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 +[{{ :​tutorial:​tutorialblankimage.png?​200|  ​
 +**Full name:** Your character'​s full name<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Nickname/​Alias:​** Other names they go by (hero/​villain name, etc) <​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Occupation:​** Hero, villain, SHUSH agent, etc.<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Age:** Current age in the RP<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Species:​** Duck, goose, three-toed sloth, etc.<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Gender:** Their identified gender<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Family:** <​pagebreak>​
 +Family member #​1<​pagebreak>​
 +You can add additional family members by copy-pasting these lines<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Superpowers:​** <​pagebreak>​
 +If any<​pagebreak>​
 +Otherwise you can delete this section<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Weaknesses:​** <​pagebreak>​
 +Include list of weaknesses<​pagebreak>​
 +Note that all characters should have a weakness of some sort!<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +**Additional lines** <​pagebreak>​
 +Copy-paste this to add additional lines of information<​pagebreak>​
 +Or delete these to remove information<​pagebreak><​pagebreak>​
 +====== Steelbeak (played by DarkwingPsycho) ======
 +===== Basic Info =====
 +A brief introduction of your character. Who are they? What role do they play in the Duckverse?
 +===== Background =====
 +A more detailed backstory. Can include as little or as much information as you'd like.
 +===== Personality =====
 +Can discuss your character'​s personality. What makes them happy? Sad? Psychological profile?
 +===== Duckverse History =====
 +A brief history of what has happened with your character in the roleplay so far. 
 +Depending on how long you've been playing this character, the history could be incredibly brief or incredibly detailed.
 +For example, [[:​characters:​oc:​malicia#​duckverse_history|Malicia has an entire set of pages dedicated to her timeline]]. ​
 +If your history is excessively long, please create a separate page for key events. [[:​tutorial#​option_2create_a_page_from_scratch|Follow the create a page from scratch guidelines]] ​
 +and make sure the address is linked to your oc's profile. ​
 +[[:​characters:​oc:​malicia:​prerecktcon|Here is an example of an extended history]]. ​
 +Note the address is oc/​**malicia** /​prerektcon. Creating the page with your character'​s name beforehand ​
 +will ensure it is categorized properly.
 +===== Relationships =====
 +Here you can list the various key relationships in your character'​s life. Feel free to include links 
 +to particular roleplay scenes that might have been important. ​
 +[[:​characters:​oc:​malicia#​relationships|See Mal's list of relationships as an example. ]]
 +== Character #1 ==
 +The description of the relationship between your character and character #1.
 +== Character #2 ==
 +The description of the relationship of your character and character #2.
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