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Morgana Macawber (played by Mal)

Full name: Morgana Macawber

Nickname/Alias: Morg

Occupation: Reformed supervillain, Restaurant owner

Age: Mid to late thirties

Species: Duck/Monster

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Moloculo Macawber (father)
Aunt Nasty (aunt)
Eek, Squeak, and Archie (animal familiars)
Ariana McCawber (younger sister)
Malicia Macawber (cousin)


Performance anxiety when casting spells
Stubborn and strong-willed

Basic Info

Morgana is a canon character currently played in the Duckverse RP as a reformed villain. Her background and history have been adjusted accordingly to match the player's personal headcanon.


Morgana's background has been left somewhat vague to allow some wiggle-room for her connection to relatives with a different Macawber family backstory.

What is known is that Morgana was born and raised in Transylvania by her father. She has a younger sister and several extended family members.

Morgana attended the Eldritch Academy of Enchantment and was an exceptionally bright student who got along relatively well with most of her classmates. Her best friend in childhood was her cousin Malicia who was close in age and shared similar interests. Morgana often found herself competing with rival classmate Tanya Spellbinder which would lead to trouble later in life. When she graduated from Eldritch Academy she was unable to keep up with her monthly student loan payments and in a fit of desperation turned to crime.

She targeted St. Canard under the assumption that most Normals would remain ignorant to her misdoings. She did not count on Darkwing Duck showing up to stop her, and she really didn't count on developing feelings for this mysterious masked mallard.

Eventually, Darkwing is able to convince her to give up her life of crime and encourages her to pay back her loans by using her business know-how. Morgana opens a restaurant, the The Shadow Chateau which quickly gained traction in the St. Canard foodie community for being incredibly unique and exotic. Her career is happily thriving, but her relationships… not so much.


This version of Morgana combines her mysterious, alluring demeanor from her early villain episodes (“Fungus Amongus” and “Ghoul of my Dreams”) with her more logical and pacifist leanings seen in “Monsters R Us”.

Morgana is still somewhat hot-headed and is prone to the occasional magic-zappy tantrum, but she is more pragmatic and less likely to fly off the handle at every minor offense. She tries to be the voice of reason during confrontations. She is kind and compassionate, especially toward misunderstood animals like spiders and other creepy-crawlies.

She is strong-willed and not afraid to call out Darkwing on his immature behavior. While she is not aggressive or domineering, she is very independent and does not like being controlled.

Morgana is constantly at odds with herself, often struggling between doing the healthy thing versus what she truly desires.

She suffers from performance anxiety, which is the reason why her spells sometimes do not generate the desired outcome. She is very proficient with magic in a calm, controlled environment but when she is put on the spot, particularly during a confrontation or when dealing with an immediate threat, she will panic and lose focus.

Duckverse History

Morgana has been living in St. Canard for roughly two years now, and during that time her relationship with Darkwing has hit a rough patch. Finally, after one particularly nasty fight, the two officially called it quits.

After cutting off all contact with her now-ex boyfriend, Morgana engaged in a period of serious self-reflection. Heartbroken and unsure of what to do with herself, she's spent much of her free time reading every manner of relationship self-help book she can get her hands on.

Her next encounter with Darkwing was, unfortunately, when he showed up to the Shadow Chateau on a date with one of Morgana's sworn enemies. The confrontation ended in a rather violent food fight and Morgana once again found herself questioning her own behaviour.

In that time she also met Quiverwing Duck and quickly developed confusing feelings for him, which she forcefully set aside due to the many complications that come with dating a guy who was formerly engaged to an other-dimensional version of herself.

Eventually, Darkwing waved the proverbial white flag by offering a sincere apology with hopes of mending their relationship. Whether or not this will be successful remains to be seen.

Presently, Morgana is dealing with a greater threat: Her childhood tormentor Tanya Spellbinder has returned and is dead-set on destroying everything Morgana holds dear.


Darkwing Duck

They fell too hard, too fast. Morgana is trying to figure out where it all went wrong so that she can prevent it from happening again. She still cares deeply for Darkwing, but she is less enamored compared to the early days when they first met. Now she is setting boundaries and attempting to put all that self-help information to good use. She isn't quite ready to jump back into a committed relationship with Darkwing, but she misses all the happy moments they had together and yearns for that time again…

Ariana McCawber

Morgana's younger sister has arrived in town and has taken up residence in Morgana's home. Morg is very protective and concerned that Ari's gentle, trusting nature will leave her vulnerable to this harsh city and its evil, manipulative underbelly. She is right to be worried. Their relationship became slightly more complicated when Ariana started dating Quiverwing Duck, and Morgana has attempted to quell her own attraction to the rakish rogue ever since.

Malicia Macawber

After the fateful event that destroyed their friendship, Morgana has been fending off Malicia's aggressive vengeful shenanigans ever since the demoness set roots down in St. Canard. Morgana largely views her as more of a nuisance than a true threat. Deep down, she still feels immense guilt over playing a role in Mal's expulsion and often laments how things could have ended differently. While she does not tolerate Malicia's nonsense, she'd be willing to bury the hatchet if her cousin gave her the opportunity.

Quiverwing Duck

Morgana and Quiverwing have shared an intense, unspoken attraction toward one another since first meeting. There was once a small opportunity for her to take a chance on this other-dimensional Darkwing, but that window closed once her younger sister began a serious relationship with him. Logically, she knows this is for the best. Quiverwing was previously engaged to his own dimension's Morgana, and she knows that would lead to constant questioning over whether he loves her, or simply reminds Quiverwing of his former fiancee. For now she pretends like she isn't constantly biting her lip every single time she catches a glimpse of those toned abs.

Tanya Spellbinder

Morgana describes Tanya as being, “like Malicia, except actually competent and threatening.” Morgana not only played a role in Tanya's expulsion from Eldritch Academy, but she is responsible for the horrific necrotic wound where Tanya's left eyeball used to live. Morgana will do whatever it takes to stop Tanya from harming her friends and family, even if that means sacrificing her own life to do it.

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