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 ===== Basic Info ===== ===== Basic Info =====
- +Darkwing Duck is Saint Canard'​s main vigilante, often thwarting the deeds of the Fearsome Five or FOWL along with other rogues from his expansive gallery When he isn't defeating crooks and chasing after media attention, he is caring for his nine-year-old adopted daughter, [[characters:​canon:​gosalyn:​darkwingpsycho|Gosalyn]],​ who is a handful in and of herself. ​ As Drake Mallard, he lives in the suburbs at 537 Avian Way next door to a friendly but intrusive family that he tolerates. ​ His sidekick and friend, [[characters:​canon:​launchpad:​lupineleigh|Launchpad McQuack]], helps manage the household. ​ Sometimes he takes on SHUSH cases as a freelance agent, and he frequently is gifted gadgets from the government agency to help him fight crime.
-A brief introduction ​of your characterWho are they? What role do they play in the Duckverse?+
 ===== Background ===== ===== Background =====
-more detailed backstoryCan include ​as little ​or as much information as you'like.+The young Drake Mallard lived in a different area of Saint Canard suburbia with his parents and older sister, Carolyn (Carrie). ​ He had a mostly happy childhood, and adored his "​secret agent" father ([[characters:​oc:​jacobmallard|Jacob Mallard]]) with everything he had.  Reading comics like //Duck Tracy//, //Super Pig//, and //Captain Virtue// and being able to spend very little quality time with his dad contributed to the idea that his father was not unlike these superhuman heroes. ​ He wanted nothing ​more than to please Jacob, so he tried sport after sport with no real success at any of them He was a rather geeky kid, good in school with few friends and a lot of imagination. ​ Because of this, Drake (called "​Drakey"​ back then), was bullied frequently, and despite his father'​s attempts to get him to toughen up, it never really stuck. 
 +After Jacob'​s disappearance,​ Drake was at first determined to find him, but being only ten at the time made things difficult, so he stayed home with his mother and his sister. ​ While he grew closer to his mother, Gail, he grew apart from Carrie, and after Carrie was killed by a drunk driver two years later, he became certain of the fact that their father was not coming back.  Carrie'​s death also hit Gail hard, and she became comatose, all hope lost for Jacob'​s return and that things could be the way they had been before his disappearance. ​ Drake cared for her as best he could until she killed herself when he was 13. 
 +He was sent to live with his uncle, Nicholas (Nick) Mallard, who was the only living relative who would take him in, albeit reluctantly. ​ Nick paid little ​attention to Drake and was cold and stand-offish,​ but he had a large home in a nice area, so Drake didn't want for anything. ​ He never lost the spirit, curiosity, and confidence his mother had instilled in him despite his many tragedies and his continued victimization by bullies up through high school. ​ Following graduation, he went to Saint Canard University (his father'​s alma mater) and majored in criminal justice with a minor in chemistry. ​ Afterward he enrolled in the local police academy, never having lost the drive to find out what happened to his father and to be like his father and the heroes from his childhood comic books. 
 +It only took him a brief stent with the police to realize that it was not for him.  There was too much red tape, regulations,​ restrictions,​ and formalities that were pointless when it came down to justice, so he quit to go his own way.  After some training from around the world by various experts, he settled into one of the abandoned towers of the Audubon Bay Bridge and developed the persona of Darkwing Duck. 
 +Meanwhile, John Gander Hooter, who had been Jacob Mallard'​s best friend, was now director of the government spy agency, SHUSH. ​ He took an interest in Darkwing'​s exploits and sought him out to recruit him as a freelance agent Thus, a vigilante was born!
 ===== Personality ===== ===== Personality =====
-Can discuss your character'​s personalityWhat makes them happy? Sad? Psychological profile?+Like the canon Darkwing, he is extremely egotistical,​ self-centered,​ and obsessed with being in the spotlight. ​ This all stems from the childhood losses he endured, bullying, and the foundational self-assurance instilled by his mother and the fear of rejection/​need for attention that came from his relationship with his father.
 ===== Duckverse History ===== ===== Duckverse History =====
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