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This is the canon page for Darkwarrior Duck. Only confirmed information is permitted here.
Full name: Drake Mallard

Nickname/Alias: Darkwarrior Duck

Occupation: Dictator-protector

Age: Presumably 50's

Species: Duck

Gender: Male

Gosalyn Mallard (adopted daughter)

His ego
His love for Gosalyn

Darkwarrior Duck

Basic Info

Darkwarrior Duck is Darkwing from an alternate future where the disappearance of Gosalyn caused him to become a dictator bent on dishing out his own brand of justice.



After Gosalyn is accidentally sent to the future by Megavolt's and Quackerjack's Time Top, Darkwing falls into a deep state of depression believing he had failed her as father and that she had ran away. He loses interest in crimefighting. Launchpad does his best to help Darkwing but the hero is soon washed up.

One day, while the two were scouting for crime, Darkwing sees a little girl whom he mistakes for Gosalyn getting her doll stolen and it is this incident that sparks him into taking up the crimefighting business again.

Once again he is a hero, but as time goes by and the more evildoers he defeats, the darker he grows. After driving out (or presumably has murdered them) the villains, Darkwing turns to ruling over the citizens of St. Canard under the new persona, Darkwarrior Duck.

Ruling the city with an iron fist with an ever growing list of laws, he punishes civilians for the most minor of offences to a harsh degree (even sending offenders to the electric chair). Launchpad is no longer his sidekick and has been replaced with an army of robots. His new base of operations is in the St. Canard Tower.

Everything is turned upside down, when one night Darkwarrior responds to a defacement of his statue and it turns out to be Gosalyn and Launchpad. He blames Launchpad despite Gos' protest and has him arrested. He very much happy to see her again and tries to convince her to become his new sidekick but later on she refuses claiming he has become obsessed while stating she wishes to go back to the past so that he never exists. He then has her arrested.

Having become aware of the Time Top, Darkwarrior plans to go back in time to reshape history into his own twisted image. This plan is disrupted with the escape of Gos, Megavolt, Quackerjack, and Launchpad, (along with other prisoners Darkwarrior had imprisoned). He incapacitates the two villains and confronts his daughter threating her with his gas gun turned missle launcher stating she is a bad egg. However, he cannot bring himself to harm her and this hesitation leaves him open to getting knocked out by Launchpad which allows the three time travelers to escape and return to the past.

Boom! Studios/Joe Books Comics

In the comic arc, Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, Darkwarrior along with other Darkwings from various dimensions, is brought to Darkwing Prime's St. Canard by Magica De Spell and Negaduck to attack and terrorize the city. Unlike the other Darkwings, he is the only one who did not need to be hypnotized and came along by his own free will for the opportunity to clean up St. Canard again.

Darkwarrior hunts down Darkwing on the Aububon Bay Bridge, but before he can attack Morgana teleports herself and Darkwing away to safety.

After, tracking down and attacking, Tuskernini and Professor Moliarty, he is confronted by Quiverwing Duck. Darkwarrior sends his army of robots to attack the hero but proves to be no match and is ultimately defeated by Quiverwing. He then tells the do gooder to save Darkwing Prime and to have one final victory before he loses what they have lost (foreshadowing Morgana's disappearance at the end of the next comic arc).

He returns to his own world, after the defeat of Negaduck and Magica De Spell when the other Darkwings do so.


Darkwarrior is a merciless violent tyrant who has no problem with using lethal force and declaring the death penalty against those who he deems a criminal. He has an obsession with crimefighting under the misguided belief that everything he does is for the good of St. Canard and its citizens through his own view of justice which has become twisted and corrupted.

Although, he seems to be quite possibly insane, it is not a hindrance and he seems more competent than he once was as a vigilante.

Darkwarrior is still quite vain and egotistic if not worse. Underneath, the dark persona is a still caring father, and it was because of this care, that caused Darkwarrior to hesitate on harming on Gosalyn leading to his defeat.

Duckverse History

There is currently one active Darkwarrior player on Duckverse:


Gosalyn Mallard

Deep down, Darkwarrior still loves his daughter. It is her disappearance that causes him to become a darker version of his old self.

Launchpad McQuack

Launchpad his former sidekick and he sees him now as a delinquent as their friendship has fallen out of favor. He later has him arrested and imprisoned by shifting the blame of Gos' vandalism to him.

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