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Duckverse Archives

A collection of saved RPs from the socialgo Duckverse site, compiled by Nemzit and Mal. If you'd like to add your own saved RPs, please email the files to and I'll add them to the list!

Note: Pretty much everything in here is rated “M” for “Mal and Negs Debauchery”. You have been warned.

The Early Years

Main compilation of Malicia and Negaduck posts - Wall posts that segue into various blog RPs.

Main compilation of Lilly and Negaduck posts - Wall posts that segue into various blog RPs.

Main compilation of Kachka and Negaduck posts - Wall posts.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold - Mal cruelly strings along Negaduck with the false promise of a hot threesome with Feathers Galore, only to double-cross both parties. Unfortunately, she underestimated just how far they'll go to get their “smoochy smoochy”…

The Love Quadrangle - Negaduck teams up with (pre-reformed) Morgana to start a lucrative business venture. Mal is not happy.

Baby Trap - Mal is struck with a bad case of the Baby Rabies. After FINALLY cluing in on this fact (via Lilly), Negaduck takes some (literal) heavy-duty measures to prevent him (or anyone else) from becoming her baby-daddy. Also, Lilly gets dragged into the mess (again).

Hi-Jinx - Some classic FOWL no-goodery.

Hi-Jinx Part 2: Continuation of Hi-Jinx.

Blind Date - Kachka's encounter with NegaDarryl is not what one might define as romantic.

None of My Business - Brogan up to no good.

Double Double, Toil and Trouble - Mal and Darryl discover their counterparts from another universe are wandering the city. No big deal right? Except for one chainsaw-wielding psychopathic problem..

Duckverse Christmas Cast Party - In which various members (and their numerous fanged offspring) of Duckverse get together to celebrate the holidays.

Nine Months Later - Negaduck’s Baby Trap failed miserably. This is the horrifying result.

Demons’ Day Out - Lilly meets Negaduck and Malicia's literal bundle of “joys”. For once, everything works in her favour. Negs, on the other hand…

Demons’ Day Out Part 2- Negaduck takes the kids out for some destruction and mayhem. Darkwing and Grizzlikoff try to stop him. Hilarity ensues.

Duck, Duck... oh you silly goose - Baby Rosa's playdate with Nikolai is interrupted by a new fanged, flying “friend”.

Risky Negotiations - Negaverse shennanigans.

Mad Libbing For Villains - After the events of “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold” Mal has some of her own revenge to spoon out for Feathers Galore…

Undomestic Dispute- After the events of “Mad Libbing For Villains”, a furious Mal decides she and Negs are never ever ever getting back together, like, ever. Meanwhile, Morg and DW try to figure out how to stop Negaduck's coffee-tainted plot…

Business as (un)Usual - Mal teams up with a rival weapons dealer, mainly to screw with Negs (because why not?)

To Interrogate a Villain - An Enforcer for the Council of Mages interrogates Negaduck on his partner's suspicious magical activities.

Supernatural FAIL - Mal is being investigated by the monster world’s version of police officers known as “Enforcers”, due to rumors of her illegal magic weaponry and demonlings. Fortunately for Mal, one of the officers (Lee Bones) is an old high school chum who was crushing on her, and Mal takes advantage of that fact. Unfortunately, Negs steps in to “replace” him, disguising himself as a new officer, so that he can regain access to the warehouse and find his hidden stash of untainted coffee.

The Kidnapping - After Dewey stumbles apon something he shouldn't have, he finds himself hiding for his life in Lilly's bookstore. Torque and Negaduck kidnap him and hold him for ransom. Puck, LP, and DW jump in to try to save the young mallard and stop their evil plans.

The Bean Me Up Saga

What happens when Negaduck taints the city's coffee supply with a toxin that makes everyone fearless? Answer: Chaos! Chaos and anarchy! And… a whole lot of public debauchery???

Bean Me Up Pt. 1 - It begins…

Bean Me Up Pt. 2 - Lilly dealing with the effects of the city's madness, and, as usual, suffering for it.

