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Quiverwing Duck

This character is Quiverwing Duck, an alternate universe version of Darkwing Duck from the comics. He is not to be confused with Gosalyn's crimefighter alias Quiverwing Quack.
Full name: Drake Mallard

Quiverwing Duck (currently)
Darkwing Duck (previously)

Occupation: Vigilante Hero

Age: 30's

Species: Duck

Gender: Male

Gosalyn Mallard (daughter, deceased)

Basic Info

Quiverwing Duck is the Darkwing Duck of an alternate dimension. He is an archery-themed hero who was introduced in the 'Crisis on Infinite Darkwings' story arc in the BOOM! Studios Darkwing Duck comics.


In an alternate dimension, masked vigilante Darkwing Duck had a child sidekick, code-named Quiverwing Quack. They were a crime fighting duo for years, until Quiverwing Quack's untimely death. To honor her memory, Darkwing shed his previous persona and became Quiverwing Duck.


Quiverwing Duck has a more somber attitude than his other-dimensional counterparts, most likely due to the death of his daughter. He does not do grandiose entrances and often works quietly from the shadows. He is highly competent in combat, possibly more so than any of the other Darkwings.

Crisis on Infinite Darkwings

Quiverwing Duck was one of many alternate-universe Darkwings collected by Negaduck and mind-controlled by Magica de Spell, unleashed to wreak havoc in the usual Darkwing Duck's St. Canard.

After invading the Mallard residence to attack Darkwing and Morgana, Quiverwing Duck accidentally knocked himself into the fireplace with a boomerang arrow. Framed photographs fell off of the mantle and all around Quiverwing. When he saw these images of Drake Mallard and Gosalyn, it triggered memories of his own daughter and her tragic fate. This allowed him to break free of Magica's mind control, and he quickly left the house.

Later, while thwarting and securing several of his other-world counterparts, Quiverwing Duck was confronted by Darkwarrior Duck. Darkwarrior had not been mind controlled and was eager for the chance to fight someone who would provide a real challenge for his skills. After Quiverwing destroyed Darkwarrior's robotic drones and tank and had the tyrant held at arrow-point, Darkwarrior conceded defeat and bitterly told him to go help Darkwing Duck.

Quiverwing made his way to Negaduck's underground Trans-Dimensional Express lair where he found a fight in progress. Clinging to the walls in the shadows, he fired a boomerang arrow at the talisman Magica was using to augment her powers, snatching it away and thereby causing the sorceress to lose control over the rest of the enthralled Darkwings. Shortly after that, Paddywhack came smashing through the wall like a powdered drink mix mascot, flooding the converted subway station with water from the Audubon Bay, and merging himself with Negaduck to form a 70 story tall MegaNega. Chaos ensued.

As Morgana tried to keep the Negaduck-Paddywhack amalgamation busy, she collapsed and was in danger of imminent squashing when Quiverwing Duck returned, having rallied all of the other-dimensional Darkwings to fight the gigantic threat rampaging through St. Canard. Negaduck was forcibly parted from Paddywhack when Darkwing Duck shot them with the Tronsplitter. Paddywhack then took control of the Tronsplitter and fired it at Negaduck, splitting and re-splitting him into Negaparticles.

Before Paddywhack could turn the device against the Darkwings, Gosalyn, who was in the Thunderquack along with the Tronsplitter, scolded the malevolent spirit. The gathered Darkwings reacted with fatherly love at the sight of her, and Quiverwing handed Morgana the talisman he had stolen from Magica, so that she could channel the wave of positive energy and use it to diminish Paddywhack.

After Paddywhack was trapped in his box once more, the flock of Darkwings went to the Trans-Dimensional Express so they could board the dimension-crossing train car and return to their respective homes. Quiverwing Duck had the opportunity to speak with and hug Gosalyn before he left with the others.


Gosalyn Mallard (Quiverwing Duck's Universe)

Gosalyn was Drake Mallard's adopted daughter. When he fought crime in his masked Darkwing Duck persona, she was his sidekick, an archery-based heroine named Quiverwing Quack. She was killed during one of their missions, apparently sacrificing herself to save her father.

Duckverse History

There is currently one active Quiverwing Duck player on Duckverse:

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