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 === Enemies === === Enemies ===
-  * Quiverwing Duck +  * [[characters:​canon:​quiverwingduck:​rav|Quiverwing Duck]]: initially mistaking him for Darkwing, these two got off on entirely the wrong foot. Then arm. There have been many attempted murders, thwartings and involuntary cuddles. ​ 
-  * Black Arts Beagle  +  * Black Arts Beagle: cursed Negs to '​niceness'​ which Malicia accidentally reversed with.. pants? Revenge pending. ​ 
-  * Gizmoduck +  * [[characters:​canon:​gizmoduck:​kitty|Gizmoduck]]: Giz's inclination to assume the best in everyone keeps letting Negaduck get the drop on him. Occasionally with an entire cruise ship. 
-  * Duck Avenger  +  * [[characters:​canon:​duckavenger|Duck Avenger]]: Negaduck introduced DA to a giant pizza oven death trap. In the resulting scuffle, DA inadvertently introduced a red hot poker to the felon'​s nether region. On the plus side, no more need to worry about Nega-spawn. 
-  * Red Nova +  * [[characters:​oc:​rednova|Red Nova]]: she was annoyed at him for something. Probably not important. 
-  * Lady Cide +  * Lady Cide: aka NegaMorgana,​ ex-partner and ruler of the Negaverse. Because that won't get messy. 
-  * Also Darkwing Duck, I suppose+  * [[characters:​hybrid:​aziraphale|Aziraphale]]:​ Somehow got the idea the angel was to blame for an incident where he magically ended up in drakekini, jello wrestling Quiverwing'​s civilian persona and worse of all, was forced to //dance//. 
 +  * Also [[characters:​canon:​darkwingduck:​darkwingpsycho|Darkwing Duck]], I suppose.
 === Prey === === Prey ===
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