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Full name:Scrooge McDuck

Nickname/Alias: Scroogey, Top Hat, one-time Masked Mallard

Occupation: Business tycoon, fasticatrillionaire, adventurer, uncle, occasional antagonist

Age: 80+

Species: Duck

Gender: Male

Donald Duck (nephew)
Della Duck (niece, might be in a rocket in space)
Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck (grandnephews)
Gladstone Gander (nephew)
Fethry Duck (nephew)
Fergus McDuck (father, deceased)
Downy O’Drake McDuck (mother, deceased)
Matilda McDuck (possibly Von Drake?) (sister)
Hortense McDuck (sister, Donald and Della’s mother)
Professor Ludwig Von Drake (brother in-law?)

Super sense of smell (smells gold)
Above average strength

Extreme greed
Fears loss of money or family
Childish temper tantrums
Meltdowns and shutdowns when overstressed

Additional lines
“Work smarter not harder”
“I’m tougher than the toughies, smarter than the smarties and I made my money square!”
“No man is poor who gets to do what he loves once in a while.”

Scrooge McDuck (played by Lupineleigh)

Basic Info

Created by Carl Barks as an occasional antagonist and protagonist for the Disney character, Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck is recognized on Forbes list ( of fictional characters as the richest duck in the world, and is frequently in the top ten contenders. His birth is recorded in real life Glasgow[], Scotland, and he is considered the “grandfather of anime”, thanks to Carl Barks’ stories and other Disney films, like Bambi, inspiring Astro Boy’s creator. (

See Wikipedia’s indepth article on Scrooge McDuck ( for more history, personality, cartoon and comic book appearances, etc.


Duckverse Scrooge is a little kinder and more aware of the feelings and reactions of the people around him. While he still refuses to donate to the poor (I imagine he helped build an orphanage, since he used to be friends with a girl (Brenda) in the Strathbungo orphanage he gives loans to people he believes can keep a business running. What more do people want) or the hospital (he probably funded a wing for the hospital for the tax reduction. Cheaper than building a whole building), he can be persuaded to help others if there is a benefit to him. When drastic measures are needed to care for family members, there’s no limit to what he’ll do (see “A Spaced Out Christmas” in IDW Donald Duck when Scrooge funded building a spaceship to boost Donald’s self worth, and Carl Barks “A Letter To Santa” when Scrooge bought a real steam shovel for the triplets.)

Duckverse Scrooge is strongly influenced by the comic “Scrooge’s Quest” by Marv Wolfman ( and Don Rosa’s “The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck.” ( He is built like a race horse jockey: short, thin, but super strong and agile. He might not know martial arts but he’s trained in ballet dancing, he’s a top notch swordsman and sharpshooter (supposedly better than Annie Oakley, in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck), a pilot (he doesn’t need Launchpad or Donald to fly him but he’s learned that it’s a good idea to have backup in case he needs a hasty exit!), a tracker (he’s one of the few beings known to be able to find gold by smell!), and he’s clever enough to build a basic helicopter out of an engine and tree branches by firelight. He has more stamina than most Navy Seals, and can go days without food or sleep.

Scrooge has many weaknesses though, despite his cunning, wit, and stubbornness. He’s had many concussions and traumatic events, leading to selective amnesia that eventually made him forget everything important to him until he got medical treatment for it. He has hypertension and passes out when he’s badly startled or shocked. He also has had ulcers, and shaky nerves. Soda pop, coffee, nutmeg tea, cheese and rest can help his stomach ailments, along with Pepto “Dismul” as he called it in DuckTales ‘87 “Super Ducktales!.


Usually happy with his lot in life, Scrooge enjoys waxing nostalgic about his past and going on profitable adventures with trusted companions. He has a very short temper, though, and he can easily come to blows with anyone who antagonizes him. His pride and greed get the best of him, and fear of losing his money or family can reduce him to tears and panic attacks. In some comics, he’s been comeciakky portrayed as being suicidal but this version of the character will not be played that way. He enjoys life when he has someone to share the joys with him, but being reminded of past mistakes can easily depress him.

