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 ===== Duckverse History ===== ===== Duckverse History =====
-With Agent Jacob Mallard (complete) 
 +(Complete) Manes and Brawn
 +Agent Jacob Mallard invites Kevion to join him on a mission to test his mettle. Co Starring Ulysses Blindside Grundhoff. ​
 +[[http://​​duckverse/​blog/​view/​98992/​manes-and-brawn|Manes and Brawn]]
 +(Archive) Spy My Regards
 Brief cameo with Agent Carol Torres Brief cameo with Agent Carol Torres
-http://​​duckverse/​blog/​view/​89282/​spy-my-regards+When Carol spies a known FOWL scientist shopping for groceries, she tails him to his home and finds out one of the neighbors is not what she seems. Co Starring Dr. Cornelius Tex. 
 +[[http://​​duckverse/​blog/​view/​89282/​spy-my-regards|Spy My Regards]]
 +(Retired) How Not To Kill Your Partner
 With Agent Gryzlikoff and Agent Elliot Hudson With Agent Gryzlikoff and Agent Elliot Hudson
-http://​​duckverse/​blog/​view/​95569/​how-to-not-kill-your-partner-101+[[http://​​duckverse/​blog/​view/​95569/​how-to-not-kill-your-partner-101|How Not To Kill Your Partner]] 
 +(Active) Hiss Hiss Pang Pang  
 +Semi sequel to Manes and Brawn.  
 +When one of Blindside’s men turns up dead from a strange substance, Agent Anca sets out to find the murderer and determine if they are friend or foe. Co starring Duck Avenger (Donald Duck) and Panacea. 
 +[[http://​​duckverse/​blog/​view/​116038/​hiss-hiss-pang-pang#​elgg-object-116041|Hiss Hiss Pang Pang]]
 ===== Relationships ===== ===== Relationships =====
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