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Launchpad McQuack

Duckverse RP character

(Disclaimer: this is Lupineleigh’s character profile and in no way, shape, or form is official canon or endorsed by any other fans. Please do not edit unless you are adding rps or backstory which I have shared with you. I may have lost or forgotten some of the rps he was involved in.)

Headcanon WIP

Launchpad McQuack, a main character from 1987 DuckTales, is a Junior Woodchucks Scout leader and previous holder of the record number of merit badges, with swimming being the only skill he was weak in. It is possible that he met young Drake Mallard in his troop back when both of them were kids but, since Launchpad was a loud talking, fast moving, and overtly friendly individual, (and if you go by Darkwing Duck episode canon), accident-prone, even as a kid, it is doubtful that he and the extremely shy Drake would have interacted.

Launchpad became somewhat renown during his travels with Scrooge McDuck, triplets Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck, and other assorted company, but the fame rarely led to a second date with any of his fanbase. Most ladies were repelled by his clumsiness, his slightly boastful and long-winded tales, and his obliviousness to some social cues. Still, even though his only real friends were mostly kids under the age of twelve, he has always wanted to “do good because it feels good,” and he frequently imagined himself to be a hero during his many feather-raising, high-speed, high stakes adventures.

When he was not flying for a paycheck or hanging out with his young friends, Launchpad frequently worked on building planes. It became a hobby after his sister Loopy and his parents showed him a few tricks for quick fixes. He’d wrecked so many of Scrooge McDuck’s vehicles that there was no way he’d ever work off his debt if he tried to replace the busted planes, so he used the various parts to build new planes, like his much loved Joyrider, the red bi-wing.

During his work, he often dropped by inventor Gyro Gearloose’s place to ask for help tweaking parts, ideas for getting more efficient gas mileage or using less oil, etc. In return, he helped Gyro collect scrap metal and knick knacks from dumps, military surplus, and recycling plants to help Gyro build his inventions, and test ran some of Gyro’s “idiot-proof” inventions. With less than stellar results. However, it was one such visit to a pawnshop in St. Canard for parts that led to the moment that would change Launchpad’s life forever.

After making his purchase for Gyro (with some parts for himself), Launchpad stopped at Hamburger Hippo for a late dinner. As he was slurping his milkshake, he heard a woman scream a few streets away. He heroically raced to the rescue and cleared his throat to warn the thug to release that fair maiden when a much more chilling voice entered the equation. It seemed to come from everywhere and it was accompanied by misty blue smoke. “I am the terror that flaps in the night!” Launchpad raised his hands defensively, ready to fight off the new intruder, but the thug snatched the purse from the woman and ran, shoving Launchpad into a dumpster on his way out of the alley. Launchpad picked himself up and checked on the victim before giving pursuit, arriving just in time to see a purple streak fly through the air to deliver a debilitating kick to the hooligan’s midsection. The mysterious masked stranger landed gracefully, handcuffed the crook, retrieved the purse, and grapple hooked back to the alley where the sobbing victim was. Like a true hero, the canard proudly handed over the purse.

“Have no fear, Madame. Darkwing Duck is at your service. That’s two words, both capitalized. Here’s my autograph and a free 8×10 glossy to blow kisses to on your dresser.”

The woman had been too stunned to respond, so Launchpad stepped in, but Darkwing had already taken his leave, grappling out of sight with a heroic phrase much like the heroes who rode off into the sunset in the western movies Launchpad loved so much.

Launchpad tried to follow and saw the tiny but mighty mallard heave the much larger crook into a motorcycle that drove up to the curb on its own. A motorcycle with a beaked face for a hood over the front tire, and custom tailpipes that resembled wings. What a vehicle!

Darkwing drove off, leaving Launchpad reeling with curiosity and the beginnings of an obsession. He made sure the victim was alright and went back to Gyro’s to ask him about the crimefighter. Gyro did not know much about him but he mentioned that the DIA (Duckburg Intelligence Agency) was keeping tabs on him. Launchpad began his own research, stopping by St. Canard every weekend to get the Sunday paper, watching the news, and listening to the police radio. What he learned amazed him! The proud purple phantom was just like those heroes in the Golden Age comic books: bold, fearless, fast, strong, and righteous. Whatta guy! Yet none of the articles Launchpad saw in the papers said much about the caped crimefighter. The few that reported on his heroism painted him in a dull limelight, and most misspelt his name.

Maybe what Darkwing needed was a sidekick? Someone to help distract the crooks, tend to the victims, provide transportation (he still wanted a closer look at that custom motorcycle), and, perhaps most importantly, let the under appreciated hero know that someone recognized his glory and knew how to spell his name! And so from that day forth, Launchpad worked on a new project. He scribbled several designs, drawing inspiration from Darkwing’s motorcycle (the Ratcatcher ) and Gizmoduck’s suit. The Thunderquack was born, piece by piece, with input and a little help from Gyro in creating the hydraulics for a nose cone that could open and close like a ramp and be used for holding larger weapons (like a harpoon), a tow cable, or be used as a storage space for crooks (or the Ratcatcher).

Launchpad was incredibly proud of his new baby. He painted the Thunderquack with radar repelling paint, and added the best technology he could find, making its turbines and engines with parts from retired, damaged B2 Bombers and other jets. All he needed was an opportunity to show it off. Knowing Scrooge would have had Launchpad use it for cargo trips, Launchpad kept the TQ a secret from everyone except Gyro and the DIA.

After the events of “Darkly Dawns the Duck”, Launchpad took Gosalyn Waddlemeyer back to the orphanage and returned to the wreckage of Canard Tower to look for Darkwing.

— More to come! —

**Duckverse Relationships**

Darkwing Duck

Gosalyn Mallard/ Quiverwing Quack

Scrooge McDuck

Chief Agent Grizlikoff

Director J. Gander Hooter

Dr. Drake Mallard (Posiduck)(Hybrid)

Agent Carol Torres (OC)

Agent Kevion Anca (OC)

Agent William Connor (OC)

Agent Elliot Hudson (OC

Special Agent James Wolfe (OC)


Morgana Macawber

Lexi Calandrina (OC)

Amy Hartshell (ex F.O.W.L. Agent OC)

Tempest Loupnoir (OC)

Jacob Mallard (OC)

Quiverwing Duck

NegaGosalyn Waddlemeyer


-More coming-

**Roleplay History**

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