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Launchpad McQuack

This is the canon page for Launchpad McQuack. Only confirmed information is permitted here.
Full name: Launchpad McQuack

Nickname/Alias: LP

Occupation: Pilot/Sidekick/Junior Woodchucks Scoutmaster

Age: Possibily in his 30's

Species: Duck

Gender: Male

Ripcord McQuack (father)
Birdie McQuack (mother)
Loopie McQuack (sister)
General Rhubarb McQuack (great-great-grandfather)
Darkwing Duck/Drake Mallard (BFF)
Gosalyn Mallard (little buddy)

The implacable ability to walk away from crashes
If it has wings, he can fly it

Clumsy, dim-witted, accident-prone

Basic Info

Formerly, a pilot and employee of Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad is currently the sidekick and housemate, to Drake Mallard who is the hero known as, Darkwing Duck.


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Cheerful and easy-going most of the time, Launchpad usually tries to find the silver lining in every situation (ex: when he and Darkwing were stranded in the Oilrabian desert, Launchpad grinned and said it was a great time to work on a tan. When he was shrunk to six inches high after being trapped in a steam box for an undisclosed amount of time, he wondered if he could get reduced rates at a resort instead of bemoaning his predicament.) He can become depressed if he feels like he can’t contribute anything to help his friends or society in general, as evidenced in both versions of DuckTales and Darkwing Duck when he thought he had been replaced by robots. The 1987 DuckTales version of the character left home at the age of fifteen after crashing during his family’s airshow (that canon is refuted in Darkwing Duck where Launchpad told DW his father Ripcord threw him out and told him to get a job after sharing some life advice.)

Launchpad believes in trying his best, enjoying the moment (he’s always game for a snack, a flight, or some tv time with friends), and doing good because it feels good. Although generally a very friendly and outgoing character, he can become snarky, sassy, and irritable when he sees his companions are blind to potential danger or consequences. He lost patience with Scrooge and Darkwing a few times in comics. One situation when Scrooge McDuck wanted to retrieve a giant gemstone from an exploding volcano, Launchpad picked up his belligerent boss and carried him away from the explosion like he was a football, ignoring Scrooge’s wailing thrashing protests. He irritably told Darkwing in the Disney Adventures comic, “Super Union Blues” part one to stop growling because he sounded like a wild animal and the media was within earshot.

He acts oblivious to most insults aimed at him, but when he asked Darkwing to let him be the hero on a SHUSH assignment in Oilrabia, his behavior toward Darkwing as a sidekick mimicked some of Darkwing’s behavior toward him (with a few differences, such as when Launchpad asked Darkwing for advice and when he tried to give Darkwing back his proper title at the end of the episode). Launchpad takes pride in being a good pilot, sidekick, and friend, and he can show a little ego when he waxes under the praise of adoring fans or pretty girls, he is humble and aware of the feelings of others. He takes care of Darkwing’s mental well-being by standing back in his shadow when he introduces himself, cheering him on when he’s down, and avoiding taking the media spotlight. When he was mistaken for Gizmoduck in DuckTales ‘87, he tried to clear up the confusion. In Darkwing Duck, he allowed Gosalyn to talk him into posing as Darkwing to help bolster Darkwing’s reputation as a hero, protect his identity (and enjoy some misplaced but deserved recognition and attention for a little while. His desire to receive positive attention was further highlighted in that Tuskernini episode when he offered to dress up as a panda once the media lost interest in Darkwing Duck.

Duckverse History

There is currently one active Launchpad player on Duckverse:


Darkwing Duck/Drake Mallard

At first, Darkwing found him to be an annoyance, but after a good bit of persistence and proving himself to the hero, Launchpad became his sidekick. Unintentionally, by stating the obvious in situations, LP is often the conscience of DW and keeps the hero from ignoring the consequences of his actions. Although, LP at times is the source of frustration for DW, the two are good friends and LP is loyal to him no matter what.

Gosalyn Mallard

While Launchpad is devoted to Gosalyn and can lend a sympathetic ear, being like a big kid himself, he is often caught up in her antics. This doesn't make him the best at adult supervision.

Morgana Macawber

Upon first meeting her, Launchpad was highly suspicious of the sorceress even to the point of warning DW, who was smitten with her at first sight. After Morgana has reformed and in a relationship with DW, LP is more friendly towards her.

Scrooge McDuck

Much like with DW, Launchpad is a loyal friend to Scrooge when he was still under his employment. He is very patient, humble, and rarely upset even when the older duck scolds or insults him.

Gizmoduck/Fenton Crackshell

Fenton is Launchpad's old friend from Duckburg. LP idolizes his hero persona, Gizmoduck, much to the annoyance of Darkwing.

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