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Darkwing Duck at New York Comic Con 2010

Written by: Angeline Shea

On October 8th – 10th, Boom! Studios hit the Big Apple for NYCC 2010, where they celebrated many of their famous titles such as The Muppets, Irredeemable, Farscape, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and much more.

But let’s face it: The real action was by the giant Darkwing Duck poster, where throngs of fans were hoping to get their hands on one of the 500 copies of the exclusive NYCC cover (pictured above) drawn by James Silvani.

I had the opportunity to meet with the Boom! crew and learn about their work, and I think it’s high time we give props to the dedicated folks who are bringing our favourite crime fighting avian back into the spotlight.

The Artist, James Silvani – Mr. Silvani is responsible for the crisp, clean, and lively artwork that graces the pages of each comic. He is an extremely friendly and enthusiastic person, who clearly enjoys drawing Darkwing and co. You can check out bonus Darkwing sketches as well as a myriad of other characters over at his blog, Silvani Art.

The Colorist, Andrew Dalhouse – Helping to bring the characters to life, is Mr. Dalhouse, who takes care of all the colour details in the comic. For more samples of his work, head on over to his DeviantART account, Drewdown1976.

The Writer, Ian Brill – Ian Brill works alongside his coworkers to fill in the plot the editors have set out for him. He is responsible for quite a few of the gags in the comic, such as the giant carrot and rabbit seen in Issue #1. Be sure to check out this YouTube interview with Ian Brill, brought to you by StrangersWithComics.

The Editor, Christopher Burns – Chris Burns sets the course for the storyline, crafting the various adventures that Darkwing will encounter, and makes sure the comic stays on track. Character narration, and other important details are approved by him before they are finalized for print. Chris Burns is an avid DWD fan, and is working to ensure our favourite cast of characters get a five star treatment in the Disney universe.

Former Editor, Aaron Sparrow – Aaron Sparrow’s fierce determination is to thank for Darkwing’s valiant return. He is the catalyst who proposed the idea for a Darkwing comic, and saw to its planning and creation, alongside Chris Burns.  Although he is no longer working with Boom! on the Darkwing comic, much of the narration and ideas we have seen, and will continue to see, can be accredited to him. Like the rest of the crew, Aaron enjoyed Darkwing when he was younger, and is optimistic about seeing the series continue on successfully.

With such a tenacious crew working behind the scenes, it’s no surprise that in the four months since the comic launched, Darkwing Duck has proven to be a widely successful and captivating series for new and old fans of all ages.

If you’re hoping for a chance to meet the Boom! crew and snag yourself an autograph, their next stop is Long Beach Comic Con on October 29th – 31st. Let’s Get Dangerous!