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Full name: Agent Kevion Anca

Nickname/Alias: Kev

Occupation: SHUSH agent

Age: 31

Species: Lion

Gender: Male


Booze and ladies, but not in the way you’re thinking!
Pride, vanity

Agent Kevion Anca

Basic Info

A tallish African lion (about Launchpad’s height). Well groomed with expensive taste in shoes and cologne, and a taste for adrenaline. He’s a good, obedient agent who prefers to stick to the book but if a situation develops, he’s quick to follow his instincts and take command if need arises. Justice is his first priority, followed by personal pride. Friendship so far has not been an option, but there’s more to the straight-laced agent than grumpiness.

When not working on the never-ending pile of paperwork or following orders on the field, Kevion likes to practice his aim in the gun range, exercise, and go to softball and tennis matches on weekends. He also enjoys visiting night clubs to have a single light drink and people-watch, although he does not mingle much. He can go for days without talking if nobody speaks to him at work.


The Ancas are wealthy socialites descended from a long line of marquis and barons. As such, the only people Kevion interacted with while growing up were snobs, jocks, the academic elite, and white collared business leaders. Although he was taken to many social outings with witheringly harsh social etiquette, the young lion was aloof, preferring to stab his salad with a fish fork and steak knife rather than using the alloted salad fork.

Despite his lack of social finesse, he was a brilliant athlete and a decent student. He was aiming for a career in professional football but one night, he gave up that dream forever and focused on criminology. His parents were baffled until he admitted that one of his teammates had gotten hurt because he and his pals had agreed to participate in a staged street fight to entertain a wealthy crowd. Kevion never admitted that he had lost his temper and savaged the throat of the fighter he’d been paired with, but he never forgot how it felt to lost control, or see the career of a young friend brought to screeching halt because of a stupid drunken choice.

Kevion became so cold, sharp, and distant with other people that his parents gave him an ultimatum: either take up a job that helps people or be ostracized from the family and cut off from his inheritance. SHUSH ended up being his choice, for the job did not require interacting with the pblic as much as being a police officer or fire fighter would, and being a field agent allowed him to use his physical and mental prowess without having to jump through too many bureaucratic loops. On the negative side, he’s stuck behind his desk more than he’d like to be. And isolating himself from his fellow agents and refusing to make friends outside of work has left him admittedly rather lonely. Some day he’ll learn.


Astute, observant, guarded, and a little grumpy. Kevion prefers to avoid chatting unless the conversation has a purpose.

Duckverse History

(Complete) Manes and Brawn Agent Jacob Mallard invites Kevion to join him on a mission to test his mettle. Co Starring Ulysses Blindside Grundhoff. Manes and Brawn

(Archive) Spy My Regards Brief cameo with Agent Carol Torres When Carol spies a known FOWL scientist shopping for groceries, she tails him to his home and finds out one of the neighbors is not what she seems. Co Starring Dr. Cornelius Tex. Spy My Regards

(Retired) How Not To Kill Your Partner With Agent Gryzlikoff and Agent Elliot Hudson How Not To Kill Your Partner

(Active) Hiss Hiss Pang Pang Semi sequel to Manes and Brawn. When one of Blindside’s men turns up dead from a strange substance, Agent Anca sets out to find the murderer and determine if they are friend or foe. Co starring Duck Avenger (Donald Duck) and Panacea. Hiss Hiss Pang Pang


Agent Jacob Mallard

Jacob enlisted Kevion in a case involving a mob boss Kevion had some history with. Kevion respects Jacob as an experienced agent, his possible boss, and a potential off-duty friend and mentor, but he’s not as starry-eyed over Jacob as some of his younger colleagues seem to be.

Agent Carol Torres

Kevion sees the Resource Manager’s approach to making friends at SHUSH as frivolous and a potential liability. Like his colleague Agent James Wolfe, Kevion thinks Carol is too soft hearted to interrogate and capture criminals, and he shares Agent Wolfe’s antagonism over Carol sheltering “criminals” like Harmonizer from Due Process of Law.

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing seems to be a capable crimefighter at times and Kevion is glad that Darkwing is out there taking the hard hits in the name of Justice, however the enormity of the trail of paperwork Darkwing leaves for SHUSH to fill out, on top of their own forms, is enough to give even the most patient of agents a headache when the boisterous crimefighter shows up.

Agent Elliot Hudson

So far, these two have butted heads over everything Kevion says or does. Kevion has no idea what the scrawny pilot’s issue is with him but he tries to be civil by refraining from punching him when he “deserves” it. However in a moment of crisis, both will put aside their differences and work for the greater good.

Ulysses “Blindside” Grundhoff

A former KGB agent and longtime mob boss in the underbelly of St. Canard, Blindside has so far evaded Kevion’s attempts to capture him. The old half-blind bear is laying low for now, but who knows when or where his aresenal of ammunition, his drug cartel, and thugs will show up next, or whether he has his sights set on Jacob and Kevion for revenge…

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