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Full name:Fenton Crackshell


Hero (Gizmoduck)
Accountant for Scrooge McDuck (Fenton)
Bean Counter(Fenton/previous)
Author of Inspirational Novels and Pamphlets

Age: Late Twenties Early Thirties

Species: Duck

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

M'Ma Crackshell (mother)

High Tech Robotic Suit
Excellent Counter
Plucky Attitude

EMPs (Gizmoduck)
Pretty Girls (Both)
His Fans (Both)
Helpful and Naive (Both)
Conceivably Everything (Fenton)

Gizmoduck (as played by IcequeenKitty)

Basic Info

Gizmoduck/Fenton Crackshell is a canon character currently played in the Duckverse RP. His background and history have been adjusted accordingly to match the player's personal headcanon


Gizmoduck is the robotic suited protector of Duckburg and more recently St. Canard. He has been in the heroism game for a number of years now and has amassed quite a fan club. His squeaky clean image is not only tin deep as Fenton (the hero's feathery center) is infallibly earnest and eager to help and will never willingly participate in any illegal activity regardless of it's seriousness (i.e. walking on the grass, pulling tags off mattresses). His backstory can be found in greater detail on the canon Gizmoduck page.


Can discuss your character's personality. What makes them happy? Sad? Psychological profile?

Duckverse History

Following the events of the show Gizmoduck has become a more permanant protector of St. Canard in recent days. This is owing to Fenton being dumped by his long term girlfriend Gandra Dee and him trying to fill his time with work. Luckily for him there is so much for a hero to do in St. Canard. He has taken to creating explanatory pamphlets for any possible scenario, even finding more obscure printings of preexisting literature to distribute to anyone in need. In addition to these brief glimpses of his helpful prose Gizmoduck has also authored several self help and motivational quote books that have had great commercial success due to the hero's stellar public opinon profile.

Crime fighting wise Gizmoduck is not shy about engaging any form of villian, be they seasoned or greenhorn or even non sentient, he is sworn to his duty to protect the city and her people and will do so with gusto. This leaves little time for Fenton Crackshell which ultimately was the end of his relationship with Gandra. Fenton's identity is only known by a select few: Scrooge McDuck, Gyro Gearloose, and more recently his friend Ariana Macawber. Without fail Gizmoduck will ride to the aid of his comrades if called upon and will speak at any public function if called upon and fix any broken light bulb if called upon and free any cat from a tall tree branch if called upon… etc.


Darkwing Duck



Quiverwing Duck
Mother Goose

Once Upon a Crime Gizmoduck encountered Mother Goose, and the amorous villainess knocked him for a figurative loop. The two have had a bit of a romantic entanglement since, with her bright eyed and eager friendliness in her intentions to woo him causing him to both rejoice and reflect on just how wise it would be to indulge a person who is currently in the reformation process (so he categorizes her although this is explicitly not the case) and the moral and proper conundrums this could cause. He is attracted to her regardless but knows it is the shiny hero she likes, not the little bean counter within.

Malicia Macawber

Gizmoduck met Malicia Macawber after she got lost on a tour of a museum in Duckburg (read: robbing) that he had been hired to patrol. Though she consistanly proved to him that she was no laughing matter and was trying to spread her villainous wings, their first meeting ended with him politely calling her a cab and a very memorable kiss.

NegaGosalyn Mallard
Morgana Macawber
Ariana McCawber
Lilly Teal
Papyrus the Skeleduck
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