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Full name: Feathers Galore

Nickname/Alias: Several

Occupation: FOWL Agent

Age: Early thirties

Species: Duck

Gender: Female


Hand-to-Hand Combat
Lying and Manipulation
Stunt Driving
Gathering intel

Clowns (disgust, hatred)
Children (disgust)
Wild Beasts (fear)
Imminent Threat of Death or Disfiguration (fear)
FOWL High Command (fear)
Pleasure Before Business
Launchpad McQuack? (may have a soft spot)
Non-Magical and Non-Powered
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Feathers Galore

Rated M for violence and sexual themes.

Basic Info

Feathers Galore is a minor canon character from Duck Tales '87 (single appearance episode, “Double O Duck”) currently played in the Duckverse RP. In the original episode, she was a FOWL agent working under then-leader Dr. NoGood who immediately caught on that Launchpad McQuack was not her boyfriend (a Launchpad look-alike FOWL agent by the name of Bruno von Beak) and tried to kill him. Upon failing, she was to be murdered via lion pit, but saved by Launchpad, she went on to help him take down Dr. NoGood and the rest of FOWL. In this RP, she has been more fleshed out from her original appearance and for characterization reasons has returned to being a FOWL agent under High Command in direct opposition of SHUSH.


Feathers Galore started her life in a Russian orphanage in the bad part of an already dismal Russian city. She went by a different name, then, but has since destroyed all trace of her original identity. Life was hard - made harder by the fact that Feathers had a penchant for getting into trouble. A frequent runaway. An unrepentant shoplifter, pickpocket, and young con artist. Falling in and out of a bad crowd of kids. Any number of terrible things could've befallen her as a young girl in an unforgiving city, but Feathers was smart and clever, and it seemed there was no trouble she couldn't leave. She even tried her hand at running an all-girl gang before she grew bored of leadership and went solo.

Her first boyfriend was a mook in the Russian Mafia, and soon, her life became far more complicated and dangerous. She had fallen in love hard and fast and took to the small-time jobs in the “legitimate” business like a fish to water. Things weren't always good. Her boyfriend and her fought… A Lot. The jobs she took on could be… uncomfortable. Mentally, physically, morally (all new lines crossed she hadn't before). She lied to herself and endured it.

And then, they killed her boyfriend right in front of her - one shot, and it was over. Trauma. Grief. Eventually, she simply became bitter. She did jobs for the Russian Mafia not to better her life but out of sheer fear of defying them. Life got worse. She'd thought about trying to get help. Then, she thought better of it when she saw what happened to people who tried to leave, tried to snitch in exchange for protection.

One fateful day, she got caught up in a FOWL operation. Seeing an opportunity, she turned on her mafioso comrades and manipulated events to help FOWL seize control. She was recruited into FOWL as an agent-in-training a month later. She learned much quicker than they had ever anticipated. She formed unsteady relationships with her fellow agents (men, women), but they meant nothing. Quick flings, if she was lucky. Heartbreak, if she was not.

Enter Bruno von Beak. Handsome, suave, cunning, experienced. The perfect match, and a match made in hell (for everyone else). Feathers fell in love again. Saved his life once. But things became more strained between them when he didn't return the favor and left her to die. She survived because of course she did. They became close but untrusting of each other. He cheated on her. She cheated on him. They had an on-and-off again relationship. She loved him and hated him and hated herself for loving him.

Cue the events of Double O Duck. She was offered a job in intelligence but turned it down. Never did trust government organizations. Still, she tried to live her life on the straight and narrow. It started with homicide. Self-defense. Bruno had tried to kill her for what she had known. She killed him first. She decided love was a fool's game and felt better. She changed her name and moved to Canada. Became painfully bored and hated the “common” life. FOWL came under new management. She worked her way in their good graces. Now, she's determined to live her life for herself.


Feathers Galore exemplifies the term femme fatale. She's seductive, conniving, cold-hearted, and deadly. She's someone who has been burned too many times from having feelings and has simply decided not to have them. Her level of morality has gotten so skewed over the years that even when she actually tried, she couldn't quite figure it out. She is highly sociable, charming, and a skilled liar and actress. She fills the void in her heart (where meaningful relationships should be) with sex, fancy clothes, fancy food and drink, high-class living in general, and risk-taking and thrill-seeking. She's selfish, self-centered, and a coward who would throw others under the bus to save her own skin. She's definitely not afraid to use her beautiful appearance to her advantage.

Duckverse History

Feathers Galore has arrived in St. Canard and has remotely engaged with Darkwing Duck (GS), Negaduck (Nemzit), and Malicia Macawber over The Wire.

Feathers Galore meets with Negaduck in a casino. The two flirt with one another before engaging in a thrilling game of Baacatrat (baccarat).

Feathers Galore meets with Malicia Macawber in the Pink Pussykat Club.


Launchpad McQuack

Launchpad greatly resembles her ex-boyfriend, Bruno von Beak, in appearance but that's where the similarities stop. Feathers had fully intended to kill him, but after he saved her life (something no one had ever done for her before), she found herself fully enamored with him and wanted to help him. At the end of Double O Duck, she pleaded with Launchpad to take her with him, but he refused stating she was still in love with Bruno and that he “crashed” alone. She greatly resents him for leaving her but may still possess something resembling feelings for him (likely conflating the feelings she once had for Bruno with him). Of course, she also killed her ex-boyfriend who looked almost exactly like him and doesn't seem that remorseful about it. Future interaction between the two of them could be interesting.

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