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This is the canon page for Darkwing Doubloon. Only confirmed information is permitted here.
Full name: Darkwing Doubloon

Nickname/Alias: Seaman Drake, Scourge of the Seven Seas

Occupation: Pirate Hero

Age: Presumably 30's

Species: Duck

Gender: Male

Family: Gosalyn (presumably adopted daughter)


Weaknesses: His ego

Darkwing Doubloon

Basic Info

“Three hundred years ago, there was another masked mallard who fought for justice: Darkwing Doubloon!”

-Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Doubloon was a pirate hero from three centuries ago who had many adventures on the high seas and battled seafaring villains. He is also an ancestor of Darkwing Duck.



Seaman Drake, as he known as by the Royal family, was the infamous Darkwing Doubloon, Scourge of the Seven Seas. He and his crew, battled against the group known as the Fearsome Pirates, led by Negaduck, to reclaim the stolen royal treasure that the villains had taken.

Boom! Studios/Joe Books Comics

In the comic arc, Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, Doubloon along with other Darkwings from various dimensions, is brought to Darkwing Prime's St. Canard by Magica De Spell and Negaduck to attack and terrorize the city. It is unknown if this Darkwing Doubloon is the same one from the cartoon.


Much like his descendant, Darkwing Duck, he is egotistical and vain. He takes great pride in being known as the 'Scourge of the Seven Seas'. He is quite flamboyant in personality. However, he can be bumbling at times. Although, he is a pirate he has a sense of justice and is good-hearted.

Duckverse History

There are currently one active Darkwing Doubloon player on Duckverse:


Gosalyn Mallard

This pirate version of Gosalyn, may be Doubloon's adopted daughter and just like Darkwing, he is protective of her.

Launchpad McQuack

One of Doubloon's crew members and sidekick.

Gizmoduck/Fenton Crackshell

One of Doubloon's crew members.


One of Doubloon's crew members.

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