This Blog is Rated B for Beans - Darkwing and Morgana accidentally drink the tainted coffee, and head off to confront Malicia (who is already dealing with some emotional issues of her own).

Bean Me Up Pt. 3 - Negs and DW hash it out, expresso style.

In St. Canard Coffee Drinks YOU - Morgana and DW set a coffee-tainted trap for Negaduck…

Bean Me Up Finale - Defeated and now under the influence of his own tainted coffee, Negs now has to deal with his scorned ex-partner while running from the Enforcers he sent after said ex-partner.

Post-Bean Saga

Psycho Psycho Babble - An incarcerated Negaduck gets a therapy session with Professor Ludwig von Drake.

Dungeons & Demons - Negs and Mal are captured by the Enforcers and sent to the Dungeon Dimension while they await a trial in front of the Elder Council. In the meantime, Negaduck becomes well-acquainted with Malicia's childhood abode.

Dungeons & Demons Part 2 - The trial begins, and it’s not going to end well for anybody… especially when Mal’s father has ulterior motives (disclaimer: sexual assault and emotional abuse is mentioned, though it’s not a central theme to the plot).

The Malpocalypse - In which Negaduck takes command of an army of Mals and hypnotizes them to do his bidding. Lilly gets dragged into the mess.

The Malpocalypse Part 2 - In which Morgana and Launchpad try to stop Negs and his Militia of Malicias.

Meet The (Dead) Parents- Mal summons the spirits of Negaduck’s parents in order to dig up some information. She may get more than she’s bargained for…

Deaf Duck - After the events of Meet The Parents, Negaduck has gone temporarily deaf. Mal takes advantage of this fact.

Deaf Duck Part 2 - Mal tries to ‘apologize’ to Negaduck. The results, as usual, end horribly.

Date With Disaster - Mal goes on a date with Agent Lowkey. Negaduck is very not okay with this, and has come prepared.

Rampaging Rosa - Lilly's toddler gets her sticky hands on a very dangerous weapon.

Macawbers and Manservants - Mal takes advantage of Trevor Mallard's unfortunate curse.

Operation: Rescue Manservant - DW and Morgana save Trevor from his Mal-inflicted fate.

Summon Get It - Mal demands that Negaduck stay away from a vampire known as Baron von Morogh. Naturally, Negs does the complete opposite. Meanwhile, Trevor Mallard has his own problems to deal with…

Main compilation of Darkwing and Negaduck posts - Various posts between Negs and DW (played by GS).

Eastern Promises - After finding out that Negaduck has sold his soul, Mal embarks on a mission to reclaim it… for herself, that is. Kachka gets dragged along for the ride.

To the Future and Beyond! - Lilly and a pregnant Mal hitch a ride to the future in the SHUSH time machine.

Lunchtime in the Park - A delightful day in the park with Lilly, Piper, and Trevor. Immediately ruined by Mal.

Post Lunchtime Hospital Stay - The gang visits Trevor at the hospital after the events of “Lunchtime in the Park”. Mal makes her move.

A Trap For The Hunter - Mal is planning to hit Trevor where it hurts him the most (figuratively… given she's already rammed a metal pole through his chest).

No Coming Back From This - Mal is going to show them all just how bad she can be.

Duck and Cover - After the events of “No Coming Back From This” Mal decides to get rid of her 'weakness' via Megavolt's tronsplitter. Everything goes as smoothly as a glass-covered walkway.

Help me Obi wan Piper, You're My Only Hope - After tronsplit Evil-Mal “deals” with Negaduck, it's up to Darkwing to make an important decision.

Heeeere, Mal Mal Mal - After recovering from his injury, Negs has to team up with some hapless heroes to stop tronsplit Mal.

What's Red, Yellow and Black and Bites Your Fingers? - Negaduck has plans for his bastard son, Six. And no, it's not a father-son fishing trip.

