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Full name: Neg A. Duck [former names unknown]

Nickname/Alias: Negs, Negaroni, YOU“

Age: Thirty something

Species: Mallard

Gender: Male

Negaduck (played by nemzit)

“Okay, are you familiar with hospital biomedical waste disposal?” Quiverwing Duck asked Feliciana, when she inquired about Negaduck's toxicity. “Imagine a heap of that stuff, which is also on fire. Now imagine that in the shape of a duck wearing a red hat.”

Basic Info

Due to an extreme creativity deficiency, nemzit had been playing Negaduck in some form or other since 1996. The current Duckverse iteration came to myspace in 2009, initially intended as a preamble to icequeenkitty's genius, and focuses on the softer qualities of the villain: his loving care of the most treasured items in his armoury, his Doctor Dolittle affinity with deadly animals, and his immensely relatable hatred of all other living things.

In 2020, nemzit handed this Negaduck's timeline over to the incorrigible Pharaoh.


Negaduck is an evil version of Darkwing Duck hailing from a 'negatron' dense parallel world known as the Negaverse. Despite the interference of Darkwing and the Friendly Four/Darkwing's Ducks, he has continued his self-proclaimed Lordship over that dimension, and whenever possible maintains a means to travel back to Darkwing's world aka the Normalverse to terrorise its inhabitants and generally wreck up the place.

Little else is confirmed regarding Negaduck's background. Beyond being hatched bad and having caused a nuisance of himself ever since he first congealed on this planet, it is possible nobody - Negaduck included - has solid recollection of his past. There is no civilian identity equivalent to Drake Mallard, and Negaduck has ensured through a variety of means that it is not physically possible to remove his black mask.

Negaduck has both a NegaGosalyn and a NegaLaunchpad in his universe whom he keeps around for reasons, none of which are emotional. Do not mention NegaMorgana.


A sadistic psychopath down to his very core, Negaduck is cold, callous and cool as a criminal cucumber. Until something hits his berserk button, that is, and he doesn't fly off the handle so much as nuke the handle and launch anyone who witnessed said handle into orbit. Anger management is not his strong suit.

Despite being dubbed the 'opposite' of Darkwing, the masked mallards share many characteristics, notably their susceptibility to immense ego trips, dramatic flair and caffeine dependence. Negaduck is the far more cunning of the two, and with no need for affection is an oft demonstrated master of manipulation. He has a broad suite of talents from amputated limb drum solos to decorative cake baking.

Entirely selfish and self-serving, relationships are ranked solely in their usefulness to his nefarious purposes. His only attachments are to his wealth, his infamy and his ridiculous collection of thematic accessories, particularly Betsy the chainsaw and Bertha the shotgun.

He enjoys long murders on the beach and skulls, although nobody understands in what capacity.



Much like Darkwing, Negaduck's primary concern is Negaduck. His ego is often compared to a small planet, and its his continued overestimation of his abilities and underestimation of everyone's that is frequently his undoing.

The TroubleMaker

His much beloved custom motorcycle, with extra large glove compartment, is fitted with a raft of additional features including heat seeking missiles, marshmellow roasters and yes an actual raft.

Betsy II

The infamous yellow chainsaw, a favourite tactic of intimidation. The original was destroyed by Quiverwing Duck in a skirmish involving a murder pit. He might still be rather sore about it.

Bertha II

The shotgun. Repeat fire, somehow, designed for bunnies, doors, and whomever gets in his way. The original was also destroyed by Quiverwing in a portal made of acid. This is how grudges are made, people.


  • Quiverwing Duck: initially mistaking him for Darkwing, these two got off on entirely the wrong foot. Then arm. There have been many attempted murders, thwartings and involuntary cuddles. Some in jello.
  • Jacob Mallard: No recollection of a history with Jacob or his dimensional counterpart at all, which was strange because the guy seemed really keen to get his hands on his brain to open a portal to the Negaverse.
  • Black Arts Beagle: cursed Negs to 'niceness' which Malicia accidentally reversed with.. pants?
  • Gizmoduck: Giz's inclination to assume the best in everyone keeps letting Negaduck get the drop on him. Occasionally with an entire cruise ship.
  • Duck Avenger: Negaduck introduced DA to a giant pizza oven death trap. In the resulting scuffle, DA inadvertently introduced a red hot poker to the felon's nether region. On the plus side, no more need to worry about Nega-spawn.
  • Red Nova: annoyed at him for something. Probably not important.
  • Lady Cide: aka NegaMorgana, ex-partner and ruler of the Negaverse. Because that won't get messy.
  • Glomgold: Teamed up to pilot a rocket to steal space diamonds. Negaduck threw him to some aliens. Glomgold later claimed to have orchestrated the whole thing, prompting a fight that levelled half the warehouse district.
  • Crowley: No particular grudges besides the fact the demon is a tall male-shaped being in contact with Malicia and once absconded with their copy of the Billmore Gals DVD Set. That said, Negaduck is unaware that Crowley was the one who pointed Beetlejuice in his direction, a sort of cosmic karma for attempting to chainsaw Aziraphale (see below).
  • Also Darkwing Duck, I suppose.


