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Full name: Anthony J Crowley

Nickname/Alias: Ashtoreth

Occupation: Demon

Age: Over 6,000 but appears late 40s

Species: Duck

Gender: Non-binary, generally presents as male (he/him) except when he doesn't

Magic (the real kind)

Holy water
Consecrated whatevers

Here Comes the Snake

Duck Omens


Basic Info

Crowley is a demon. He is, however, one of those employees who has been around long enough to know how to work the system. While maintaining his evil-doing reputation is important - for his survival, as much as his pride - he is more interested in long liquid lunches on company time than climbing the snakes n' ladders.

His primary task on Earth has been to outdo the Opposition, represented by the Principality Aziraphale, but since they became friends that hasn't gone quite to plan.


Originally an angel, Crowley fell during the rebellion, although he'll normally play this off as a “saunter vaguely downwards.”

Later in the Garden of Eden, he was the serpent tasked with causing some trouble and did so successfully with the temptation of Eve into eating from the Tree of Knowledge. There he met Aziraphale, who was posted as angel of the Eastern Gate, who gave him shelter despite needling him with questions.

The two ran into each other during assignments on occasion before coming to an Arrangement around the early Middle Ages, lending each other a hand when need be.

Then the Apocalypse was meant to happen, and things got messy. For his part in that, Crowley got into significant hot water with Downstairs, and the terms of his ongoing employment are still to be negotiated.


As an earth-based demon, Crowley is a tall, tan feathered duck with dark reddish hair. He usually wears a black suit, snakeskin boots and designer sunglasses.

He is 100 per cent swagger which might be a result of his stupidly tight pants or the fact that he is still learning how to work these things called limbs. He has a set of large black and rather ragged wings but keeps those tucked out of sight too for the most part.

Like most demons he is, however, a shapeshifter, and can change form and size as required. Including back into a snake. He doesn't like to do it often though, worried he'll forget how to go return to Normal, which isn't unreasonable given how much he drinks.

He speaks with a Scottish but Jaggeresque drawl, managing to keep the hisses to a minimum.

While this character is based 80 per cent off the TV series Good Omens, 15 per cent off the book version and 23 per cent off idiocy made up on the spot, prior knowledge isn't mandatory for interaction. Threads containing spoilers will be marked appropriately.


A bundle of nerves wrapped in a thick coating of calculated nonchalance.


To be expanded but essentially is ridiculously overpowered and can make almost anything happen with a snap of his fingers. Luckily he is too indifferent and too stupid to do much real harm so it mostly balances out.

Duckverse Lore

Adding to Crowley's background has been bad habit so throwbacks to previously never referenced things do occur at random. Such tidbits have included:

  • Crowley has a strong, almost allergic aversion to kale
  • Crowley spurred Henry VIII to destroy Glasney College in the 16th Century because Aziraphale “blew [him] off to attend the birth of some Francisco Suárez someone” [see: Another Fine Mess]
  • Scrooge McDuck might have briefly crossed paths with him in Gumpton and Tra La La [see: Making Cents]
  • He rescued Aziraphale from Hoi An in 1965 after the angel went looking for a tailor in the middle of the Vietnam War [see: Another Fine Mess]
  • Using an army of scam marketers Crowley found the phone number for the Metatron, God's spokesangel, but had his mobile blown up after making one too many prank calls [see: Another Fine Mess/Brie Mine]
  • He has a small but rather obsessive fan club, consisting thus far of one old krone and a scrapbooking Satanist [see: Thots and Prayers]

Duckverse History

After everything went to Hell in a baby basket, Crowley decided to try somewhere new and set for St Canard. Aziraphale followed, bookshop in tow, somewhat cheesed at having been left behind but they reconciled see Another Fine Mess.

Hope that the trip could count for a vacation of sorts were quickly dashed by the realisation that there was a lot of badness happening in the city. A lot of good though, too.


Crowley doesn't generally bother getting to know mortals - they're lucky to get a basic descriptor if anything - but those in the Duckverse have proven rather distinctive. Of course, there are plenty of supernatural entities around too.


Not so much Crowley's direct opposite as his counterpoint, there is one word to describe Aziraphale: annoying. From his righteous pontificating to his habit of blundering naively into trouble, the angel knows exactly how to wind him up. The most irritating part of all, however, is the fact that Crowley would do absolutely anything for him. They are a couple, although as this long awaited development is only recent and has been fraught with trouble*, they are still best described as a couple of idiots.

*The first date was a flaming mare fuelled catastrophe involving bumper cars, puppet shows on Archangels and Aziraphale having to hold a month long time freeze so Crowley could recover from a remote brain melting; the first night Aziraphale stayed over they got summoned to opposing sides in a post-apocalyptic death race. So you know, standard new couple stuff.

Other Allies
  • Lilly Teal: helped repair her shop after an imp-infestation then promptly passed out on her sofa for a week; modified surrounding leylines and a local Satanist's attitude as payback; does not get on with her pet honeybadger for obvious reasons.
  • Gladstone Gander: also met in Lilly's shop, sharing a love of fashion and utter disdain for work.
  • Faustina & Gemma: have helped clean up at least two of his unintentional messes, the first involving disrupting an elder god with a city wide car alarm prank, the second a bug plague. At least they got free wine out of it?
  • Quiverwing Duck: took control of Drake's debt to Beelzebub in order to burn it off on nonsense, mostly pranking other characters.
  • NegaGosalyn: participated in a tea party while trying to determine how the little girl's cuteness was overwhelming Aziraphale, now helping her with a bully problem.
  • Rebarka Sterling: met at a party in London, she became a sort of social media protege.
  • Gyro Gearloose: after insulting Aziraphale on social media, the scientist teleported into Crowley's flat to lecture him with bubble charts, and it all went downhill from there.
  • Darkwing Duck: apparently borrowing the Ratcatcher to deal with an impending crisis was not on.
  • Black Arts Beagle: tried to syphon demonic power until Crowley ran crash into a horde of hoverboarders.
  • Reaper!Feliciana: Death's daughter wanted to accompany him on pranks until one backfired and then it was all his fault.
Other Connections
  • Scrooge McDuck: talked his way into being made a non-executive Director of Scrooge's company only to impersonate him on Rebarka's live radio program (how, they sound nothing alike) as part of his revenge plot against Gyro. He returned all the money out of the bin that had been replaced with peanuts after Scrooge managed to get the deed to his London belongings including the Bentley, so no hard feelings.
  • Malicia Macawber: got on like two demonic peas in a pod until Crowley abandoned her while trying to pull up her file in Hell. Aziraphale yonked her back out so everything is alright, yeah?
  • Mother Goose: eaves dropped on her (literally, fell from the eaves) after the goose broke into Aziraphale's bookshop; naturally they got drunk and set her on a magical crusade through the basement.
  • Death: Crowley had Quiverwing steal Death's favourite mug, only to later shatter it; ranted his way into getting bitchslapped by the Reaper by mistake.
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