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Launchpad McQuack

Voiced by: Beck Bennett
Real name: Launchpad McQuack
Occupation: Pilot
Jim Starling (idol)
Drake Mallard (friend)
Scrooge McDuck and company

Episode appearances:
S01 E11: “Beware The B.U.D.D.Y System!”
S02 E16: “The Duck Knight Returns!”

Appears in several other DuckTales episodes


Launchpad was a huge fan of the series “Darkwing Duck” when he was a kid and remains a loyal fan to this very day. He idolizes Jim and Darkwing and is more than willing to assist Jim when a new ‘grim and gritty’ reboot of Darkwing pushes the actor out of the spotlight.

Launchpad being Launchpad, however, he can’t help but become fast friends with fellow Darkwing fan Drake Mallard. Together they plan to convince Jim to collaborate on the movie.

“That is NOT Darkwing Duck! DW would never hurt innocent people or set the city on fire! … not on purpose!”

Launchpad after seeing the trailer for the Darkwing Duck movie, “The Duck Knight Returns”.

Spoilers beyond this point!

When Jim snaps and attacks Drake, Launchpad tries to talk him out of it by reminding Jim that he’s a hero and not a villain. This has an effect on Jim, who then rushes to push Launchpad out of the way when an overloading prop set explodes. Jim vanishes in the explosion, leaving both Drake and Launchpad behind.

Launchpad convinces Drake to become the real Darkwing Duck, kick-starting their adventures together as hero and sidekick.