Review: Issue #4

Written by: Angeline S.

The Story

We’ve reached the home stretch for the first dramatic arc. Now that the head of Quackwerks has been revealed, it’s time for him to be taken down a notch. I will admit, I found the climax of this story to be extremely fast-paced, due to the fact it had to be wrapped up in 22-pages. As you can see by the generous amount of preview pages Boom! provided us with (almost half of the comic, to be precise), there’s plenty of action this time around. Darkwing, Gosalyn, Launchpad, and the Fearsome Four aren’t about to take any guff from the cybernetic CEO. The foundation and goals of Quackwerks are revealed, and we see the first special debut of “Gosmoduck”, who was recently spotted on the front cover of Issue #7.

Character Dialogue

It’s interesting that this comic starts off with a narration by Megavolt, from his perspective, as opposed to the titular protagonist of the comic. All of the characters get a chance to say something meaningful as they engage in battle. Darkwing himself continues to be as witty and melodramatic as ever, with a little comedic help from Launchpad and Gosalyn.

The Artwork

Action! Drama! Suspense! Robotic Banana dolls! This issue has it all in spades. If you’re looking to see some full-page battles and explosions, you’ve come to the right comic. As usual, the combination of Ian Brill’s writing and James Silvani’s artwork makes for some rather… intriguing scenarios. One can never draw too many guard flamingos (though I suspect Mr. Silvani might disagree).


This four-parter may be over, but it’s certainly not the end for Darkwing and co. Issue 4 has some surprising and relevant cameos that lead us directly into the next arc: Crisis of Infinite Darkwings. It’s clear that Ian Brill is bridging the gap between the Darkwing and DuckTales universe by uniting the major villains and protagonists of both shows. Next month we’ll see what nefarious plans Negaduck and Magica Despell have set out for our Protagonists, and they’re bringing an army of trans-dimensional Darkwings along for the ride. Sheesh, can October get here any faster?

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