Duckverse History

There is currently one active Scrooge player on Duckverse:




(Archived) Cruising To Christmas Scrooge’s cruise is crashed by Negaduck.

(Archived) A Negaverse Welcome Scrooge accidentally lands in the Negaverse and meets NegaFOWL, his nephews and a strangely magical Gladstone Gander.

(Archive) (wire posts) Bob’s Not My Uncle Gladstone Gabder introduces Scrooge to Lilly Teal

(Active) Diamonds Are For Never SHUSH Agent Jacob Mallard, Scrooge and Launchpad race Glomgold and Negaduck to Neptune for diamond precipitation!

(Active) Hearts of Soft Melting Gold Scrooge and Della Duck have a heart to heart talk about their years apart.

(Active) Smarter Than The Smarties Gyro lost his intellect and Steelbeak kidnapped him. Scrooge and Darkwing team up ro rescue him.

(Active) Making Cents Scrooge meets a suave demon and discusses important matters. Like getting his stolen car back!

(Archive) Miser-Y Makes Company After Gyro reacted badly to being fired by Crowley in disguise, Scrooge has to pick up the pieces and get Gyro and Duckburg back to normal.

(Archive) Rose and Company Launchpad helps a starving stranger find a job as Scrooge’s landscaper.

(Active) Game of Prawns Crowley and Azriphale give Scrooge the fishy task of bringing about the world’s end via giant prawn reckoning. The rich duck enlists his family’s help in stopping the Aprawncaplyse before being possessed by a strange desire to collect flamingo lawn ornaments.

(Active) Blown Cover Donald Duck, in the guise of superhero Duck Avenger, works with Detective Hawke to prevent an arsonist from ruining McDuck Enterprises

Wall posts

Wire posts


Launchpad McQuack

Pilot, muscle man, friend to go to when he or his famiy needs help.

Gladstone Gander

A cousin of Donald Duck, and connected to Scrooge through Grandma Elvira Duck’s family. Luckiest gander in the world. Scrooge sometimes uses him as a good luck charm on missions, and canon Scrooge sometimes pits Donald and Gladstone against each other to see who has the most determination and skills to win Scrooge’s favor and possibly run one of his many business ventures. On Duckverse, Gladstone is living St. Canard.

Lilly Teal

Bookshop and cafe owner. Gladstone’s belle.


NegaGosalyn was the first person Scrooge met when he fell through a portal into the Negaverse in a Duckverse rp. She called the Friendly Five to rescue Scrooge from the NegaMuddlefoots and made Scrooge lunch, for free.

Director J. Gander Hooter

In one DuckTales comic, Scrooge called J. Gander to ask him to put Darkwing Duck on the case (Disney Adventures magazine “The Chaos God” series). On Duckverse, Scrooge has yet to meet or speak to the director publicly, but it would not be a far cry to guess that Scrooge either helps provide some of the materials and sources that SHUSH buys (ie raw materials like copper, iron, tin, glass, etc) and possibly some of McDuck Industries technology for their defenses, or to modify in their own labs.

Quiverwing Duck

Scrooge called P.I. Drake Mallard to investigate a warehouse he was purchasing in St. Canard to see if any shady business was happening.

NegaFOWL Agent George Route

NegaFOWL Agents Randal Lapin, Amy Hartshell, and Dr. Shanti Masai

Negaverse Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck

NegaGladstone Gander


==== Negaduck ==== (canon) (active) (double) Negaduck ruined a Christmas party aboard one of Scrooge’s cruise ships. That’s likely not going to be the only time the supervillain bothers him.

==== Quackerjack ==== (canon) (active) (double) Disguised as a party entertainer, Quackerjack attended Webby Vanderquack’s (inactive) birthday party and caused chaos. NegaQuackerjack, on the otherhand, proved to be a valuable, and cheap, ally.

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