What's Red, Yellow, and Black, and Bites your Fingers? Part 2 - Negaduck's plan fails, and he is captured by Harou and the Kamo Network. Of course, you can never keep a bad duck down for long…

Devils & Double-Standards - Following the events of “What's Red Yellow and Black”. Mal receives a life-saving blood transfusion using Trevor's blood, but it has some unusual side effects…

SURPRISE! - Upon the discovery that Mal is, once again, pregnant, the Fearsome Four throw a party for Negs. There's just one, tiiiiiny problem though…

The Revenge of the Return of the Hatching - Mal's second litter of demonlings has arrived, but there's one (or rather two) big complications…

Baby Talk - An unexpected playdate between Mal and Piper's kids.

Sucks To Be You - Six wants to hurt Harou. And what better way than from assistance with Negaduck? Meanwhile, Mal pays a visit to Harou to hash out their differences regarding their kids.

Dearly Devoted Duck - Piper and Trevor are getting married! Surely absolutely nothing horrible or disastrous will occur on this beautiful, memorable day.

Bodies in the the Sand, Tropical Drink Melting in Hand - Mal needs a vacation, and Scarlet has got just what ails ya. Throw Lilly into the mix and you have… something very emotional and complicated.

Negaduck's Finale - Negaduck picks a fight with Darkwing that, to say the least, ends poorly.

Breaking Free - Mal does an unusually nice thing for NegaPiper. Which clearly means trouble.

Sanctuary - NegaMal has an unfortunate encounter with the NegaVampires and NegaHarou.

Five-Years Later...

After Negaduck's untimely death, a five-year time jump occurs.

And Scarlet Makes Three - Malicia introduces her ex-lover to one of her present-day lovers.

Family Dinner - Malicia pays a visit to her daughter Cassiopeia and baby-daddy Harou.

Hotline Bling - Oh, did we say Negaduck's death was 'untimely'? Scratch that. HE HATH RETURNED. But a lot has changed in his five-year absence… and Negs himself has a few secrets of his own.

My Precious - Continuing off from the events of “Hotline Bling”, Malicia realizes someone has stolen her most valuable belonging: Negaduck's soul. Piper/Jade finds herself playing an incredibly irritating game of charades with Malicia.

Music to Your Ears - Harmonizer and Max Wicked encounter the newly-returned Negaduck. Naturally, he makes a good impression on them both.


The official 'beginning of the end'. The proverbial reset button for Duckverse is pressed.

Another Lifetime - Mal experiences the final, ultimate betrayal by Negaduck, who has revealed his master-plan. Nothing will ever be the same again.


The entire Duckverse has been reset back to square one. Relationships are erased, memories forgotten, and second chances are made.

Gold Digger - Malicia and Negaduck meet each other for the first time… that they are aware of.

Loosing the Plot - Negaduck reunites the Fearsome Five for some good 'ol fashioned mayhem.

Sole Heeling - After the events of “Gold Digger” Negaduck is out for revenge, and he's figured out how to hit Mal the hardest: Through her love of shoes.

Red Pickled Herrings - Negaduck continues his grand scheme by targeting the McDuck Pickle Factory. But he wasn't planning on Malicia and Darkwing showing up uninvited. This blog is rated P for an obscene amount of pickle puns.

The Prison Instruments - Morgana receives a surprise visit from her sister, Ariana, and Negaduck.

Coven Get It - Malicia reunites with her cousin, Ariana. Negaduck ruins everything as usual.

Laugh It Up - After being struck with laughing gas, Negaduck turns to Malicia's magical prowess for help. It goes as well as you might expect.

Beware The Moist Dollar - Somehow, Negaduck has convinced Malicia to assist him in a heist – her first ever.

The Daily Grind - Negaduck gets his coffee fix at Lilly's bookstore which inevitably leads to the psychotic villain reading a story book to a crowd of eager young children. Ariana miiiight have something to do with it.

Hocus NegaPocus - Malicia has opened up her black-magic-black-market shoppe. Negaduck, naturally, comes sniffin' around.

Heroes with Demons - Darkwing and Malicia become more than just friends.

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