, wandered off and climbed a tree while Carol was tending to his twin. Carol lost track of Ben and had to enlist her family's help in finding him… And the playful toddler fell out of the tree when he waved to say hi.

The family rushed to take care of Ben, but Carol suspected that more abuse was headed her way soon. She dropped everything and fled, hiding under a bridge and sleeping in dumpsters for a week to avoid being found.

There was one positive light in her life though. NegaCarol found her father, Jeff Torres, through DNA testing and researching municipal records. She called him and was surprised when Jeff welcomed her with open arms. She moved in with him and eventually trusted him enough to share the details about her family. Jeff was horrified and immediately started planning on rescue operation for her youngest siblings. He said he had contacts he call in for reinforcement and he gave Carol his gun.

Sadly before Jeff could start his plan, chaos befall the Negaverse and many buildings were set ablaze. Carol fled and hid on the streets, living day to day as a pick pocket ajd beggar. Then she woke up to a gunfight and saw FOWL and SHUSH engaged in battle one street down from her cardboard box home.

Carol watched until the battle ended and went up to tend to one of fhe downed agents. A NegaSHUSH agent, Gerald Baber, caught her and questioned her. She fought him off and snarked that she had just been after his gun. Impressed by her quick movements, he invited her to join the organization.


Usually calm, warm, and friendly, Darkwing verse Carol prefers to analyze problems before taking action. She can be a worrier and obsess lver taking care of the physical and emotional needs of fellow agents, family and friends, but when it comes to performing in a crisis, she’s all business. Very little will throw her off the trail when she sets her mind to pursuing justice, even if her idea of justice differs from her SHUSH colleagues. Her morality is Lawful Good and she will make sacrifices for the good of the many over the good of the few, but if she thinks she’s made a mistake, guilt will tear her up after the dust settles. She’s the type who has to Revere something. Losing her faith in the Shepherdstown Police Department made her lose faith and confidence in herself, and she would suffer from a similar emotional breakdown if her faith in SHUSH as a lawful organization is shaken.

Duckverse History

Cursed Or Blessed

During the night of the blood moon, Carol overhears Agent Dimitri Von Dran struggling to control his cravings while Agent Trevor Mallard ventures out alone to investigate. Carol goes against protocol by freeing the vampire agent, choosing to take responsibility for his actions in order to possibly save Trevor and civilians from a grizzly fate.

Walking The Fence (Darkwarrior Alternate Universe Doomsday rp)

SHUSH has been oblierated and the remaining agents are presumed dead or are in hiding. Ex Agent Elliot Hudson stumbles upon former colleagues Carol, Trevor Mallard and Dimitri Von Dran while rummaging in her garbage. Discussion reveals that all of them are working on plans to overthrow Darkwarrior.

First Impressions with Agent Wolfe
Good Night, Sweet Samaritan

Carol runs into the Back Alley Bushwhacker (from the Darkwing Duck comic “Hero For A Day”), the Cheese Gang, and Harmonizer. Negaduck overhears Harm and Carol chatting while Harm led Carol away from the police and to the hospital and set a devious plan into motion that ruins Harmonizer’s reputation and nearly takes Carol’s career with her!

The Report

Agent James Wolfe visits Carol in the hospital to take her testimony, setting him on Harmonizer’s trail against Carol’s advice.

Pyschiatrist Un-Help

Believing Carol to be mentally unfit to continue her duties at SHUSH because of her “villain sympathizing”, Agent James Wolfe sends Carol to Dr. Moira Rousseau for evaluation. Things go better than Carol expected.

Friendship R SHUSH

While recovering from injury, Quiverwing meets another Darkwing Double, Posiduck, along with Agent Elliot Hudson, while Elliot, NegaGosalyn, Carol and Dr. Mallard are chatting in the break room. Brief cameo from Agent Kevion Anca as well.

Explosive Temper: The Fall Of SHUSH

Hynoptized Harmonizer uses her powers to destroy SHUSH and it takes Hooter’ and Carol’s knowledge of her past to stop her, and restore her faith in herself. Carol offers to take her in under “house arrest” as her warden, and guest, before they leave to help stop Negaduck from destroying the city again.

Go Set A Watchdog
The Point of Music

Carol helps Harmonizer and Quiverwing Duck recover after they escape the maze of the “Minotaur”.

Old Wall Posts:
Viva Paris

After Harmonizer shared invititations and plane tickets to a concert in Paris, Carol meets two Drake Mallards (Quiverwing Duck and Darkwing Duck), NegaGosalyn, and Gladstone Gander with Reginald Bushroot along for the ride. It’s a trip of a lifetime and the adventure (and danger) have barely begun!

Spy My Regards

A casual grocery run turns into a wild goose chase when Carol recognizes a FOWL agent in public and follows him home. Characters: Cornelius Tex, Carol Torres, Kevion Anca, other ocs.

The Devil You Know
A Sticky End

Carol, Harmonizer, Agent Elliot Hudson, and others are on the case when random redheads are found dead in the city…

Wire posts
Grave Digging

In the Negaverse, a defecting SHUSH agent faces death and persecution. So when NegaCarol meets FOWL agent NegaSteelbeak while she is burying one of his dead comrades, she isn’t sure what to make of him. Or the grim reaper who comes to collect the soul she was burying…

Lost In Spy-slation

Carol, Feliciana, etc find out James Wolfe is not as alone in the world as he seems.


Agent Dimitri Von Dran

Originally just a fellow SHUSH agent Carol had compassion for. Once she gets to know him, she’ll be protective and doting toward him.


