Review: Issue #2

Finally, the exciting second issue of Boom! Studios Darkwing Duck was released on July 21st. Whether or not you’ve picked up a copy for yourself already, here’s my thoughts on our masked hero’s adventures thus far. Note: Contains some spoilers.

The Story

Finally, we’re moving into new territory. The biggest question everyone is asking: Who is the head of Quackwerks? We receive quite a few clues throughout this issue. The hypnotic way citizens are drawn to Quackwerks, Honker’s run-in with a familiar voice, and Quackerjack’s strange freak-outs at the mere mention of Negaduck, are just a few of the unsolved mysteries. Ian Brill is a tease, that’s all there is to it. Of course, I mean that in the most affectionate way possible. He has done a bang-up job of slowly unfolding the story, throwing out hints of what’s to come, and creating even more questions. This is quite a feat, considering this entire adventure needs to be squeezed into 22-pages per issue.

The moment Launchpad hits the scene, you just know the ball is rolling. The gang is united, and now it’s time for Darkwing to show us his stuff.

Character Dialogue

Again, the characters are spot on, although we can see that Quackerjack has matured substantially. Ian Brill has taken the child-like personality of the jester, and made him far more nefarious. His speech about being another cog in the machine was definitely a sign of changing times for these villains. Suddenly, it’s less about play time and more about blowing-up-everything-in-revenge time. The “new” Mr. Banana Brain is like a physical representation of this change in Quackerjack — less cuddly, and more vengeful.

Another piece of dialogue that intrigued me: Honker and the chair. Even though we cannot hear the voice speaking to Honker, it certainly gives an idea of who might be behind it.

My favourite line in this issue: Definitely Darkwing’s ambiguous commentary on the chains and cowboy hats. Well played, Mr. Brill.

The Artwork

James Silvani continues to impress with his excellent representations of the characters. I have heard some minor criticism from fans, particularly relating to the design for Bushroot; his legs are too low, creating a “skirt” effect. However, this small blip is completely out shined by how amazing the rest of the comic looks. We get to see some pretty sweet explosions, and I especially tip my hat toward the insane number of Crimebots that were drawn. Silvani certainly has his work cut out for him, and he’s doing a fantastic job. Andrew Dalhouse also continues to dazzle us with his colours. The cell-shading style is very fitting for the mood and theme of the comic, and really brings out the background scenery.


Another amazing issue! And the best part? This is only the beginning. There are two more issues for this arc, and then we can expect Issue #5 to kick off with Crisis of Infinite Darkwings. It looks like the comeback of Darkwing Duck has proven to be a success, and we owe it all to the folks at Boom! Studios for taking the time to listen to the fans.

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