  • Mother Goose: has powers and can be flirted into sharing them, aka prime target. MG was unimpressed with the damage he caused as 'Cupid', but not enough he wouldn't try it on again.
  • Lilly Teal: would torment her more but she makes the best blackest coffee in St Canard. Does not appreciate her pet honeybadger Javert. The feeling is mutual.
  • Ariana Macawber: dated as a means of tricking her into opening a portal back to the Negaverse. They have not been on good terms since, not that it stops him playing on her soft side.
  • Harmonizer: tricked her into using her powers against SHUSH, and then tricked her into releasing him, yet she still seems to think there's some 'good' in him. Got to work harder on that.
  • NegaGosalyn: despite holding nothing but resentment for his ex-ward, he can't seem to off her. Yet.
  • NegaMalicia: his assigned guardian angel and eternal nuisance.
  • Dr Moira Rousseau: like the others, convinced her he was reformable. Unlike the others, he treated her to a cooking display [unfinished arc, had been going to slip her something to cause trouble in SHUSH].
  • Iris Macawber: They chatted briefly, since that seemed to annoy her, as did his hinting at involvement with Malicia.
  • Aziraphale: After mistakenly misattributing a jello-related public embarrassment to the angel, Glomgold showed up to claim it as an act of revenge and narrowly prevent discorporation via chainsaw (it was really Crowley's doing).
  • Angel Mcdrake: hostage and meat shield until she was saved by Quiverwing Duck.


  • Morgana Macawber: while Morgana continued her criminal ways, they occasionally traded favours, until he wanted to trade more than that and she hit him with sleep sand. Nodoff had a good time, at least.
  • Malicia Macawber: such potential, such chemistry, yet it was constantly undone by his inability to not backstab for more than five minutes. See full relationship history here.
  • Gladstone: a brief bro-mance ended by Gladstone's innate smarminess and inability to die. Gladstone did ask him to be his Best Man (or was that Worse Man), mostly to be able to keep an eye on him pre-wedding. Keep your fiends close and fremenies closer.
  • Faustina: apparently they knew each other in another dimension/timeline, which weirded him out more than the blood magic and tentacles stuff. She and her sister had stepped up to help when Lady Cide appeared.
  • Feliciana: she turned him into potato salad once. Totally unprovoked. Malicia ate him whole but luckily couldn't stomach him for long.
  • Celeste Emberwing: apparently a ward again from another dimension/timeline, he had no recollection of her, and was reacting accordingly to her presence as he would any other child, which was to say violently.
  • Tanya Spellbinder: sucker by virtue of being a vampire. She gave him superstrength in exchange for his obedience, which he repaid by shooting her in the face with a grappling hook.
  • Papyrus: turned him into a motorcycle ornament only to be put in his place by Sans. Keeps trying to give him spaghetti.
  • Beetlejuice: after Beetlejuice stole a demon-controlling necklace intended for Malicia, Negaduck used it to weaponise the ghost against her instead. Until the necklace was off, and then all bets were too, and Negaduck was eaten by Sandy the sandworm.

Duckverse History

Set after the television series, Negaduck has continued his usual antics: a little mass mayhem here, a little baby kicking there, with various schemes and teams in between. On occasion he has come close to his ultimate goal, namely complete control of St Canard, but failing that, has gladly accepted causing as much destruction and uproar as possible. He enjoys being vile and has absolutely zero chance of reformation outside of a complete lobotomy. Which might be on the cards, if Jacob gets his way…

For a list of key events so far, see the Negatimeline or Malicia's Pre-Rektcon and Post-Rektcon timeline pages.

Memorable Quotes

“A body most closely resembling mayonnaise in a ziplock bag” - Gladstone Gander, June 2018

“He really is a master of improvisation. I never knew you could do that with a musical instrument. Now if only I could house-train him” - Malicia Macawber, April 2020

“Negaduck? THE Negaduck? Like Mr. Gnashing and Bashing? Old ReVILEable? Senor Gunpowder Sniffer? Sir Cyanide Snuggler? Mr. Cruel Implementations? Shake n’ Break?….Negaduck???” - Gladstone Gander, again, September 2018

“There's this unpleasant guy called Negaduck. He's evil and violent, and he loves a variety of weapons but he's pretty fond of chainsaws. He once cut my arms off with one” - Quiverwing Duck, June 2019

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