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Full name: Dr. Drake Mallard

Nickname/Alias: Posiduck

Occupation: Therapist, Singer, Single Parent

Age: Mid to late 30's

Species: Pekin Duck

Gender: Male

PosiGosalyn (Adopted Daughter)
PosiLaunchpad (Friend, Possible Partner)

Chronically ill
Extreme pacifism

Additional Notes:
Posiduck's work as a therapist includes bodywork and positive psychology.
Earned a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD).
Part time singer in a local band. “Posiduck” is his stage name.
An ovo-lacto vegetarian.
Has a pet rock collection.
Possibly a unicorn in a sparkly duck body.
Currently being treated with medical marijuana for a chronic pain disorder.

Duckverse Account Account


This character's biography contains some suggestive themes, including drug use references.

Basic Info

One of Darkwing Duck's doppelgangers, Dr. Drake Mallard also known by the stage name as Posiduck, is a therapist and singer from St. Canard in the Posiverse. He currently has stumbled through a portal that landed him in the Primeverse and currently works as a resident therapist for SHUSH where he helps with agents who have been traumatized by their line of work or having other issues.


As a pacifist, he is against violence and as such took a more peaceful route than his counterpart in the main verse. Posi helps others to seek and have happy fulfilling lives through his therapy work He is a singer in a local band as a side job where he takes on the stage name of Posiduck where they spread their message of happiness, peace, and love through their songs. With his singing career, he donates and takes part in many humanitarian projects.

His worldview and ideals have aided him in a dark period of his life. The drake suffers from a chronic pain disorder that can be debilitating but has chosen to rise above it and not let it completely change his outlook on things. It was partially the reason he has chosen to help others through positive psychology as a therapist.

Posi wishes to one day settle down and have a family of his own.


Posi is an easygoing mellow happy duck. He can be sweet and loving towards those he's smitten with. Instead of an ego like his other counterparts, it's replaced with being an extreme extrovert. His energy and enthusiasm about things can quickly wear people thin to the point of annoyance. He enjoys helping people whenever they need it as he's concerned for the welfare of others and can be a source of comfort. He is rarely angry as not much bothers him as he usually shrugs off negativity aimed at him as he doesn't dwell on it long. Although, he sees the positive in everything, he is not blind to the existence of the negative things in life. While for the most part he's happy and content he can grow sad.

Posi is a true pacifist. He's against violence all together and will not resort to it for any reason. Because of this, he won't fight back to protect himself which might end up with him hurt.

He identifies as pansexual and is into free love. His belief is he can choose who he wants as a partner and third parties must respect his choice. He's had several partners in his lifetime.

He has a drinking and smoking habit.

He'll share his ideals of happiness, peace, and love with others.

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