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Duckverse is a text-based roleplaying site that takes place primarily in the Darkwing Duck universe (based on the cartoon of the same name from the early 90's). The site uses a social network-based interface where characters sign up with “accounts” and can interact with each other in blogs.

Once upon a time in the year 2007...

A number of players in the Darkwing/DuckTales fandom were using myspace to roleplay. Over time, myspace began cracking down on fictional accounts (and eventually closed account features altogether).

In 2011 a user named FrankieVonDrake created Duckverse on the website socialgo as a roleplay alternative. When Frankie was no longer able to maintain the site, administrator duties were passed on to Mal who has since been in charge of all technical aspects.

The roleplay moved to in 2015, mainly because Socialgo was charging a hefty fee to use their site, and it was too expensive to maintain.

The Wiki

Over the years Duckverse has amassed a large amount of character lore and history. This wiki has been created to keep track of everything, and gives players a chance to expand their character backgrounds.

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