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 ===== Background ===== ===== Background =====
-A more detailed backstory. Can include as little or as much information as you'like.+Gyro grew up outside of Duckburg mainly under the care of his father, Fulton Gearloose, ​as his mother left his father (and him and his brother) when he was very young. Fulton Gearloose was a smart but simple man who owned a computer and appliance repair shop but didn't do much in the way of inventing on his own (having resented his father, Ratchet Gearloose, for spending more time with his inventions than with his own family or people in general). This would end up creating tension between Fulton and Gyro early on when it became clear (around the age of 3) that Gyro would not be content with just repairing computers and appliances but inventing things to make them better - following in his grandfather's footsteps.  
 +Gyro was profoundly gifted from a very young age having figured out how to repair simple things ​like alarm clocks and microwaves by the time most kids were still learning how to walk. This fact delighted his grandfather,​ Ratchet, to no end, and Gyro ended up forming a close bond with him despite his father'​s attempts to limit their contact. In fact while growing up, his grandfather might have been one of his only friends. Because his curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge meant he ended up neglecting the social aspect of his life. Add to that the fact that he was also extremely shy and nervous around other people (he was also much less mean and more awkward sweet around people).  
 +Even from a young age, Gyro was uncomfortable with being treated like a girl, often refusing to wear dresses and insisting on having his head feathers kept short. And at first, this was fine. His father thought he was simply being obstinate and rebellious - a headstrong child.
 ===== Personality ===== ===== Personality =====
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