A rogue hero who came to Carol’s rescue while she was in a gunfight. Harmonizer took Carol to the hospital for treatment and started to get to know her, but a plot from Negaduck spoiled their friendship for months. Later, Carol tried to call Harmonizer off from attacking SHUSH when Negaduck hypnotized Harmonizer. When Harm came to her senses and surrendered, Carol bargained with Director Hooter to place Harmonizer under house arrest in Carol’s two bedroom apartment. Their relationship is slowing growing from warden and inmate to friends.

Agent James Wolfe

A thorn in Carol’s side and constant reminder of the authoritarian legality she thought she had left beind when she left the police department. Carol does respect James as a SHUSH agent but his interpersonal skills and attitude toward her and her friends could use work. She’s one of the few SHUSH agents who is aware that he has a younger sister.

Darkwing Duck

Like most SHUSH agents, Carol respects the hero’s reputation, and most of all, J. Gander’s faith in the hero. She’s seen Darkwing both as a vainglorious, territorial ego maniac, and she’s seen him in vulnerable moments, such as when he was protecting Gosalyn in a fight with his alternate future self Darkwarrior, and when he visited a psychiatrist. She’s seen how he treats his friends, both. She keeps a professional distance from him but she’ll encourage him with a cookie and a kind word if she sees him in the hall. Regardless of how Gryzlikoff views him, and how much paperwork and thrown-out evidence Darkwing’s chaotic crime busting costs Carol in her work, she appreciates his pluckiness and heart. Carol also knows Darkwing’s real name, due to her affliation with Dr. Drake Mallard (Posiduck) and Quiverwing Duck (P.I. Drake Kent Mallard). She can tell that Gosalyn/Quiverwing Quack is more to Darkwing than just the president of Darkwing Duck’s fan club, but she guards that secret carefully.


Carol is cautiously optimistic that the convict can be reformed, and possibly be positively employed if he has someone he cares about around to keep him accountable. As long as he’s under Negaduck’s authority, he’s an enemy, but when he helps rescue Harmonizer out of sticky situations, Carol develops an accord with him.

Gladstone Gander

Duckburg’s luckiest citizen was one of the passengers on a trip to Paris who helped distract plane hijackers and paparazzi. Carol likes his charm and is very puzzled by his luck.

Quiverwing Duck

Carol officially met the somber alternate version of Darkwing when Harmonizer brought him in through Carol’s apartment window to fix his wounds. Carol helped connect him with SHUSH so that he could set up his alias, and acquire his det3ctive license, driver’s license, SHUSH license, home, etc. She met him again with his adopted daughter and Darkwing Duck and Gladstone when they all traveled as Harmonizer’s guests to Paris. She knows both of his identities and she is aware that he is a Darkwing Duck double.

NegaGosalyn Waddlemeyer

A cheerful little girl from another dimension who instantly likes everyone, NegaGosalyn quickly charmed Carol with her kindness and politeness. Come Christmas time, they could easily fill the office with homemade, hand decorated sweets.

Lexi Calandrina

Carol first became aware of the witch when she saw lab reports about a surge in magical energy around St. Canard. She did not personally meet Lexi until Harmonizer and Agent Connore had already befriended the young woman. Lexi’s willingness to drop anything to help her friends, and her clever solution for helping Bushroot feel safe to go out in public, earned her Csrol’s high regard. When someone goes missing without a trace, Carol calls Lexi for aid in the search.


Carol Prime thankfully has not had any personal brushes with him yet, but Csrol’s father stood guard over the body of a fallen comrade and refused to let the ME, or Death, take the young cop away. He saw the soul leave the body and caught a glimpse of Death before they both left the morgue. Carol’s father has reflected on that day privately many times. NegaCarol met Death’s younger son, NegaVictor Screech while she was burying a FOWL agent in the woods. NegaCarol made enough of an impression on Death’s son that Death himself will eventually come to meet her.

Agent William Connor

Carol sees the cheerful Beagle as an almost ideal agent: competent, kind, good at following his instincts and his nose, full of joy in life, and eager to learn. Although she keeps a professional distance from the younger man, she sees him as a little brother of sorts, and would gladly help him in any situation.

Victor Screech

NegaCarol was a bit put off by the grim reaper’s barely hidden annoyance when he had to rescue NegaCarol, NegaSteelbeak, and Ms. Darjeeling from a non-corporeal soul monster. However, the vulture’s inate kindness shown through as he helped a lost soul find peace, and helped protect the group.

Agent Elliot Hudson

Another younger agent Csrol looks upon like a little brother, Elliot’s passion for flying and helping people is as infectious as his grin. If only he wasn’t so impulsive and wreckless when he isn’t flying. He’s stood up for and comforted Carol a few times after he overheard Agent Wolfe chastising and belittling her in the hall, but Carol would rather protect the headstrong pilot from the wrath of his superior than be protected by him.


A psychologist at SHUSH who’s been stranded from his own dimension somehow, Carol has connected the dots between Dr. Mallard, Darkwing Duck, Quiverwing Duck, and Negaduck. She appreciates Dr. Mallard’s gentle nature and takes his advice seriously. Although she dislikes the smell of his medication, she stands up for him when he is badgered by Agent Wolfe.

Dr. Moira Rousseau

Carol first met Moira when Agent Wolfe scheduled her to see the young psychiatrist for a psyche evaluation after their first confrontation with each other. Carol was frustrated with Wolfe, but she was grateful for the doctor’s clear, unbiased, polite perspective. She respects Moira enough as a psychiatrist to seek her out when she has a question about a case or colleague, and she respects Moira as a person enough to be a nurturer for her when Moira’s confidence is rattled outside of work. She still needs to discuss her Obsessive Compulsism and her anxiety about work, but for now Carol is keepinga polite social distance.

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