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Full name: Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard

Nickname/Alias: Gos, Quiverwing Quack, the Crimson Quackette, the Mysterious Masked Avenger of Evil

Occupation: elementary school student, budding vigilante

Age: 9

Species: duck

Gender: female

Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck
Professor Waddlemeyer

Whiffle Boy
Sneaking out
Getting her way
Getting into trouble
Reality checking DW's ego


Gosalyn Waddleymeyer-Mallard

Basic Info

Gosalyn is a spirited troublemaker with a penchant for getting under people's skin and right into their hearts. This is especially true of Drake Mallard, who adopted her soon after meeting her. She is headstrong and rambunctious, and often drags her best friend, Honker Muddlefoot, along for the ride. One of her favorite pastimes aside from making Honker's older brother and biggest bully Tank eat dirt, is to tag along with Darkwing Duck on his adventures despite explicitly being told she couldn't. Eventually she settles on her own vigilante identity, Quiverwing Quack, and not only does she work with Darkwing to take down baddies, she frequently upstages him. Even so, she remains her father's number one fan.


Not much is known about Gosalyn's life before Drake adopted her other than she was orphaned after an “unfortunate accident” befell her grandfather, who was her guardian. It is never canonically stated what happened to Gosalyn's parents to land her in the care of her grandfather. Following his death she was placed in an orphanage, where she constantly gave the matron, Mrs. Cavanaugh (an homage to Gosalyn's voice actress Christine Cavanaugh) gray hairs.

Due to unknowingly possessing the arming code to her late grandfather's invention, the Ramrod, she is nearly kidnapped by Taurus Bulba's goons Hoof, Mouth, and Hammerhead Hannigan. Luckily Darkwing Duck gets to her first and takes her back to Darkwing Tower, his base of operations, which is part of the Audubon Bay Bridge. There they get to know one another, and even sing each other a colorful lullaby, until she ultimately taken by the same henchmen who had failed earlier. During that time, Darkwing had been following a lead that was actually a blatant trap. Although Gosalyn still had no idea she knew the arming code, Darkwing had figured out that it was part of the lullaby she had shared earlier. He punched in the code in exchange for Gosalyn's freedom only to be betrayed by Taurus Bulba. Gosalyn is saved by Launchpad McQuack, who by this point has earned his role as Darkwing Duck's sidekick, but they can only watch as a physical altercation ensues between Darkwing and Bulba, leading to the explosion of an overheated Ramrod.

Believing Darkwing dead, Gosalyn sits alone on her orphanage bed until she hears a familiar voice and peers out to spy a bandage-covered mallard. Drake Mallard (aka Darkwing Duck) has come to adopt her. They live in a large home in the suburbs, next to some overly-friendly neighbors, and Gosalyn attends elementary school. She participates in numerous sports and is grateful to live with both Drake and Launchpad, who had moved in with them.


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