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Launchpad McQuack

This is the canon page for Launchpad McQuack. Only confirmed information is permitted here.
Full name: Launchpad McQuack

Nickname/Alias: LP

Occupation: Pilot/Sidekick/Junior Woodchucks Scoutmaster

Age: Possibily in his 30's

Species: Duck

Gender: Male

Ripcord McQuack (father)
Birdie McQuack (mother)
Loopie McQuack (sister)
General Rhubarb McQuack (great-great-grandfather)
Darkwing Duck/Drake Mallard (BFF)
Gosalyn Mallard (little buddy)

The implacable ability to walk away from crashes
If it has wings, he can fly it

Clumsy, dim-witted, accident-prone

Basic Info

Formerly, a pilot and employee of Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad is currently the sidekick and housemate, to Drake Mallard who is the hero known as, Darkwing Duck.


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Duckverse History

There are currently one active Launchpad player on Duckverse:


Darkwing Duck/Drake Mallard

At first, Darkwing found him to be an annoyance, but after a good bit of persistence and proving himself to the hero, Launchpad became his sidekick. Unintentionally, by stating the obvious in situations, LP is often the conscience of DW and keeps the hero from ignoring the consequences of his actions. Although, LP at times is the source of frustration for DW, the two are good friends and LP is loyal to him no matter what.

Gosalyn Mallard

While Launchpad is devoted to Gosalyn and can lend a sympathetic ear, being like a big kid himself, he is often caught up in her antics. This doesn't make him the best at adult supervision.

Morgana Macawber

Upon first meeting her, Launchpad was highly suspicious of the sorceress even to the point of warning DW, who was smitten with her at first sight. After Morgana has reformed and in a relationship with DW, LP is more friendly towards her.

Scrooge McDuck

Much like with DW, Launchpad is a loyal friend to Scrooge when he was still under his employment. He is very patient, humble, and rarely upset even when the older duck scolds or insults him.

Gizmoduck/Fenton Crackshell

Fenton is Launchpad's old friend from Duckburg. LP idolizes his hero persona, Gizmoduck, much to the annoyance of Darkwing.

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