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 ===== Relationships ===== ===== Relationships =====
-Here you can list the various key relationships in your character'​s life. Feel free to include links  +== Gosalyn Mallard ==
-to particular roleplay scenes that might have been important.  +
-[[:​characters:​oc:​malicia#​relationships|See Mal's list of relationships as an example. ]]+
-== Character #1 ==+This pirate version of Gosalyn, may be Doubloon'​s adopted daughter and just like Darkwing, he is protective of her. 
-The description of the relationship between your character and character #1.+== Launchpad McQuack ==
-== Character #2 ==+One of Doubloon'​s crew members and sidekick. 
 +== Gizmoduck/​Fenton Crackshell ​== 
 +One of Doubloon'​s crew members. 
 +== Stegmutt == 
 +One of Doubloon'​s crew members.
-The description of the relationship of your character and character #2. 
 {{gallery>:​characters:​canon:​doubloon?​3?​=6&​lightbox?​norecursive}} {{gallery>:​characters:​canon:​doubloon?​3?​=6&​lightbox?​norecursive}}
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