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Full name: Neg A. Duck [former names unknown]

Nickname/Alias: Negs, Negaroni, YOU“

Age: Thirty something

Species: Mallard

Gender: Male

Negaduck (played by nemzit)

“Okay, are you familiar with hospital biomedical waste disposal?” Quiverwing Duck asked Feliciana, when she inquired about Negaduck's toxicity. “Imagine a heap of that stuff, which is also on fire. Now imagine that in the shape of a duck wearing a red hat.”

Basic Info

Due to an extreme creativity deficiency, nemzit has been playing Negaduck in some form or other since 1996. The current Duckverse iteration came to myspace in 2009, initially intended as a preamble to icequeenkitty's genius, and focuses on the softer qualities of the villain: his loving care of the most treasured items in his armoury, his Doctor Dolittle affinity with deadly animals, and his immensely relatable hatred of all other living things.


Negaduck is an evil version of Darkwing Duck hailing from a 'negatron' dense parallel world known as the Negaverse. Despite the interference of Darkwing and the Friendly Four/Darkwing's Ducks, he has continued his self-proclaimed Lordship over that dimension, and whenever possible maintains a means to travel back to Darkwing's world aka the Normalverse to terrorise its inhabitants and generally wreck up the place.

Little else is confirmed regarding Negaduck's background. Beyond being hatched bad and having caused a nuisance of himself ever since he first congealed on this planet, it is possible nobody - Negaduck included - has solid recollection of his past. There is no civilian identity equivalent to Drake Mallard, and Negaduck has ensured through a variety of means that it is not physically possible to remove his black mask.

Negaduck has both a NegaGosalyn and a NegaLaunchpad in his universe whom he keeps around for reasons, none of which are emotional. Do not mention NegaMorgana.


A sadistic psychopath down to his very core, Negaduck is cold, callous and cool as a criminal cucumber. Until something hits his berserk button, that is, and he doesn't fly off the handle so much as nuke the handle and launch anyone who witnessed said handle into orbit. Anger management is not his strong suit.

Despite being dubbed the 'opposite' of Darkwing, the masked mallards share many characteristics, notably their susceptibility to immense ego trips, dramatic flair and caffeine dependence. Negaduck is the far more cunning of the two, and with no need for affection is an oft demonstrated master of manipulation. He has a broad suite of talents from amputated limb drum solos to decorative cake baking.

Entirely selfish and self-serving, relationships are ranked solely in their usefulness to his nefarious purposes. His only attachments are to his wealth, his infamy and his ridiculous collection of thematic accessories, particularly Betsy the chainsaw and Bertha the shotgun.

He enjoys long murders on the beach and skulls, although nobody understands in what capacity.

Duckverse History

Set after the television series, Negaduck has continued his usual antics: a little mass mayhem here, a little baby kicking there, with various schemes and teams in between. On occasion he has come close to his ultimate goal, namely complete control of St Canard, but failing that, has gladly accepted causing as much destruction and uproar as possible. He enjoys being vile and has absolutely zero chance of reformation outside of a complete lobotomy. Which might be on the cards, if Jacob gets his way…


Initial establishment of this character started way back in myspace days, with early adventures including:

- Bumping into Malicia Macawber (with his motorcycle)
- Taking Lilly Teal as a hostage in a museum heist
- A mutual stabbing over an icecream factory mayhem that led to a semi-partnership with Malicia
- A long standing feud with and eventual blackmail by Kachka
- Being turned into a hamster by Morgana Macawber
- Clashing with and being poisoned by Poison Ivy
- Secretly running a reality TV show to find the best explosives genius in St Canard and that somehow turning out to be Lilly
- Teaming up with and doublecrossing Darkwarrior to bring the city to its knees before being crushed by a statue of Justice (also something to do with a volcano?)
- Ending up with a collar that gave him black goopy powers (notably prior to the BOOM! comics)
- Establishing a fake school to indoctrinate kids into evil ways, foiled by Lilly with a Tongue Piercing aka Ginger
- Fighting Richard Vanderbill, a deranged NegaMorgana with Morrigan Macawber, a daughter from the future

The majority of these developments were kept on transition to the Duckverse site (barring the war with Kachka, which was reset anyway after a failed FOWL takeover saw about six months of his memory wiped). Arcs then encompassed: - Malicia taunting him with a fake promise of a team-up with Feathers Galore, which backfired

- Dressing in drag to recover doomsday device blueprints from Lilly's bookshop, only to be foiled by indestructible baby Rosa
- Preventing Malicia humiliate Feathers in order to avoid embarrassment via association
- Trapping Malicia in a cage to prevent her getting knocked up, not realising she already was, and promptly absconding to South America as soon as he was informed of the fact
- Discovering Lilly's secret life as a performer and giving her assertiveness lessons in exchange for a 'demo'
- Fighting in the Amazon with Feathers, getting lost and discovering a 'fear removing' herb
- Returning to St Canard to taint the coffee supply with said herb to render the security forces useless and, inevitably, being defeated by Darkwing and Morgana by drinking it himself
- Stealing the Quackrinomicon allowing Malicia to summon Volduck and subjecting him to the Five Challenges of the Wriggling Beaver
- Stealing a giant gold magnet and crushing Gizmoduck with a cruise ship in the process
- A duplication spell accidentally blessing him with an army of Malicias
- An addiction to Kachka's papirosa, and her refusal to supply him any after he snitched her out to SHUSH following his loss of a bet on the most accurate employment of explosives, which led to him selling his soul to Baba Yaga
- A rivalry with Agent Lowkey and keeping him in check with an Anti-Rey Gun
- Meeting Lilly's pet/deadly guardian honeybadger Javert and Rosa running off with his giant death spider robot
- Close encounters of the vampiric kind
- His disappointment with Malicia screwing up a perfectly good baby-into-lava opportunity leading him to be stabbed by tronspilt Evil Malicia - Being tricked by Kachka into crashing, instead of the FOWL Christmas Party, a Darkwing Fan Club Convention
- Tricking Kachka into sneaking him into Phineas Sharp's latest gathering and ending up having to blow the joint
- Handing the Anti-Rey Gun over to Lilly to use against FOWL - and in exchange for having his Spearmint Feather membership reinstated
- Visiting Doctor Cornelius Tex
- Attempting to sell the second batch of demonlings off to the highest bidder

Post-RETCON (i.e. current timeline)




Much like Darkwing, Negaduck's primary concern is Negaduck. His ego is often compared to a small planet, and its his continued overestimation of his abilities and underestimation of everyone's that is frequently his undoing.

Memorable Quotes

“a body most closely resembling mayonnaise in a ziplock bag” - Gladstone Gander, June 2018

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