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Gladstone Gander (played by Icequeenkitty)

Full name: Gladstone Gander

Nickname/Alias:Glad, Gladdy, Idiot (affectionate), Lucky

Publicly: None
Secretly: Floriculturist

Age: 30ish

Species: half duck half goose

Gender: Male

Daphne Gander nee Duck (mother/deceased)
Gustav Gander (father/deceased)
Matilda McDuck (adoptive mother)
Scrooge McDuck (Uncle)
Donald Duck (cousin)
Della Duck (cousin/missing presumed deceased)
Fethry Duck (cousin)
Gus Goose (cousin)
Huey Duck (second cousin “nephew”)
Dewey Duck (second cousin “nephew”)
Louie Duck (second cousin “nephew”)

Supernatural Luck

Lilly Teal (cinnamon roll girlfriend)
Not Carefully Phrasing Wishes
Non Lethal Physical Harm
Disguises of Any Kind
Father Figures

Basic Info

Gladstone Gander is a canon character currently played in the Duckverse RP. His background and history have been adjusted accordingly to match the player's personal headcanon


The events of Gladstone's past are pretty much cherry picked from all of his canon (comics and show appearances) and fanbased incarnations making him an amalgamation of sass and sweetness.

Gladstone Gander is the Luckiest Person alive. He is known for this unnatural abilities in some circles, having earned himself a lifetime ban from most gambling houses worth their salt. He is the nephew of Scrooge McDuck, cousin of Donald Duck and second cousin/“uncle” to Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck. Gladstone's whereabouts before his arrival in St. Canard are vague as he spent extensive time (years) travelling the world on the whims of his luck. Along side his well documented luck Gladstone had also gained a reputation as a flirt and self obsessed moron. Which is true on both counts. He has never held any long lasting relationships, friends or otherwise, but has had many heartaches and losses in his seemingly charmed life.

Gladstone has had great success in his life, but has squandered it all with no interest in investing it or himself in anything meaningful. He arrived in St. Canard on a whim and has had a bit of a wake up call since setting foot in the city.


A lonely loner who has learned to cope by pushing people away before they can hurt him, despite this he is normally pleasant with new people. Warming up despite his best efforts to remain impartial if he senses a connection. Gladstone is usually openly friendly, curious, confident, and vain. He does have a temper and can lose it at the drop of a hat if certain buttons are pressed. It does take quite a bit to trigger this anger as he prefers to not get too worked up as it's too much work and he might mess up his hair.

Gladstone is… not smart. No matter how intelligent he thinks he is. He is extremely naive, genuinely gullible, and terrible at planning anything at all resembling a cohesive plan. He does not think through or field his ideas with others and usually just winds up rushing in blindly on a whim. He's not a complete moron however and does have extensive knowledge about things that interest him but he has a lot of blind spots in common knowledge and practical everyday things.

Loyalty is important to Gladstone. The only people in his life who have stuck by him are his family (despite their annoyance with him) and even if he teases and antagonizes them he will be their stalwart defender should he be alerted to any ill will towards them. This extends to his friends as well.

Not particularly brave Gladstone tries to avoid physical conflict as best he can but if put on the spot he is quite scrappy and his luck helps him get out of very sticky situations. He has no heroic ambitions even though he can be heroic on occasion he finds he usually needs to take a six hour power nap afterwards.

Gladstone is exceptionally lazy. He has a special talent for being able to fall asleep anywhere and harbors an open disdain for all semblances of normal work. He has a deep dark secret that he truly enjoys gardening and in recent days has set up a greenhouse where he grows flowers for the flower shop he lowkey owns in an underground magical marketplace. He considers this a shameful secret and has only two confidants (Lilly Teal and Ariana McCawber) in this distasteful practice.

Duckverse History

Upon arriving in St. Canard Gladstone has gotten his foot stuck in many dramatic goings on. The circumstances for him leaving Duckburg many years prior are vague but usually include an angry mob and him leaving in quite a hurry. He often finds himself in the “damsel in distress” role and as a result has made quite a few heroic friends. He was staying in the presidential suite of the Bilton Hotel until FOWL infiltrated in an attempt to kidnap him that was intercepted by Jacob Mallard, since then he's lived in the Midnight Market (a secret subterranean magical marketplace).

