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Full name: Vladimir Goudenov Gryzlikoff (or Grizzlikoff)

Nickname/Alias: Grizz

Occupation: Chief Agent of SHUSH

Age: Unknown, possibly 40's

Species: Grizzly bear

Gender: Male

Brute strength
Loyalty to SHUSH

Obsessed with following protocol
Weak grasp on the English language
Darkwing Duck's goading

Vladimir Goudenov Gryzlikoff

Basic Info

Chief Agent of SHUSH and second-in-command, under the direction of J. Gander Hooter.


He hails from Russia, and is proficient with the use of Cossack dancing as an offensive manoeuvre (as seen in the episode ‘Bad Tidings’). Otherwise, very little known about Gryzlikoff’s life prior to joining SHUSH.


While well-meaning and wanting nothing but the best for SHUSH and the city of St. Canard, Gryzlikoff is often blinded by the small details rather than concerning himself with the big picture. Of course, he wants to catch the bad guy—but you’d better be prepared to fill out a small boatload of forms first if requesting permission to use anything belonging to SHUSH to aid in that capture. And that’s nothing to say of what forms may await you in the event of something going wrong, or possibly even going as smoothly as one could hope.

Gryzlikoff is a stickler for rules and regulations, and no mission - regardless of the urgency - will get off the ground with his approval unless all proper procedure has been followed. Due to his reliance on structure and protocol, Gryzlikoff takes serious issue with the more reckless and unpredictable methods put to use by Darkwing Duck.

Though he is second-in-command and seemingly enjoys the idea of one day being director (see “Dirty Money”) he appears to hold great respect for the current director, and is content to follow orders, no matter how he may disagree with them

Duckverse History

There is currently one active player for Gryzlikoff on DV:


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