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Full name: Aziraphale

Nickname/Alias: A.Z. Fell, Mr. Fell, and to One Particular Being “Angel”

Occupation: Angelic Principality, Part Time Book “Seller”

Age: 6,000 Give or Take a Few Decades, his appearance is middle aged

Species: Duck

Gender: Nonbinary, Presents as Male

Honest to You Know Who Miracles
Sensing Love
Bright Smile
Magic (both real and really bad parlor tricks)

Terrible Liar
Fine Cuisine
Soft Hearted
Pretty Rubbish All Around Honestly
Staying Out of Trouble
Rogers and Hammerstein Musicals

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Basic Info

Aziraphale is an angel. In the literal sense. He is also not a terribly effective one depending on who you ask. Certainly not in the eyes (however many they may manifest) of his fellow angels. But that being said he is a kind-hearted soul and tries to inspire goodness and light in the world that he has come to love in his stationing on Earth.

This position has also had a rather interesting effect on the angel in regard to his view on his mortal enemy the demon Crowley.


Aziraphale was the guardian of the Eastern gate of the Garden of Eden. Armed with a flaming sword for guarding and tasked to keep an eye on that apple tree and protect the lovely couple that had just been created, he quite mucked up his Big Responsibility by doing none of those things. Giving his flaming sword to the recently exiled Adam and Eve and confiding his impulsive arming to a demon? Not very angelic really, but kind. Which is perhaps all that really matters. One can hope.

Demoted quite immediately after Eden Aziraphale was made a Principality whose purpose upon the Earth was to inspire good deeds and kindness in the hearts of mortals. From rulers to peasants, people of all walks of life (and several crawls of it) he had maintained his mission with devotion and grace, but in living among the mortals came to be enchanted by their resilience and creativity. Before too long he was a delighted consumer of all the world had to offer, finding his joy in their food, their drink, their writing, and their ability to find happiness even in the darkest times. Finally giving in and opening a bookshop of his own in the 1800s, although he rarely sells anything. Over the years Crowley would appear muddying his miracles or generally asking confusing questions about the policies of Upstairs and eventually the two settled into something vaguely friendly although still strictly professional in the angel's loudest protests despite the fact that he'd gotten quite tangled up in a very personal way.

After an Arrmageddon that Arrma-didn't Aziraphale has found himself on a looser leash and with a more open minded opinion on The Right Thing.


“Many people, meeting Aziraphale for the first time, formed three impressions: that he was English, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide.” — Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, Good Omens

Aziraphale is a generally very happy being. A creature of hope and light as much as habit and comfort, he clings to tried and true things that have served him well since Creation and as a result has not bought a new waistcoat since the 1950s. He is very fussy and a touch defensive, paranoid when the mood strikes but mostly just exuding a wide eyed innocent interest in whatever might cross his path. His interests are varied although most of them involve canapés. Despite his friendly kind nature he can get very snippy when annoyed. Unless you come into his shop with the intent to buy anything. Then he is ice personified.

He didn't collect his own personal Library of Alexandria to sell it off after all.

As much time as he has spent “on the ground” the angel is still a bit of a mess at fitting in. Slang confuses him unless it's from at least a severely bygone era, and it's hard to “Keep Up With the Times” when they go by so fast. His computer belongs in a museum, and his rotary phone confuses anyone under the age of twenty seven that wanders into his shop. That is if you can even get into his shop with it's impossible “Business Hours”.

While this character is based largely off the TV series Good Omens and to a lesser extent the book of the same name, the character is a shamelessly improvised creature of his player and is far more ridiculous than he has any right to be. Prior knowledge isn't mandatory for interaction. Threads containing spoilers will be marked appropriately.

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