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Negaduck's Pre-Rektcon Timeline

Initial establishment of this character started in 2009 and included:

- Bumping into Malicia Macawber (with his motorcycle)
- Taking Lilly Teal as a hostage in a museum heist
- A mutual stabbing over an icecream factory mayhem that led to a semi-partnership with Malicia
- A long standing feud with and eventual blackmail by Kachka
- Being turned into a hamster by Morgana Macawber
- Clashing with and being poisoned by Poison Ivy
- Secretly running a reality TV show to find the best explosives genius in St Canard and that somehow turning out to be Lilly
- Teaming up with and doublecrossing Darkwarrior to bring the city to its knees before being crushed by a statue of Justice (also something to do with a volcano?)
- Ending up with a collar that gave him black goopy powers (notably prior to the BOOM! comics)
- Establishing a fake school to indoctrinate kids into evil ways, foiled by Lilly with a Tongue Piercing aka Ginger
- Fighting Richard Vanderbill, a deranged NegaMorgana with Morrigan Macawber, a daughter from the future

The majority of these developments were kept on transition to the Duckverse site (barring the war with Kachka, which was reset anyway after a failed FOWL takeover saw about six months of his memory wiped). Arcs then encompassed:
- Malicia taunting him with a fake promise of a team-up with Feathers Galore, which backfired
- Dressing in drag to recover doomsday device blueprints from Lilly's bookshop, only to be foiled by indestructible baby Rosa
- Preventing Malicia humiliate Feathers in order to avoid embarrassment via association
- Trapping Malicia in a cage to prevent her getting knocked up, not realising she already was, and promptly absconding to South America as soon as he was informed of the fact
- Discovering Lilly's secret life as a performer and giving her assertiveness lessons in exchange for a 'demo'
- Fighting in the Amazon with Feathers, getting lost and discovering a 'fear removing' herb
- Returning to St Canard to taint the coffee supply with said herb to render the security forces useless and, inevitably, being defeated by Darkwing and Morgana by drinking it himself
- Stealing the Quackrinomicon allowing Malicia to summon Volduck and subjecting him to the Five Challenges of the Wriggling Beaver
- Stealing a giant gold magnet and crushing Gizmoduck with a cruise ship in the process
- A duplication spell accidentally blessing him with an army of Malicias
- An addiction to Kachka's papirosa, and her refusal to supply him any after he snitched her out to SHUSH following his loss of a bet on the most accurate employment of explosives, which led to him selling his soul to Baba Yaga
- A rivalry with Agent Lowkey and keeping him in check with an Anti-Rey Gun
- Meeting Lilly's pet/deadly guardian honeybadger Javert and Rosa running off with his giant death spider robot
- Close encounters of the vampiric kind
- His disappointment with Malicia screwing up a perfectly good baby-into-lava opportunity leading him to be stabbed by tronspilt Evil Malicia - Being tricked by Kachka into crashing, instead of the FOWL Christmas Party, a Darkwing Fan Club Convention
- Tricking Kachka into sneaking him into Phineas Sharp's latest gathering and ending up having to blow the joint
- Handing the Anti-Rey Gun over to Lilly to use against FOWL - and in exchange for having his Spearmint Feather membership reinstated
- Visiting Doctor Cornelius Tex
- Attempting to sell the second batch of demonlings off to the highest bidder

Negaduck's Post-Rektcon Timeline

Following the events of Rektcon, the timeline was reset to the moment before striking Malicia with the TroubleMaker. List of actual events since then to follow.

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