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 [{{ :​characters:​canon:​steelbeak:​07steelbeakportrait.png?​200|  ​ [{{ :​characters:​canon:​steelbeak:​07steelbeakportrait.png?​200|  ​
 **Full name:** Steelbeak<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ **Full name:** Steelbeak<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
-**Nickname/​Alias:​** Steelbeak <​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ +**Nickname/​Alias:​** Steelbeak, Steelie, Steelwing Cluck <​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ 
-**Occupation:​** ​F.O.W.L. agent<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ +**Occupation:​** ​Chief Agent of FOWL<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ 
-**Age:** Late 30s/​Early ​40s<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​+**Age:** Late 30's/​Early ​40's<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 **Species:​** Chicken<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ **Species:​** Chicken<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 **Gender:** Male<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ **Gender:** Male<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 **Family:** <​pagebreak>​ **Family:** <​pagebreak>​
-Family member #​1<​pagebreak>​ +Unknown<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
-You can add additional family members by copy-pasting these lines<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​+
 **Superpowers:​** <​pagebreak>​ **Superpowers:​** <​pagebreak>​
-Steel beak<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​+Steel beak<​pagebreak>​ 
 +Smooth talker<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 **Weaknesses:​** <​pagebreak>​ **Weaknesses:​** <​pagebreak>​
-Include list of weaknesses<​pagebreak>​ +Bravado<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
-Note that all characters should have a weakness of some sort!<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​ +
- +
-**Additional lines** <​pagebreak>​ +
-Copy-paste this to add additional lines of information<​pagebreak>​ +
-Or delete these to remove information<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​+
 }}] }}]
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 ===== Basic Info ===== ===== Basic Info =====
-Steelbeak is the chief agent of FOWL (the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny).+Steelbeak is the Chief Agent of FOWL (the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny).
 ===== Background ===== ===== Background =====
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 ===== Relationships ===== ===== Relationships =====
-Here you can list the various key relationships ​in your character'​s ​lifeFeel free to include links  +== Darkwing Duck == 
-to particular roleplay scenes that might have been important.  + 
-[[:​characters:​oc:malicia#​relationships|See Mal'​s ​list of relationships as an example]]+His most hated and irritating rival, [[characters:​canon:​darkwingduck|Darkwing Duck]] constantly foils Steelbeak'​s schemes no matter how well planned or well-staffed with expendable Eggmen. ​ Steelbeak takes pleasure ​in mocking the hero'​s ​name every chance he can get, with sneers like "​Duncewing"​ and "​Darkwing Doofus." ​ He is also annoyed by Darkwing'​s sidekick ​[[characters:canon:​launchpad|Launchpad McQuack]] and to some extent by Darkwing'​s [[characters:canon:gosalyn|redheaded tagalong]], but his main focus is on getting Darkwing'​s ​goat. 
 +== Ammonia Pine == 
 +In the episode "​Cleanliness is Next to Badliness,"​ Steelbeak reluctantly joined forces with Ammonia Pine, another FOWL agent who is obsessed with sanitation. ​ She develops an unfortunate crush on the rooster, which he rejects but has to pretend to return for the sake of the mission. ​ She also gives him the nickname "​Steelie,"​ which he loathes. ​ It is not until the promise from High Command that they will be partners indefinitely that Steelbeak finally makes his true feelings known, and earns himself another adversary. 
 +== Comet Guy == 
 +In the episode "​Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet," ​an alien gets lost on his way to the planet Mertz and ends up meeting the FOWL agent. ​ Stating he is looking for a hero to train him, Steelbeak dresses up in a makeshift disguise and calls himself "​Steelwing Cluck" in order to assume the role of hero trainer. ​ Instead of doing any actual coaching, however, the rooster takes advantage of Comet Guy's naivete and slow-wittedness to get the alien to use his superpowers (namely his super strength and flight) for less-than-heroic deeds. ​ Ultimately Darkwing intercedes and Comet Guy realizes he has been on the wrong side the entire time. 
 +== FOWL High Command == 
 +Steelbeak'​s trio of bosses who are the head of FOWL.  They appear only on screen and in shadow to give him orders, check in on his progress, or to berate him depending on Darkwing Duck's level of interference.
-== Character #1 ==+== Gizmoduck ​==
-The description ​of the relationship between your character ​and character #1.+In the episode "​Tiff ​of the Titans,"​ Steelbeak pits [[characters:​canon:​gizmoduck|Gizmoduck]] ​and Darkwing Duck against each other while he makes off with the Egret, a super-powered military vehicle that can be used on land and in the air.  It is surprisingly easy to get the two heroes bickering, but eventually they figure out a way to work together to stop the rooster. ​ Steelbeak is almost as annoyed by Gizmoduck as he is Darkwing. ​ Almost.
-== Character #2 ==+== Chief Agent Gryzlikoff ​==
-The description ​of the relationship ​of your character and character #2.+In the episode "The Darkwing Squad,"​ Steelbeak approaches [[characters:​canon:​grizzlikoff|Chief Agent Gryzlikoff]] ​of SHUSH after the bear walks away from his job, believing that there is no place for him with the agency anymore. ​ The rooster seemingly convinces Gryzlikoff to switch sides, however it ends up being a ruse to thwart Steelbeak'​s ultimate goal of stealing a giant pearl from the Saint Canard Aquarium.
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