Most notably his time in St. Canard has left him romantically linked with Lilly Teal (with whom he's had many adventures), built up a strong dislike of Negaduck (who has tried to kill him very persistently), developed an idolization of Jacob Mallard, infuriates himself with his friendship with Mother Goose, and retains friendships with many residents of the city be they hero,villain, or citizen.


Lilly Teal

Lilly Teal was the first person that Gladstone met in St. Canard. Moments after his arrival he found a haunted ladle and happened upon her bookstore where a rather dramatic first meeting took place wherein the shop was destroyed by the ghostly entity and rebuilt and movie deals were made. Things haven't slowed down since. Gladstone and Lilly have grown very close in the time they've spent together. The fast talking, attention seeking, lucky wanderer getting hooked by a sincere audience who is a bottomless well of affection, good at thinking on her feet (he thinks she's brilliant), loyal, and with the patience of a saint. Through the course of their adventures Lilly has become Gladstone's anchor to St. Canard (and common decency) and his biggest weakness. Lilly's influence on his life and daily interactions has had the overall effect of softening his approach with people he would otherwise brush off. Through her he has learned that some connections are worth the work to nurture and watch grow.

In short, he loves her. A lot. She is currently his girlfriend but he has plans to upgrade that status in the near future.

A collection of Lilly and Gladstone's blogs

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Mother Goose

Goose and Gander have a very special bond. One of antagonistic amicability. Mother Goose (Briar Grimm) is dramatic, self important, boisterous, and petty… all traits she shares with Gladstone. No stranger to the whims of witches and other magical types Gladstone's initial reaction upon meeting the extravagant Mother Goose was to play along in an effort to not be turned into something unfortunate. This started the ground work of their relationship that soon was skewed toward friendship with the introduction of Lilly Teal into the equation. Mother Goose via her friendship with Lilly Teal has occasionally forced Gladstone's hand to progress their relationship, although he'd never admit her heavy handed tactics were ever to blame for giving him the shake he needed. Mother Goose and Gladstone have a dynamic that doesn't fall too far short of the one Gladstone shares with Donald Duck. They constantly butt heads, make snide remarks (behind Lilly's back) to one another, and sometimes degrade to physical violence (hair pulling, toe stomping, elbowing) when tempers are pushed too far. Beneath the ribbing and teasing there is a genuine bond between them. Gladstone knows that Briar has a good heart underneath all the insufferable villainous characteristics and has on occasion rushed head first into danger to protect his friend.

Mother Goose's magic has a strange reaction to whatever makes Gladstone's luck tick, making her spells have extreme and often distressing side effects (turning him into a dragon on one occasion and Tinkerbell on another). She also routinely destroys his clothes throughout the course of their adventures, and the fact that Gladstone still interacts with her after losing so much of his precious wardrobe should speak volumes of his attachment to the sorceress.

A collection of Mother Goose and Gladstone's blogs

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Gary and Hagatha Grimm

Gladstone is enamored with Mother Goose's parents. Even with the knowledge of their low opinion of Normals in general and their criminal professions Gladstone actively tries to impress and win the whimiscal Grimm's affections… much to the chagrin of their daughter.

Jacob Mallard

Early on in his residency in St. Canard Gladstone's luck drew the attention of F.O.W.L. and deployed a small army to acquire it. What the evil organization hadn't anticipated was S.H.U.S.H. deploying the one man army crasher Agent Jacob Mallard to intercept. What started as a rocky, almost antagonistic dynamic between the Agent and his charge quickly changed to a fast friendship. Gladstone is completely enamored with the smooth SHUSH Agent, feeling cooler by proxy and being a self professed fanboy of the older man.

The Agent's fast paced and sexy lifestyle appeals to the gander but there's certainly a great deal of admiration of the man himself, although in reality Gladstone knows very little about his hero. A fine line exists between his worship of the man as a friend and that as a father figure. In their time together Gladstone has come to realize that he's not at all secret Agent material, but never falters in watching in amazement Jacob do what he does best. Kick ass and break hearts.

Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge and Gladstone have never been the closest of relations. But there is a soft spot in the old miser's heart for his troublesome nephew and equally a bit of a desire in Gladstone to be recognized by his famous relative. Granted this usually manifests in Gladstone as being “helpful” (one of his worst skills) and being frustrated by the closeness of Scrooge and his other other cousins.

Their personalities are like oil and water. If the oil is pure Argan pomade and the water is from the lost city of Atlantis.

Ariana McCawber

Ariana and Gladstone did not get off on the right foot. Not even the left. But after a bit of backtracking and some actual one on one bonding the two have hit it off rather well. (Even despite his efforts to help her in her personal relationships. ) They share a few common interests. He has given her dancing lessons in return she has let him pick her brain about the occult. A win/win for all involved. Gladstone is often impulsive and careless so the friendship might drift back to being strained again but she is in his confidence and is one of the few people who know is deep dark (profitable) secret.


Harmonizer and Gladstone are bros. She saved him from a rather sticky situation (as heroes are wont to do) and have been in contact ever since. This usually manifests in the form of text messages and memes at all hours.


The only person to land himself on Gladstone's “I think I hate them” list.

Negaduck and Gladstone could have been great friends, until Gladstone (eventually) came to realize that the masked menace had been actively trying to kill him. Since then the sight of the criminal (or anyone who looks like him: Darkwing and Quiverwing primarily) causes a deep visceral annoyance in the goose. He's since learned to determine the difference between the heroes and their nemesis, despite how terrible he is at figuring out disguises. Negaduck seems to have taken overcoming Gladstone's luck as a nifty little challenge. Recently figuring if he can't physically harm the gander himself, why not employ the help of Lilly.

Gladstone has zero tolerance for the crook. Flipping the “sass” switch on immediately upon visual confirmation.

†This section is dedicated in loving memory of Judith who met her untimely end via Negaduck's carelessness. Rest well dear angel. You will be greatly missed.†


Gladstone has a smart mouth (probably the smartest part about him) and it is a font of sass. He dishes out nicknames at the drop of a hat with various levels of success. Often times this is a show of affection unless it's aimed at a more sinister target then it's just a downward spiral into the snarkpocalypse. When cooking up pet names for friends if the person mentions a fondness for one in particular he will use that one almost exclusively (Most notably this has happened with Lilly and Jacob)

Here is a random collection of some of the nicknames he's thrown around and their corresponding targets.

Lilly Teal

Lillypad (preferred name), Squeaker, Lillylove, Lil' Bit, Sunshine, Smiley, Lucky Star, Songbird, Lovely Lilly, Lilly 'The Real Deal' Teal, Sugarcube, Sweetness, Lillybear,

Scrooge McDuck

Unc, Uncle Changesnatcher, Uncle Softheart McFamilyMan, Mr. MiserSpats, Uncle Pennytinkles

Jacob Mallard

Double O(preferred name) originally Double O J but someone doesn't like to be compared to mimosa mixers apparently ,Jacob Montgomery Consuela Liberace 'The Man' Mallard, ‘Ace in the Hole’ (codename)

Mother Goose

Loosey Goosey, Bibbity Boppitity Bimbo, Goldie Frocks, Little Miss Sunshine, Morgan Le Fray


Humdinger, Taz Mazazz, Tazamillion, Tazzle Dazzle, T diggity T


Pinkie Pom Pom, Ringlets, Floofy Poof, Fairy Godmunchin,

Blackarts Beagle

Hairy Pawtter, Gothy vonEmostien, Blandalf the Grave

Quiverwing Duck/Drake

Daring Drake


A.K.A. His Favorite Target

N-Bomb, Negalicious, Big Negsy, Negarino, Blasty McNasty, Notorious N.E.G., Little Red Riding Hoodlum, Admiral RageQuit von Duckington, Mr. Rough n’ Gruff n’ Tough n’ Stuff, Negsy von Ragenstein, Grumblepuss McShootypants, Short Round, Dorothy Bail, Banana Greedpublic, Surly Temple, Red Delicious, Mellow Yellow, Negative Nancy, Crimson Snide, Cruel Hand Nuke, Fray Bae, Evil Grinevel, The Texas Chainsaw Castigator

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