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Full name: WDG-Comic Sans

Nickname/Alias: Sans, sans, SAAAANNNES, lazybones

Occupation: SHUSH supernatural agent, hotdog vendor, Scrooge's sentry

Age: ?

Species: Skeleduck

Gender: Male

Wingdings Gaster(father)†
WDG-Papyrus (brother)
Asgore (godfather)
Toriel (godmother)
Letitia Weyard (aunt twice-removed)
Alexandra Calandrina (cousin twice-removed)
Shoop Da Whoop (his floating skull familiar)

Superpowers: Telekinesis, teleportation, bone attacks, soul judge, Karmic Retribution

Weaknesses: Low health, narcoleptic, lazy, depressed

Additional lines
This Sans is a parody of the original Sans from Undertale, created by Toby Fox. He is created purely for entertainment purposes.

Sans the Skeleduck

Basic Info

Your friendly neighbourhood skeleton pun master.


Hailing from Transylvania where he is born from a series of experiments, Sans is a young skeleton excited to see the world. Or, rather, he is excited to follow his brother around, who is excited to see the world. They have ended up in the chaotic city of St Canard, where it is everything they have dreamed of. Sans alternates between St Canard and Duckburg working on big and small jobs, while his brother works towards his goal of becoming an official superhero.


Sans is a lazy skeleduck who loves cracking puns and jokes, and can be a good friend to turn to for hilarity and fun, and encouragement. He is also fiercely loyal to the people he loves, and would protect them to the very end. However, while he may put on a carefree and cheerful front, he suffers from depression.

Duckverse History

After managing to convince their overprotective father to let them out of the house to explore the world and be independent, the brothers have been doing just that, and are succeeding thus far. Most of the time. Due to lacking social interaction until adulthood, it was a struggle to learn to fit into the world. Fortunately, Sans is a quick learner and was able to pick up many social cues. He had been finding jobs all over the place to support himself and his brother, and, far from being overworked, he is enjoying every single one of those jobs that allowed him to prank, tease or annoy people.

It wasn't long before when he and Papyrus secured a house, decorated with Christmas lights and socks where it was declared “welcome to anyone!”.


Scrooge McDuck

Sans had managed to send shivers down the billionaire's spine upon his first impression, and by doing so, he landed himself a job as Scrooge's sentry.


He admires his brother, and would gladly die for him. While their relationship consists of 50% light squabbling, they care about each other and help each other in different ways. Ppayrus currently has no idea if he should be impressed or not that Sans was so lazy that he managed to find a way get into SHUSH without attending their standard test run.

J. Gander Hooter

It was not difficult to get into the SHUSH program, thanks to Director Hooter. The old owl had been impressed and amused by the skeleduck, and he was able to easily get an agent position shortly after the interview.

Alexandria Calandrina

Aside from Papyrus, Lexi had been one of the very few people around his age that he was able to interact with. He enjoys visiting her and they both share bad puns whenever they can.

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