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Full name: Steelbeak

Nickname/Alias: Steelbeak

Occupation: F.O.W.L. agent

Age: Late 30s/Early 40s

Species: Chicken

Gender: Male

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Steel beak

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Basic Info

Steelbeak is the chief agent of FOWL (the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny).


Not much is known canonically about Steelbeak's history before he joined FOWL, including how he came to have a beak made of metal. Time and time again his and FOWL's plots have been thwarted by Darkwing Duck, and somehow Steelbeak always manages to come back for more.


In addition to being a cunning and devious FOWL agent, Steelbeak is also a schmoozer and a womanizer. He presents himself with a lot of swagger and bravado, but when push comes to shove, he is always ready to save himself above all else. While Darkwing Duck is a huge thorn in his side, he has shown a remarkable ability to manipulate the caped crusader and pit him against other heroes rather than focusing on stopping the crime itself. (See “Tiff of the Titans”.) Steelbeak also finds himself on the disapproving end of High Command (FOWL's cryptic trio of head honchos) often, but he is generally able to grovel his way out of too much trouble. He treats his underlings, FOWL's eggmen and eggwomen, like the cowering, dim-witted peons they are, using them for his own gain and as avian shields.

Duckverse History

There is currently one active Steelbeak player on Duckverse:


Darkwing Duck

His most hated and irritating rival, Darkwing Duck constantly foils Steelbeak's schemes no matter how well planned or well-staffed with expendable Eggmen. Steelbeak takes pleasure in mocking the hero's name every chance he can get, with sneers like “Duncewing” and “Darkwing Doofus.” He is also annoyed by Darkwing's sidekick Launchpad McQuack and to some extent by Darkwing's redheaded tagalong, but his main focus is on getting Darkwing's goat.

Ammonia Pine

In the episode “Cleanliness is Next to Badliness,” Steelbeak reluctantly joined forces with Ammonia Pine, another FOWL agent who is obsessed with sanitation. She develops an unfortunate crush on the rooster, which he rejects but has to pretend to return for the sake of the mission. She also gives him the nickname “Steelie,” which he loathes. It is not until the promise from High Command that they will be partners indefinitely that Steelbeak finally makes his true feelings known, and earns himself another adversary.

Comet Guy
FOWL High Command
Chief Agent Gryzzlikoff
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