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Morgana Macawber

This is the canon page for Morgana. Only confirmed information is permitted here.
Full name: Morgana Macawber

Nickname/Alias: Morg

Occupation: Reformed supervillain

Age: Unknown

Species: Sorceress duck

Gender: Female

Moloculo Macawber (father)
Aunt Nasty (aunt)
Eek, Squeak, and Archie (animal familiars)


Casts the wrong spells sometimes

Basic Info

Morgana is Darkwing's witchy girlfriend who comes from a world of ghosts, ghouls, and other freaky creatures. She started out as a villain but reformed after falling in love with Darkwing.


Morgana Macawber was born and raised in Transylvania in Macawber Castle alongside the rest of her family. Her father Moloculo is incredibly protective and dotes on her. The whereabouts of Morgana's mother is never revealed, and there is no mention of siblings. She does have an aunt and several cousins, however.

She attended the Eldritch Academy of Enchantment where she amassed a large student debt. Unable to pay off her loans, she turns to a life of crime.

Morgana makes her debut in the episode “Fungus Amongus”. She began as an evil businesswoman stealing pizza toppings for her company Macawber Mushrooms. When Darkwing is investigating the crime, it’s love-at-first-sight. The two struggle to cope with their feelings, with Darkwing unable to put aside the fact she’s a villain. Eventually however, Morgana gives up her life of crime and the two begin a long-term relationship. She is one of the few characters who knows Darkwing’s secret identity.

She later opens up her own restaurant, The Shadow Chateau which is subsequently sabotaged by Negaduck. She also writes and presents an academic paper on Warts and Boils at Eldritch Academy.


Morgana arguably has the most inconsistent personality of any character in the series. When she first appears in “Fungus Amongus” and then again as a criminal in “Ghoul of my Dreams” she is a mysterious, alluring businesswoman with a cool, confident demeanor.

Later when she appears in “Just Us Justice Ducks” as Darkwing's date, she is far more insecure and concerned about whether he likes her.

After she and Darkwing begin officially dating, her personality is depicted as more short-tempered and hysterical, particularly in “My Valentine Ghoul” and “Malice's Restaurant”. She is more loving and supportive in “Hot Spells” and “Dead Duck”.

A few consistent traits are her love of all things spooky and strange. She is compassionate and kind-hearted and tries to be the voice of reason when it is needed. She is a natural entrepreneur.

Duckverse History

There are currently two active Morgana players on Duckverse:


Darkwing Duck

Even upon their first meeting, Morgana was smitten by Darkwing and defended him when her evil board of executives tried to feed him to mutant monster mushrooms. Their relationship is quite passionate and at many times very tumultuous due to Darkwing's insensitive nature and Morgana's hotheadedness. Despite this, the two have maintained a strong relationship. Morgana does eventually learn of his real identity as Drake Mallard, although it is never explained when this happens.

Gosalyn Mallard

Morgana and Gosalyn do not interact often, but when they do Gosalyn is very excited about having a cool witch around (especially with all the gross stuff). Gosalyn is supportive of her father's relationship to the point where she created a love potion to fix their relationship after Morgana broke up with Darkwing. Morg, in turn, respects the relationship Darkwing has with his daughter and has never felt threatened or jealous by their bond (this is showcased most strongly in “Hot Spells”).

Launchpad McQuack

Launchpad and Morgana do not interact often in the cartoon. When Darkwing and LP meet Morgana in “Fungus Amongus” LP is instantly suspicious and clearly unimpressed by Darkwing's inability to see her as the obvious culprit. Later, after Morgana is reformed, he is more friendly and supportive of their relationship.

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