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This is the canon page for Gizmoduck. Only confirmed information is permitted here.
Full name:Fenton Crackshell


Hero (Gizmoduck)
Accountant for Scrooge McDuck (Fenton)
Bean Counter(Fenton/previous)

Age: Late Twenties Early Thirties

Species: Duck

Gender: Male

M'Ma Crackshell (mother)

High Tech Robotic Suit
Excellent Counter
Plucky Attitude

EMPs (Gizmoduck)
Pretty Girls (Both)
His Fans (Both)
Helpful and Naive (Both)
Conceivably Everything (Fenton)

Basic Info

Gizmoduck is the Hero of Duckberg beloved by all with a few notable exceptions. He blindly does what is right and lawful often time treading on the toes of other superheroes albeit completely unintentionally. Darkwing Duck in particular has a “frenemy” sort of reaction to Gizmoduck although the feeling is completely one sided.


Fenton Crackshell, while working at a bean counting plant decides that he needs to move up in the world if he's ever going to win respect and the heart of the pretty receptionist Gandra Dee. He sees a wanted ad for Scrooge McDuck seeking an accountant and decides that this is is calling. After a shoddy correspondence course Fenton harasses his way into Scrooge's direct line of sight trying to prove himself. He fails in spectacular fashion ultimately losing his would be employer's Number One Dime which, as these things tend to happen, falls directly into the hands of the Ma Beagle and her Boys. When multiple attempts to reclaim the coin yield no results other then getting pounded into the dirt Fenton retreats back to Gyro's workshop.

Gyro had been commissioned by Scrooge to create a robotic armor to serve as his body guard/security guard for his money bin, rather than having the inventor make another sentient machination as Gyro's track record is less than stellar when it comes to his creations remaining subservient and… not evil. As fate would have it Fenton`s common utterance of `Blathering Blatherskite`triggers the suit to attach to him and he is able to reclaim the dime. Get the job(s), the girl, and a fancy new heroic identity.

When Gizmoduck makes his appearance in Darkwing Duck he has become a well established hero in his own right. He has fanclubs, book deals, talk show appearances, and the respect of the public at large. He is influental in forming The Justice Ducks and delights in his team ups with the sour vigilante even if Darkwing does get under his chrome sometimes.


Fenton Crackshell is enthusiastic, highly eccentric, and desperate to please those he loves and who he respects. He gets carried away extremely easy, and has a complete lack of any sort of moderation. (I.E. When courting Gandra he often buries her in tribute. When trying to win Scrooge`s approval and his supposed knowledge of accounting he dumps all his money in a dam to make Scrooge`s assets `Liquid`.) Typically he is good natured to a fault but can be petty and insecure as well. Particularly when others are credited with his good deeds.

Gizmoduck is Fenton Crackshell on steroids. Everything is bigger, bolder, louder, and flashier as Gizmoduck. He plays into the pomp and heroics to epic proportions. In either identity he is not particularly bright as his plans and schemes tend to veer off into nonsensical rather than practical and he preservers seemingly oblivious to the fact that Gregorian Monks or the Tooth Fairy might not be as stealthy a disguise as he thinks in a modern urban setting. Despite his silliness Gizmoduck is a fine hero. He wins the day, kisses babies, signs autographs and adores the difference he makes in the world around him through his super hero persona.

Duckverse History

There is currently one Gizmoduck player on Duckverse:


Gandra Dee

Gandra Dee, initally one of Fenton`s driving forces to become more than just a bean counter, reveals to him that she liked him despite of his position and financial situation. She is kind hearted, independent, patient to a point, and very supportive of Fenton in whatever harebrained schemes he comes up with. (i.e. she becomes the spokes model for a fictional product named Pep for him) She is unaware that Fenton is Gizmoduck and gets overwhelmed with Fenton`s flip flopping of smothering her with affection and complete and total absence.

M`Ma Crackshell

M`Ma is a stay at trailer mother. She is brash, opinionated, lazy, loves soap operas, TV dinners, and her son. She is rarely seen out of her curlers and bathrobe. M`ma is one of the few people who knows that Fenton is Gizmoduck and even donned the suit herself once.

Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge seems to barely tolerate Fenton. Probably because the labor is cheap and he knows that his heart is in the right place. Regardless of all the screw ups Scrooge keeps him on as his accountant and bodyguard, he knows that Fenton is Gizmoduck and often has to keep him in line from revealing his secret identity when Fenton gets angry when others speculate as to who wears the suit.

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck, despite his best efforts, cannot get the public to adore him. This seems to be his main point of contention with Gizmoduck who is universally loved and respected. This manifests in sass, under handed comments, light sabotage, turf wars, and eventual acceptance and team ups. Gizmoduck, even when annoyed with Darkwing`s churlishness counts the hero (and all heroes) as allies and friends.

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